Thanks for visiting our About Us page.

I’m Heather Hallman and I’m the founder of PatchPuppy.com.

I founded Patch Puppy for three reasons.

#1. I love dogs & want to share my love of dogs with my customers and readers.

My family has three dogs currently… Millie, Tillie (sisters) and Jesse.

Millie and Tillie are Rat Terriers we adopted at age 11 and they are some of the best dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of taking into our family.

We adopted Jesse when my Gramps (who is 98 now) had to go on oxygen and couldn’t care for her anymore. She’s a super strong willed Lhasa Apso, and is integrating with the other dogs well now – although that took a bit of patience. 🙂 My Gramps has peace of mind and Jesse has a good home.  It’s good for everyone.

#2. I wanted to make sure that we had a family business that let me be around for our kids.

As our girls were going into high school, I knew I didn’t want to continue working evenings and weekends in retail.  So I brought the retail home 🙂

Kristin is now 20 and working full time as a server in a retirement village (she’s a senior whisperer).  Kendra is still in high school and pulling A and Bs. And Jim, my husband, is packer-in-chief.  He sits and packs every single order by hand.  So when your order comes in perfect (99.5% of the time perfection record!) you can thank him.  He’s great at it.

#3. I want to make sure every breed is represented – even the rare ones.

I have Rat Terriers (great dogs) and it is really hard to find Rat Terrier stuff.  So we added it to Patch Puppy.  Now we have every single AKC breed represented, along with some other mixed breeds.  We are adding new styles of nail art and shirts and mugs every week. If you have a request email us at Heather@PatchPuppy.com and we’ll get it in our design queue.

How to contact us:

The easiest way to contact us is by text or email.

Text: (484)302-8177
Email: Connie@PatchPuppy.com

Or if you really want you can write us by snail mail. 🙂

2965 2nd St.
Eagleville PA, 19403