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2018 Gallery of Senior Spotlights Archive

There’s just not enough room to keep all of our Seniors on the Main Gallery Page, but we don’t want to lose them!  Here is where you can find our Archived Spotlights from 2018!

Here at Patch Puppy, Senior Dogs are near and dear to our hearts.

Regardless of why their Caregivers had to surrender them, Senior Dogs have a LOT going for them!

We’re featuring a new Senior every week as part of our mission to help them find their Furever homes.  But when we move on to the next week, our hearts stay with our Furry Stars!

We’ll try to keep our past Senior Spotlights updated for those who have found the joy of their Furever Homes!

Check Out Our Gallery of Senior Spotlights!

Mojo and Jazzy

CLEVELAND, OH: *Please Share!* Mojo and Jazzy are so adorably attached to each other that when they are separated they ‘mooo’ for each other in a whale-like song. Oh, the heartstrings! ? Mojo and Jazzy have lived their whole lives together and were surrendered to the shelter two months ago. It has been extremely hard for them to get any sort of attention at all – let alone an adopter. Although Mojo and Jazzy are two individual personalities, they truly share the same heart and cannot be separated. PLEASE SHARE!

City Dogs Cleveland wrote, “Mojo (8-year-old male) and Jazzy (7-year-old female) found themselves at the shelter after a lifetime together in the same household. Jazzy is 72lbs and Mojo is about 80lbs. They were well-cared for, as sleek and well-fed as baby seals, and appear younger than their years.

Both are agreeable, low-maintenance dogs just looking for a comfy couch in their twilight years. Mojo and Jazzy are inextricably bonded, so we’d like them to go to a home together. When the two are separated, they make ‘mooing’ whale songs until they are reunited. Once, when Mojo was at the vet for a few days, Jazzy would rush to the adjacent cage every time she was let out, looking for her buddy. It was heartbreaking. They don’t even necessarily play together. They’re loungers who take comfort in each other’s presence.

Each handles like a dream on the leash, waits patiently to go in and out of their cages and seem housebroken (or as housebroken as you can be with an erratic schedule in a municipal shelter). Mojo and Jazzy have a cozy congeniality with people. They’ve done public adoption events and greet everyone with the same pleasant, wagging demeanor. Mojo is the quieter of the two and Jazzy is more outspoken. Or, to phrase it differently, she’s the nagging wife and he’s the collected, cool husband. 

Although Mojo and Jazzy are amazing together, they get protective of one another around other dogs. Mojo wants to shield Jazzy. Jazzy wants to shield Mojo. They’re just happier without other dogs there. During the cat test, Mojo and Jazzy were both interested in cats and will watch intently and/or pull at first. However, even at their most excited, their attention is able to be redirected elsewhere. With a patient owner who is willing to do a very slow introduction, they might be okay with a confident, spry cat or two. (But we’d be hesitant to place them in a home with many cats.)

We will adopt out of state, but adopters have to come to visit Mojo and Jazzy in person.”

To adopt Mojo and Jazzy, please email with any questions or to apply!

City Dogs Cleveland is located at 2690 W 7th Street, Cleveland, OH.

Marc Jacobs

HOUSTON, TX: *Please Share!* 8-year-old Marc Jacobs is still searching high and low for his perfect forever home. Marc hides nothing. He has a little bad habit of occasionally chewing on things he shouldn’t or sometimes making his way tabletop to finish off your leftovers if you aren’t looking… BUT these are minor, silly quirks that are easily avoidable. And the other 99.9999% of his personality is so dang cute that everything else can be overlooked. Marc is hoping someone will submit their application to adopt him soon, he’s ready to home forever! PLEASE SHARE!

Dachshund Rescue Of Houston wrote, “Marc Jacobs is considered an older gentleman at about 8 years old but still has much love and energy and loyalty to offer the lucky one who adopts him.

Marc loves every human and other dog he has met. And he seems to be fine with respectful kids. He sleeps comfortably in his crate at night and also doesn’t mind going in there to take a nap during the day. He walks well on a leash and rides nicely in the car. He is also housetrained! He is a very loving and mellow boy who loves belly rubs and lying near his people. He also enjoys walks and leisurely strolling the backyard.

Marc Jacobs is perfect basically. Yes, sometimes he’ll chew things up if left around, he especially loves pencils and pens. And he will get up on the table to your food if left unattended. (He can jump like he has springs for legs!) He is a hunter of all things that crawl it seems…lizards, snakes, June bugs. But he’s cute and lovable and perfect!! He is simply an amazing dog and any family that adopts him will be quite fortunate!

We prefer adopters reside in the state of Texas, but we will consider other states based on our ability to verify the adoption expectations and logistics. (However, out of state adopters MUST travel to Houston to meet and pick up Marc.) We require a fenced yard if you live in a house. And all resident animals must be spayed or neutered, consistent and current with vaccinations.”

To adopt Marc Jacobs, please email with questions or to apply!

Marc Jacob’s original post:


(near) SAN FRANCISCO, CA: *Please Share!* 8-year-old Miss Izzy can’t understand why she’s having so much trouble attracting a human. She is dog-friendly, great with children, and very quiet in the house. She’s had a few people inquire about her…but then everything fizzles out. So frustrating! Izzy was originally found abandoned on a boat and near starving. She has been looking for a permanent home for several months now and can’t wait to get started living her best life yet! But in order to do so, she needs someone to give her that chance. PLEASE SHARE!

Oakland Animal Services wrote, “8-year-old Izzy was found on a boat, close to starving by Oakland’s animal control officers. It’s not clear if she was abandoned or if her owner passed away. She’s a huge cuddle bug (possibly the best cuddler in the world!) who just wants to give you love and kisses.

Izzy has plenty of energy and still loves to play, but she’s fairly undemanding and happy to spend the day lounging on the couch. During a recent lake walk, she kept play bowing at her canine walking buddy and demonstrated how great she is with people (postmen, children, etc!). You can take toys and even food directly from her and she won’t bat an eye. And she is a fast learner — she learned a hand command for ‘sit’ in only a couple weeks.

Izzy is great with other dogs. She’s always happy to see and sniff other dogs when on a walk. She is *never* aggressive towards them, even if they’re reactive and snap at her she’ll back off but still be just as willing to engage in a friendly manner. She met a medium sized (30lbs) poodle and she got along really well with him. They romped around for a few hours before settling down together. Given her history with food insecurity, it would be best to feed her around other dogs with supervision at first. But she would probably get used to that quickly in a house she shared with another dog.

Izzy has some mobility struggles in her back legs. She can still walk and run (quite fast actually) but has a hard time balancing. As a result, she can’t really climb more than a stair or two. The positive side of that means she can’t counter surf or jump up on people she’s excited to see. She maybe bounces a bit when she’s excited about a walk, and can jump on a couch if she really wants to, but she doesn’t jump on people at all.

Potential adopters must meet Izzy in order to adopt. If there are other dogs or children in the household, they must meet Izzy as well (shelter policy).

To adopt Izzy, please email with questions or to apply.

Izzy is up for adoption with Oakland Animal Services in Oakland, CA.

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NEW YORK, NY: *Please Share!!* 12-year-old Casey just keeps getting better with age! This calm, quiet, charming senior is the total package – and that package includes sweetness, joy, and love, all wrapped in a bundle of fur. Casey attended the SSD adoption event last month but didn’t get any interest. In fact, she hasn’t had much interest at all since being up for adoption which is such a shame because she is such a gem! Casey gets along well with other dogs and is so fun to be around. She’s also a total couch potato and she would love to join you for your next Netflix binge! PLEASE SHARE to help cool Casey find her forever home! ???

PupStarz Rescue wrote, “Like a fine wine, some things get even better with age! Such is the case with Casey, a calm 12-year-old, 55-pound boxer mix, who is sweetness, love and joy, all rolled up into one fabulous package of fur!

Casey is housebroken and loves being outside sniffing at all the interesting smells. Regardless of the weather conditions, she is always up for a slow meandering stroll, and she’s so gentle and polite, that even a young child could walk this angel. She gets along well with all dogs, regardless of their size or age. Same thing with people. Anything goes! Casey is as easygoing as they come.

This gorgeous gal is a total love sponge and will give back even more than she receives. She is especially fond of human hugs and having her head scratched! Her only request would be to live in a home without tons of steps.”

Casey has a bit of arthritis and is currently taking Caprofen to help treat it. She is currently under the care of PupStarz Rescue in New York City. Adopters must travel to NYC to adopt.

To adopt Casey, please email with any questions. An adoption application will be required.


(near) PHILADELPHIA, PA: *Please Share!* 10-year-old Rudy is still on the hunt for a new relationship. Sadly, this handsome little fella lost his mom and it has had him down and out. And shelter life certainly does not help! Rudy is searching for a calm home that resembles the environment he once knew. He is ready to open his heart to love again and looking for someone who will allow him time to transition from lost love to forever love. Please help us find Rudy a forever human! PLEASE SHARE!

Peaceable Kingdom Inc. Animal Rescue wrote, “Rudy is a single guy looking to settle down and be your one and only. He is a 10-year-old Chihuahua/Corgi mix whose mama passed away and he found himself in the shelter. He weighs about 15 pounds.

Rudy is looking for a forever home, preferably with a woman who lives alone — he seems to do best one-on-one and reacts better to women. He loves walks, belly rubs, and cuddles. He does not like sharing his home with other dogs – he tends to guard his food and his person from them. He is totally housetrained and behaves perfectly in the home — no chewing of your couches or shoes!

Rudy’s adoption includes neuter, vaccines, microchip, 4dx, fecal, and flea preventative.

Out-of-state adopters can apply, but when it comes time to do the actual adoption they need to come to the shelter. We do not transport.”

To adopt Rudy, please email the shelter at with any questions or to apply!

Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter is located at 1049 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA.

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ALBANY, NY: *Please Share!* The incredibly sweet 8-year-old Mae has had a tough life, but this mother of six puppies born just last year (she’s likely to have had countless litters) knows that better days are ahead! Mae came in to rescue care from a high kill shelter, where she had been unfortunately overlooked due to her age. But few dogs are sweeter than Mae! She’s low maintenance and quiet for a hound – she only uses her voice if you don’t have her food bowl ready as quickly as she thinks it should be! Mae has spent too many of her days doting on others and it’s time she finds a home where she can be the one doted on for the rest of her life. PLEASE SHARE!

Help Orphan Puppies, Inc. wrote, “Mae was shy and a bit fearful at first. We think she had never lived in a home, spending her life in a kennel or on a chain. But despite what has clearly been a hard life, Mae has slowly blossomed into a more outgoing, confident girl who enjoys living the spoiled life in a home (and who can blame her for that!).

Because Mae can still be frightened occasionally by new things, she would do better in a quieter home. She adores children, but would probably do best with quieter older children. And it’s important to give her the time to settle in and learn the routine and rules of her new home. Mae is grateful for every act of kindness, loving touch, and kind word. She will lay at your feet while you work, or happily curl up to you on the couch or in your car. She’s currently in foster care with multiple other dogs of all sizes and gets along with everyone! She is interested in the cat, but does not chase (she’s more interested in his food and litterbox, anyway). Mae is a hound and thus will pick up a scent and follow it to the end of the Earth! Because of this, she’ll need a secure, fenced-in yard with a minimum 4-foot fence.

Mae came in with 12 tumors and heartworm disease, but she has recovered from the heartworm treatment and all of her tumors have been removed and were benign! Additionally, she had a fractured right leg which was initially thought to be the result of the multiple BB pellets which could be palpated in her leg. Sadly, it was later determined that what was believed to be BB pellets are actually multiple bullet fragments. The vet has recommended not to remove the fragments given their location and that they appear to be older, but it should be monitored. Mae is crate-trained, housebroken, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.”

Mae is located in Albany, New York. She can be adopted within ~60 miles. Help Orphan Puppies requires a home visit with all adoptions.

To adopt Mae, please email with any questions or to apply!


SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Sweet, adorable Chihuahua mix Roz is 9 years young and is out on the West Coast looking for his forever home! He has been up for adoption since February, arriving from an animal shelter in Oakland, where he was found as a stray. It’s hard to believe this little guy hasn’t been in a home his whole life because he’s an adoring gentleman who loves nothing more than going for a walk or playing with stuffed toys! After noticing his loving personality, his handsome ears immediately catch your attention – he’s waiting to hear someone say they’re ready to adopt him! Roz has lived with cats, kids, and other dogs, so he’s perfect for most homes. PLEASE SHARE!

Roz’s foster wrote, “Roz is very sweet and so grateful for pets and love. He is calm and devoted without being clingy. He is very attentive, and when he’s not napping curled up next to someone, he’s most likely staring adoringly up into your eyes. Roz can nap and be low key, but also has plenty of energy for walks and playing with toys. He has no trouble jumping up on a lap or climbing stairs. He is respectful of other dogs’ space but also likes to curl up and snuggle with them. Roz completely ignores cats.”

Roz is in good health but has some common senior dog ailments. He was found to have a condition called KCS, which means that his eyes do not produce enough tears naturally. He’s currently on life-long eye medications, and his condition should be monitored by his adopters and their chosen veterinarian. Roz also has a mild heart murmur and a medial patellar luxation, meaning his kneecaps sometimes pop out of place, and is on medication for any discomfort. Lastly, he has a small umbilical hernia, which does not cause problems but should be monitored.

To adopt Roz, please email with the subject line “Roz.” An adoption application will be required!

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is located at 255 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA.


(near) PHILADELPHIA, PA: *Please Share!* We’re rooting for Rudy! He is 10 years old and his human mom sadly passed away. The death of a human is just as hard for many pets as it is for us. Moving to the animal shelter has been a big change for Rudy – he was used to living life a certain way. And while Rudy most certainly has the ability and desire to open his heart again, he needs a calm home that resembles the life he once knew. Most important, Rudy needs to find a special someone who will understand his needs and allow him to undergo the transition process from losing his mom to loving someone new. We promise the love from Rudy will make your efforts worth it! PLEASE SHARE!

Peaceable Kingdom Inc. Animal Rescue wrote, “Rudy is a single guy looking to settle down and be your one and only. He is a 10-year-old Chihuahua/Corgi mix whose mama passed away and he found himself in the shelter. He weighs about 15 pounds.



BOSTON, MA: *Please Share!* Some of the most rewarding relationships are those that don’t come easily at first. 10-year-old Grant has bounced around the last few years and it’s been hard for him. He is completely blind and has what they call “stranger danger” – the idea that all new people can be scary and potentially dangerous. But, and this is the rewarding part, Grant can easily be won over! With just a little patience, he’s your lap buddy in no time. The issue is…he can’t find a patient forever person! PLEASE SHARE!

Last Hope K9 Rescue wrote, “Grant has had a hard time getting adopted because so many people see his quirks as ‘flaws.’ Grant is a 10-year-old poodle mix with the cutest, crooked underbite you’ve ever seen! He’s totally blind due to cataracts, but is an independent dog and, once he explores a new place, he gets around without issue. We don’t know much about Grant’s past since he was found as a stray and was brought to a rural shelter in October 2017. Now, Grant is looking for a patient and structured home.


MINNEAPOLIS, MN: *Please Share!* You’ve heard of the ‘easy, breezy, cover girl?’ That’s Jasmine! This 7-year-old just-hit-seniorhood girl is the total package. When she first came into rescue, Jasmine was riddled with heartworms – but she is excited to update that after treatment she is now heartworm free! And she is hoping to find her forever home soon. Jasmine is a true lover and will get along well with everyone in your household. Her only request from her future family is a whole lotta belly rubs! PLEASE SHARE to help beautiful Jasmine find an adopter!

Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN wrote, “Jasmine was rescued from a shelter last January after Hurricane Harvey hit. She is approximately 7 years old and weighs 34 pounds.

Jasmine is a beautiful girl who can melt your heart with her soft, sweet gaze. She loves to be near people, be it around the house, sitting in her favorite chair while you read or watch TV, or sleeping at the foot of your bed. Though not a lap dog, she loves to give kisses and get pets. Tummy rubs are her favorite!

Jasmine is quiet about the house, yet loves to romp in the yard or take a walk. She loves to meet new people both young and old, and has such a big heart! Oh, and she literally has a big heart on her side! She is good with other dogs, cats and kids. And she is excited for a chance to find a new home with caring people whom she can bond with and love!

Jasmine had heartworm and has now completed her treatment! She will need to take a heartworm preventative every month for the rest of her life to prevent a recurrence of this condition. Good Karma adopts out animals within a 60-mile radius of Minneapolis, or a 30-minute radius of Duluth and Rochester, MN.”

To adopt Jasmine, please email with any questions or to apply!

Jake & Jill

(near) MIAMI, FL: *Please Share!* Jake and Jill went up the hill to the shelter…and FIVE years later they are still there! ? Why you ask? No reason other than nobody has adopted them. Jake and Jill are dog-friendly and kid approved! Five years is way too long in a shelter for ANY dog. Many people are “checking out” for this holiday weekend, but we’re going to aim for a miracle that perhaps someone will decide a holiday weekend is a perfect time to bring home two very loving, very deserving senior angels…PLEASE SHARE!

Born Free Pet Shelter wrote, “Jill and Jake are medium sized dogs who were adopted out from our shelter as puppies. However, after 5 years their owner became ill and was no longer able to keep them. And they were returned them to our shelter. Jake and Jill have been in the shelter another 5 years. They are now 10 years old.

Jake and Jill haven’t received any interest at all. It’s very sad to hear, they are so sweet and loving. We cannot understand. It’s really hard for us to find people who want to adopt older dogs.

They are both are even-tempered, friendly, laid back and sweet dogs. Jill is the outgoing one of the two, Jake is calmer but also very sweet. They are both very good with other dogs and kids. These two are such a great pair. They are super well mannered and well behaved that you will be happy to have them around. They are brother/sister and it would be great if they were adopted together. When they are together they are inseparable, they like to stay close to each other. They are happy dogs who love attention. Jake loves head scratches and Jill will demand belly rubs.

Jill had an injury in two of her legs last year but she had surgery and is fine now. She needs to lose a lot of weight and once she does she will be able to walk better. Other than that, Jake and Jill are both healthy.

It’s a small shelter so transport is not available – adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Jake and Jill in person.”

To adopt Jake and Jill, please email with questions, set up a meet & greet, or to request an application!

Born Free Pet Shelter is located in Homestead, FL.


(near) WASHINGTON, DC: *Please Share!* We ask that take a minute to watch Hopper’s story. 14-year-old Hopper has lived for NINE years at the shelter. Watching this video of his living quarters brings about two very different emotions. Yes, he is luckier than many shelter dogs in terms of his housing. BUT, it’s a sad and lonely existence. And this video made us feel very sad for Hopper. ?What’s a “mansion” if you don’t have love? Canines crave human companionship. We’re pretty sure Hopper would have traded this high-end home for a real family any day for these last nine years. And we won’t stop trying for him until he finds forever love! PLEASE SHARE!

A shelter volunteer wrote, “After his last post, Hopper had a bunch of inquiries but unfortunately none were a match. (They either had other pets, or breed restrictions, or were too far out of our adoption area.) We can’t go more than 2-3 hours outside of our adoption area around DC as we still need to do a home visit and require the adopter to meet Hopper in person at our shelter. We also want them close enough should things not work out. After living in a shelter environment for so long, we worry people won’t take the time to let him adjust to a home.

Hopper was found as a stray in 2004. He was soon adopted to a family and he thought he had found his happily ever after, but a few years later he was returned through no fault of his own.

Hopper is a friendly and affectionate boy who wants nothing more than to love and be loved. He doesn’t want to share his affection with other dogs so would do best as the only pet at home. He is a power-walker, not a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind of guy, but if you tell him to slow down he will! He knows basic commands and easily steps into his harness! He loves treats and we think has one of the best smiles around!

We would love to find Hopper a forever-foster home with someone to take care of him. Hopper is part of our Senior Care Program, so his adoption fee is waived and he is eligible for up to $1500 in medical expenses!”

To adopt Hopper, please email with questions or to submit your application.

Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) is located at 39710 Goodpuppy Lane, Aldie, VA.

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(near) BATON ROUGE, LA: *Please Share!* Meet ol’ Smokey! Is this handsome white-whiskered fella not a total heartbreaker? Smokey is located in a very rural shelter in Louisiana that – get this – does have public adoptions. (But sadly, it’s not all that uncommon for shelters like this.) A local rescue group that works directly with Smokey’s shelter facilitates their adoptions. They know Smokey’s chances of finding a forever home are extremely low right now, and he is desperate for exposure. Smokey is a lovebug who deserves a better life for his golden years! PLEASE SHARE!

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area (AAVA) wrote, “Smokey is 11 years old and weighs 95lbs. He was owner surrendered at a small rural shelter in South Louisiana. We believe it was due to the owner’s health and they couldn’t care for him.

Smokey is very smart and already knows several commands. He is magnificent on a leash after he gets out that initial burst of energy. Then he is all about a leisurely snail’s pace stroll. He did great with other dogs and doesn’t seem to mind cats. He did not seem scared or aggressive, just a big love bug. He is fairly strong at 95 pounds, but he knows how to be a gentleman. Smokey is heartworm negative too, which is a rarity in South Louisiana!

The shelter does not have a public adoption program. Our rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 and we are a completely foster based. We don’t have a facility where we can house dogs that we pull. The fosters that we do have are completely full and no one has stepped up to foster or adopt Smokey.

We do work with transports! An application must be filled out online by adopters. We do background checks, all animals at home must be spayed/neutered, and, if you are renting, a letter from your landlord granting approval is required. Most importantly, you must agree to provide lots of tender loving care!”

To adopt Smokey, please email with questions or to apply!



(near) BALTIMORE, MD: *Please Share!* When he started to age, regal Rocky was no longer desirable to the people who owned him. Surprisingly, they admitted to the shelter they were just going to let Rocky go. But instead, had a “change of heart” stating he was “old” and requested euthanasia. Which, obviously, didn’t happen because Rocky was not at the end of his life! Rocky is now up for adoption with a private rescue group and looking for a special adopter. Someone who will treat him like the king he is and give him the life he’s never had. Rocky isn’t looking for luxury, he’s simply just wanted to be loved. PLEASE SHARE!

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue wrote, “This is Rocky. We pulled him from a high kill shelter who asked for help with him. The shelter informed us that Rocky’s former family was driving out to a deserted part of town to dump him, but did change their mind last minute and brought him to the shelter. The family asked that he be put to sleep. The family said he was ‘old’ and the shelter listed him as 10, but his we believe he maybe is a little younger.

It is very clear Rocky has not had a good life. But he is a sweet old man who does well in a car, is good with baths and even starting to learn some obedience skills! He’s affectionate and he even acts like a puppy sometimes. He gallops like a pony when he’s happy. And he has a good recall. He is overall quiet and we haven’t heard him vocalize/bark.

Rocky has shown signs of resource guarding so he hasn’t been given any toys because he guards them. He is dog selective, but with time and the right dog he might be OK, but he would probably be best in the home as an only pet. A home in the country would suit Rocky. He enjoys being outside and he walks well on the leash. We are not recommending him in a home with young kids due to his toy guarding, and also because kids make him nervous.

We are currently treating Rocky for allergies, flea dermatitis, and heartworms. However, Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue will pay for his complete heartworm treatment.

Rocky is fostered in Frederick, MD. Adopters will need to come to Maryland to meet him in person.”

To adopt Rocky, please email foster Nicole at with any questions or to set up a meet and greet!


(near) OMAHA, NE: *Please Share!* We’re very disappointed to report that this is 9-year old Buddy’s 6th post on SSD. ☹️ Buddy has been living at the shelter for one year. He’s been on TV, his adoption fee has been paid, he has many advocates…the list goes on! But each and every time the shelter updates that Buddy is still waiting for his special day to come. Buddy loves to cuddle with the humans who work and volunteer at the shelter, but we all know he’d love it even more if he had his own human to snuggle within his very own home. So we try again…PLEASE SHARE!

Central Nebraska Humane Society wrote, “There has been nothing new for Buddy. He enjoys laying in the sun now that warmer temps are here. But he’s still waiting for his fur-ever home. Buddy has been with us for a year. He was a surrender because his owner couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore. He didn’t have the best life before coming to the shelter, but now he’s looking forward to his happily-ever-after. If you need some loveable-ness in your life, please, please, please come to meet Buddy!

Buddy is an adorable guy who is bound and determined to wiggle his way into your heart. When he’s not busy playing with toys, you’ll find him stretched out in a sunny spot, napping the afternoon away. He has the most adorable frog-butt ever! He is just a sweet lover and a cuddler.

He is easy going with humans but would need to be the only fur baby in the house (no other pets). Buddy loves to have his back scratched and go for walks. He’s not much for running or jumping anymore, and he’s not a real active guy for playing. He’s just looking for a nice warm doggie bed next to someone’s couch to be his forever place to live out his years!”

To adopt Buddy, please email Chrissy at with any questions and to submit an application.

Central Nebraska Humane Society is located at 1312 Sky Park Road, Grand Island, NE.

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DENVER, CO: *Please Share!* Whether you’ve been on the search for the perfect family dog or newly in a position to help out an easygoing gal, 12-year-old Tasha needs you! She is very gentle with people and friendly with other animals. She loves family life so much that she will follow you around the house just so she can be a part of the mix! Tasha is diabetic, but no experience is necessary to handle it! Tasha has no issues with her insulin and is able to continue living a happy life. She just needs to find that fairytale…PLEASE SHARE!

PawsCo wrote, “Tasha is as sweet as a dog can be, a bit shy at first but warms up soon enough. She was surrendered to a shelter when they couldn’t afford her insulin treatment. (It seems they were in a very difficult financial situation.) Tasha has now been in foster for 2+ months with two other dogs, and two young children. She is very affectionate, loves to be cuddled and incorporated into the family. She will be a great companion for someone.

Tasha is fine with other calm, polite dogs. We don’t know how she would be around cats but hasn’t shown any predator instinct, more of a gentle older gal. She is a low-energy senior, mild-tempered, and gentle with children. Needless to say, adults are instant pals, paws down! Tasha has good manners: she doesn’t bark or scratch or chew on stuff or do any of those young whippersnapper things that other dogs may do.

One thing it’s important to know about Tasha is that she is diabetic. That means she needs twice daily insulin shots for the rest of her life. If you have experience with special needs like this, that’s great, but if you don’t it’s easy don’t worry, it’s easy and she doesn’t mind it one bit. Because of her diabetes, Tasha does drink more than the average dog, which of course means she goes potty more, too. For that reason, she prefers a home where she will be let out every couple hours, or else has a dog door so she can go in and out freely (she would need to be taught how to use it first though). She is 73lbs and losing weight daily (should be 65-70lbs).

We ask all applicants to submit an application. She can be adopted by someone in any location but we are Denver, CO-based so they would need to arrange their own transportation.”

To adopt Tasha, please email Tiffany at with any questions.


AUSTIN, TX: *Please Share!* She’s got spunk, she’s got sass, she’s got spirit!! Meet adoptable 11-year-old Janis!! She is a woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it. Canoodling and caressing are on HER terms (but hey, why on earth would you ever fault her for that when we human females expect the same treatment? Um, hello!). The way to Janis’ heart is through food. Feed this female and she will be all over you like hot butter on popcorn. Janis is really very loving and endearing, it’s just on her terms. And it’s likely the reason she’s been up for adoption for so long. She’s a fun gal who walks around life singing “U Can’t Touch This” – so if you have a sense of humor, Janis is the girl for you! PLEASE SHARE!!

Austin Pets Alive! wrote, “Janis came from another shelter after going through a few placements for being ‘grumpy’ in the past 2 years so they reached out to us to help place her. She is going to be 11 years old in 2 weeks. She is a total lovebug once you are friends with her and would cuddle with you 24/7 if that were an option.

Janis is everything to love about a senior dog, not high energy, loves to chill with you, but peppy enough to go for a nice walk. She knows what she likes and is not afraid to let you know. I would also call her an extroverted introvert. Janis does like company and is good with other calm dogs and people who respect her space. And she is OK with cats. But she would do best in an adult only home.

She’s not into partying (unless there are treats involved), but when she does, she needs time alone to recharge after it. She has been on sleepovers with some of the staff and has been a pretty easy houseguest each time. She seems to know where the ‘bathroom’ is and sets boundaries with the canine residents quickly. Janis is good at communicating if she wants something by making cute little squeaks or coming over to tap you with her paws.

Her ideal home would include piles of blankets for her to snuggle in or a cushy princess bed. She would also enjoy someone to be at her beck and call for ear scratches and back rubs. She is always ready for treats and even likes veggies. When you see Janis’s little face and pretty chocolate coat, you will fall in love, but once you get to know her, she will worm her way deeper into your heart. She gets better as you get to know more about her!”

To adopt Janis, please email with any questions or to submit an application.

Adopters MUST visit Janis in person at the shelter.

Austin Pets Alive (Terrytown location) is located at 3118 Windsor Road, Austin, TX.

Adoption hours are every day from 12 noon to 7 PM.

Billy Bob

BURBANK, CA: Meet Billy Bob! This 8-year-old stud muffin was surrendered to the shelter way back in September of last year. His former owner was no longer able to care for him and Billy Bob’s journey to find a new family has been a long one. Billy Bob is a love bug and ADORES (note the emphasis!) being around people. He’s been to numerous adoption events and educational programs with kids and always puts his best paw forward. But still, this big boy waits and waits at the shelter for that special someone to walk through the doors and choose him. PLEASE SHARE!

Burbank Animal Shelter wrote, “Billy Bob is a sweetheart. Because of his size, he is a little more senior than a smaller breed his age would be. And he could really use the exposure. We have had him since September of last year. He was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him.

He is an 8-year-old, well-tempered brindle Mastiff and Boxer mix who loves affection and some down-right good conversation. Billy Bob is seeking an owner with large dog handling experience and will gain greatly from regular, focused basic training. Who says you can’t teach an older dog new tricks? You can when they are as sweet and sociable as this big fella!

This handsome lad loves people, is good with kids, and is ready to find a family for the second time around! This big boy is surely worth making room for! We’ve taken him out to several offsite events and he has done absolutely fantastic. We think he would get along well with other dogs and, as always, we require an introduction at the shelter with other dogs in the family.

Transportation is not available, unfortunately.”

To adopt Billy Bob, please email with any questions, to set up a meet & greet, or begin the adoption process.

Burbank Animal Shelter is located at 1150 N Victory Place, Burbank, CA.


(near) ATLANTA, GA: 9-year-old Gypsy is a friendly gal whose tail is always wagging. She adores interacting with humans and dogs and will make a wonderful addition to almost any family! Gypsy escaped a devastating hurricane last year – and we don’t know what kind of life she lived prior to that. But know that Gypsy yearns for, and deserves, a family where she can give love, be loved, and settle in for all the rest of her years. PLEASE SHARE!

Pointer Rescue, Organization wrote, “Gypsy was picked up as a stray just before the Hurricane Irma hit last year. She is a beautiful 9-ish-year-old who comes with her own ‘on/off’ button right atop her head. Press ‘once’ for pointer crazy and watch Gypsy bounce around the yard with reckless abandon! Press ‘twice’ for pointer snuggles and Gypsy will climb right into your lap for an ear scratch and a maybe a little snooze. (Hint: Gypsy LOVES when you press twice.)

Gypsy also loves to put on a show when food appears. She often ‘sings’ for her supper and may dance if she feels inclined. She is an outgoing girl and she loves interacting with people and other dogs. Her tail is ALWAYS wagging and she’s very vocal. She is happy to give you her opinion about her food, where she would like to sit on the couch, when she wants to play, etc.

Gypsy is a little hard of hearing, but it doesn’t slow her down. She is still able to understand verbal commands, but this smart girl has already picked up hand signals. Gypsy is a sweet and smart girl ready for her forever home.

Gypsy is located in Warner Robins, GA. We will transport a dog up to 1500 miles to an adopter.”

To adopt Gypsy, please contact volunteer Scott at with questions or to submit your application.

Gypsy’s original post:

Hank – ADOPTED!!

BERKELEY, CA: Six months at the shelter and counting! Blah. ? Handsome Hank is back for the second time on SSD. While waiting for someone to give him his freedom, 9-year-old Hank has been taking training classes at the shelter. And he is at the top of his class! Each week Hank has learned something new and he can’t wait to put his education – and love! – to good use with a forever family of his very own one day. Which we hope is one day soon… PLEASE SHARE!

A shelter volunteer wrote, “Hank is estimated to be 9 years old. He came in as a stray. He’s just the best boy and he’s been in this city shelter so long (about 6 months) and is the longest term dog. He is 75 pounds, but just skin and bones and can’t seem to keep any weight on in the shelter.

Big handsome Hank boasts a personality as large as he is. He’s jolly and energetic with a zest for life that rapidly becomes contagious. Fetch, food puzzles, and affection are among his favorite indulgences; simply goofing around with his human pals seems to provide no end of delight.

At his core, Hank is a giant love-bug and would like nothing more than his own home where he can be adored and doted on as a cherished member of the family. We did an intro today with Hank and a female dog. It went well overall and was a positive sign that Hank could be a strong candidate for a home with a well-matched female dog. However, he is not recommended to live in a home with cats.

Hank got the special privilege to attend weekly training classes. And I had the privilege of being assigned to handle Hank in class. I’ve been handling him for over a month now and he excels in class! He is one of the best-behaved dogs during class and learns something new each week. He rarely reacts to other dogs during class, even if they are barking or growling. He’s such a good boy and such a fast learner.

The shelter is a city-run shelter, so they cannot arrange for transport themselves, but they will adopt to out-of-state adopters who come to the shelter and meet adoption requirements. Hank’s adoption fee has been paid by his local fan club. We ask that everyone in the household come to meet the pet and we require proof that you can have a pet where you live.”

To adopt Hank, please email with any questions.

Berkeley Animal Care Services is located at 1 Bolivar Drive, Berkeley, CA.

Hank’s original post:


No applications for sweet baby Bruno yet- Can you believe it⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉ we need some help sharing his info and spreading the word!

This guy is handsome, loyal, snuggly and adores people. While he should be the only dog in the home, he will provide all the affection you need.

Besides being a ?photogenic sweetheart, Bruno has received over $2500 worth of training, and comes with 3 months of food, emotional support animal registration, a monthly subscription to bark box, all of his shots and vaccinations & 4 additional training sessions with his new family! Not to mention, one heck of a fan club.

Please share with any active families, or couples including those with older kids that are looking for a perfect pup to round out their pack. (561)294-3045 for a meet and greet or more info!! POPO Pitbulls.

MORE!!  We checked out their Facebook page and found more information about Bruno!!

Our boy Bruno is officially down to two weeks left in training! Here are some updates on his progress!

??Bruno has a few families interested in adopting him
?Bruno is walking on lead without tugging
?Bruno has made great strides in public places and is less nervous and more at peace 
?Bruno has learned that kong wobblers are more delicious than shoes
?Bruno has become a children’s book star
Bruno has continued to learn and trust from his caring base of volunteers & still adores his people
?Bruno celebrated his 10 month anniversary of being found and no longer a stray
?Bruno has realized he is handsome and models constantly ?

HIP HIP HOORAY? for our precious and longest resident at POPOP.


This is Zelda. We pulled her from a shelter in GA where she was abandoned pregnant, and brought her and all her babies to MA where they’ve since found loving homes. We’re at a crossroads with Zelda and here’s why. Zelda loves people more than anything, loves to snuggle/be close and give kisses. She’s not destructive, she can be left lounging, sleeping, etc. and you’ll pretty much find her in the same spot you left her. She loves to chase balls and toss squeaky stuffies in the air, catch them and repeat. She will entertain herself or play with you—whatever you’re in the mood for. The thing is, as wonderful as Zelda is with people, she’s in a tough spot because she’s attacked a few dogs and 1 cat and is too selective/reactive/prey-driven/aggressive with other pets to be trusted in a home with or near other animals. She’s basically the perfect dog when no other animals are around to rouse her or bring out her “Jekyll” side.

Unfortunately, her only option at this point is to find her a pet free home, with a strong handler that’s experienced with dog-aggressive dogs and willing to work with her on recall and other training. We know these special folks exist because we’ve found them in the past for other animals. But we’re running out of time to find this special person. And we can’t risk her going into the wrong hands, as it will jeopardize the rescue. Zelda is currently being kenneled at an animal control office and will start to deteriorate if she sits in a kennel for much longer. We need your help to really rally and campaign and find Zelda her special someone before we run out of options.

This is her shelter video so you can see her in action:

She’s a young, healthy, wonderful dog with people. You know how sometimes you wish you could just tell a dog there’s nothing to fear? We wish we could talk sense into Zelda about other animals…and that they can be her friends and not her opponents. But we can’t. Her only option is finding the right person to be her friend for life. Someone willing to foster long-term is also an option. If you’re interested in adopting please email If you’re interested in fostering please email

Name: Zelda
Sex: Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 3 yrs
Weight: approx. 40 lbs
Good with: People, selective with dogs, okay with kids willing to be patient with her energetic greetings! No cats.

Will you help us find Zelda’s special someone?

If you want to join the “Find Zelda’s Special Someone” committee, please comment below or email Time is of the essence!

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application at or email with any questions.

We can only adopt in the states of MA, CT, and NH.

***Please note we are constantly processing applications and any animal on this page may have a currently pending application. We encourage you to submit an application as the availability status of our animals can change at any time***


CLEVELAND, OH: *Please Share!* Dreamboat. Charmer. Mister Wonderful. These are all nicknames for 7-year-old Norman! This well-behaved fella has been up for adoption since September. He has spent half the time at the shelter and half in foster care. And in both situations, he has been an excellent boy. So we don’t understand why nobody has scooped him up yet!!! Norman is hoping March will be his lucky month….so what are you waiting for? PLEASE SHARE!

City Dogs Cleveland foster wrote, “It’s hard to believe Norman is a senior dog. And he has simply been a delight to know. He had ZERO interest at the shelter. And since he’s been with me in foster, he’s had six meets but none of them have panned out. (Usually because of his age… Boo.)

When Norman came into foster with me and my ornery, 12lb terrier in mid-December, I discovered that he is a snuggly, incredibly tolerant, well-behaved angel. I’ve never had an easier time integrating a foster with my resident dog. He defers to her in everything. And he doesn’t have a lick of separation anxiety, so I’m comfortable leaving him in a room while I’m at work.

Norman greets every new situation in the same way- for the first five minutes, he wiggles excitedly and tries to play. After that, he calms down and plunks down agreeably. New situations include meeting new people, hanging out in dog-friendly public places, and meeting animals of all kinds (dogs of all sizes, cats, horses, ducks).

For the most part, Norman spends his time working on long-lasting food puzzles, staring out the window as a part of our ‘Squirrel Neighborhood Watch’ (while making walrus noises) or, usually, crashed out on the bed snoring. He’s very low maintenance in the home. He gets excited about visitors, wiggling madly and holding a toy in his mouth because he doesn’t know what else to do. If the visitor riles him up, he can get a little jumpy and vaguely (softly) mouthy. I wouldn’t place him with toddlers because of this, but he’d be fine with older kids. He can go for a run or long hike but is equally fine just snoring the day away. Honestly, he’s the most versatile, near-perfect dog I’ve known. Really, he’s kind of a dreamboat!

Norman is housebroken and can go into a crate, but doesn’t require it. He has occasional ear infections. His fur is threadbare in places from previous flea allergies. His teeth are immaculate and he’s still really spry. He can be adopted out-of-state, but adopters do have to come to the Cleveland, OH metro area to meet Norman in person.”

To adopt Norman, please email City Dogs Cleveland foster Stephanie at with any questions or to set up a meet and greet.

Melody and Rainy – ADOPTED!!

(near) PHOENIX, AZ: *Please Share!* Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do! Adoptable, musical pair Melody and Rainy are ready to sing along with you at home forever and always! Well, Melody is. And her younger sister Rainy is her silent backup partner. ? Melody and Rainy were first featured on SSD when they were at the public shelter. They have since transferred under the care of a private rescue but are still up for adoption! These sweet, sweet girls are super friendly and ultra adorable. How can you say no to adopting this musical duo?! PLEASE SHARE to help the girls!!

Take Me Home Arizona wrote, “Melody and Rainy have been patiently waiting since the beginning of December for a forever home. The ladies were turned into the shelter when their person had to go into a long-term care facility. It’s clear that these girls were adored in their previous family, they are both so immediately affectionate and bond quickly.

Melody is approximately 11 years old. She is a very petite, quiet and calm Chihuahua mix and weighs approximately 10 pounds of affection. She loves to be near people and adores snuggling quietly in your lap. She has a magical singing voice that comes out with a special request word – ‘hihihihihi’ to get her started singing!

Rainey is approximately 7 years old and 18 pounds. She is the more active of the two and equally affectionate, giving gentle kisses, snuggling and putting her head on your shoulder for love. The girls are mostly quiet and they are not big barkers.

Melody and Rainy both love walks rides in the car and are great companion dogs. They’d be a great fit for a retired or work at home family. They are currently fostered with school-aged kids, dogs, and cats. They do fine with the dogs, Rainy is very cat curious but has learned to get along.

Melody and Rainy are a bonded duo and must be adopted together. Both girls are housebroken and use a doggy door. They are spayed, current on vaccinations and shots.

Our policy is the adopter submits an application first; then meet and greet, and then a short trial before official adoption. We do not have an adoption fee for our seniors, but the adoptive family is welcome to give an adoption donation to our rescue.”

To adopt Melody and Rainy, please email with any questions or to submit your application.

Bo – Adopted!

HOUSTON, TX: *Please Share!* Houston is a city with one of the worst stray dog problems in the United States. And Bo is one of those dogs who was subjected to that life for too many years. He truly hit rock bottom after his efforts fending for himself overcame him, and he was found emaciated and exhausted and lying motionless in the grass. Today, Bo is healthy and happy. But he needs a real home! PLEASE SHARE!

Corridor Rescue Inc. wrote, “Bo was rescued off the streets of Houston in November 2016 and has been in a boarding facility since. After spending years living on the street, he was found by rescuers laying motionless in the grass. He was exhausted, anemic and underweight.

Bo is 8-ish years old and now a healthy, handsome fella, weighing in at about 75 pounds. He is playful and has an affinity for toys of all kinds. He even has a favorite stuffed animal (his ‘baby’) that he carries with him when he can. He will drop that baby in a second thought if you get out the tug-of-war rope. It’s a favorite of his, but only because he wins. Every time! Overall, Bo is mellow and enjoys lounging in a sunny spot, hanging out with his human friends and going on short walks.

Bo currently is having regular play sessions with some of the more rowdy females in our kennel. He is very vocal when he plays and to an unfamiliar person, it could be misconstrued as aggressive. However, because we know Bo, we have realized that’s just the kind of guy he is! Bo has made friends with two females at the kennel. Both girls love to roughhouse and are not easily intimidated. Just the kind of furry friends Bo likes to play with. He would be well suited as an only pet, but certainly wouldn’t mind having a female companion. He has always been a ladies man–even on the streets. A meet ‘n’ greet would be a must if there is another dog in the home.

Bo’s adoption fee of $100 covers spay/neuter, microchip, and current vaccines. Transport is available to most major US and Canadian cities via United Airlines for PetSafe for an additional $325.”

To adopt Bo, please email with questions or to submit your application.


WESTCHESTER, NY: *Please Share!* 9-year-old Sadie has beauty, brains, and so much pizazz! She is not your average stereotypical “senior” status. Sadie is still very active, she loves going on adventures and hasn’t lost an ounce of her wits. We’re pretty sure Sadie kept up with daily crossword puzzles for her whole life because her mind is still quite sharp! Sadie is a long-term shelter resident (three years!) and her valuable, fun-loving companionship is being wasted away with each passing day. She needs a human best friend again! PLEASE SHARE!

SPCA of Westchester wrote, “Sadie is likely an Akita/hound mix and she’s a real brindle beauty. She originally came to us when she was dumped in a Kohl’s parking lot, and then was adopted soon after when she was young. She was returned to us around three years ago because she was uncomfortable around the family’s new baby.

Although Sadie may have a little grey in her muzzle now, she’s still got a ton of pep in her step! She’s active, playful (world class fetcher!), and very friendly — we’re talking uncontrollable butt wiggles when you pet her. She’s a mature girl who’s well-mannered and will make a great companion, adventure buddy, and best friend.

We are so proud of Sadie — and from that smile on her face, she’s pretty proud of herself, too! She passed her C.L.A.S.S. B.A. and M.A. test! C.L.A.S.S. stands for Canine Life and Social Skills, and by earning her B.A. and her M.A., Sadie has shown that she’s mastered things like meet and greets, loose leash walking, stay, settle, leave it, and more. In other words, she’s one smart, well-trained pup! It’s time for our star student to go home

Also, thanks to a generous donor, Sadie is eligible for $1,000 in Critter Credit, which can be applied to sessions with a recommended trainer or a gift card to Petco or Petsmart!

The SPCA of Westchester requires in-person adoptions, with all members of the household coming to the shelter to meet Sadie; therefore, Sadie is not eligible for transport.”

To adopt Sadie, please email Jeanne at with questions, to set up a meet-and-greet or to submit an application.

SPCA of Westchester is located at 590 N State Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY — approximately 1 hour north of NYC.


Ginny - Birmingham, AL

(near) BIRMINGHAM, AL: *Please Share!* If you recall, last month 8-year-old Ginny had her much needed vet care and surgery sponsored by SSD and she is now officially up for adoption! Ginny is a super sweetheart who hasn’t had the best luck with the humans in her life over the years. Her most recent owner surrendered Ginny after two years together without once tending to her needs. Ginny is hoping to find her forever spot in a loving, caring, and doting home very soon. PLEASE SHARE!

Calhoun County Humane Society wrote, “Ginny has been down this rehoming road before. She was adopted out by a rural rescue to someone who, it turns out, could ‘not be bothered.’ For two years, he could not be bothered to have her groomed or taken to the vet. And when her medical needs piled up, well that was such a bother that she was surrendered to the shelter.

Ginny has lost a lot since coming to the shelter: a mass of painful, matted hair, two kidney stones, a mammary growth, and a hernia! She hasn’t at all lost her quirky personality. She loves everyone and walks right on up for her well-deserved pets.

Since surgery, she has been in a foster home. She promptly picked out her favorite bed and soft gray-and-pink toy and made sure all the other dogs knew there was a new queen in town (which doesn’t stop them from stealing her toy to taunt her, if she dares leave it lying about). Her activity level is good, she loves her bed and blanket and feeding time is an event. Ginny likes to sing for her supper and dances until her food is served. She also does the sweetest snort before napping and frequently snores as she sleeps. She is a true character, like the little old lady with the purple hair who just doesn’t give a care! Though untried with cats, she is so chill, she should be fine.

Ginny is a little round at 20 pounds and estimated to be 8-ish years old. Her health needs are managed with 3 low-cost heart medications and a special kidney diet. Every penny you spend on her will be magically transformed into golden drops of unconditional love!

Out-of-state adopters are fine, but due to her special needs, Ginny can’t be sent on commercial transport. Her adopter would need to come to the shelter or within a reasonable distance to meet a shelter driver partway.”

To adopt Ginny, please email the shelter at with questions or to submit your application.

Calhoun County Humane Society is located at 1201 Parkwood Drive, Anniston, AL.



ROCHESTER, NY: *Please Share!* Friends, Yolanda really, really, really needs to find her forever home. She is 11 years old and has been on the search for a whole year. This is also her 3rd feature on SSD and we’re struggling to get her the attention she deserves. Yolanda is looking for companionship and beyond that her needs are minimal. She would be the perfect match for someone who considers themselves a “homebody” and is looking for a little love in their life. Yolanda will perfectly behave while you are gone, and then greet you like the king/queen of the castle when you return! PLEASE SHARE!

Brindle Posse Rescue, Inc. wrote, “Yolanda is her name, and being adorable is her game! She loves food and has learned a ton of tricks, she’s very motivated to learn just about anything. But as much as she loves food and tricks, she loves sleeping even more. Yolanda can sleep least 21 hours a day!

Yolanda enjoys lots of snuggles, an extra comfy bed, lots of blankets, and a prime nap spot. She is house trained and left alone in a room for about 8 hours a day, and she is perfectly content to sleep after a few minutes of settling down. At night, she sleeps in a crate with the door open. She doesn’t get on furniture without being granted permission, but she does love to curl up next to you if you ask!

If Yolanda could describe her ideal home, she’d like to be a queen of her castle, with no cats or other dogs, please. While Yolanda snoozes a lot of her day away, she does have some needs that would make a rural home without any other human children or fur-children just perfect for her. We think both Yolanda and her forever family would be much more comfortable with fewer stimuli. Yolanda also has not perfected the art of sharing and guards her food and toys. But no need to fear! Her foster mom has found her lack of sharing easy to manage.

There are no limitations on a radius of where she can be adopted. But we are unable to transport her ourselves and an adopter would need to meet her in person here in Rochester, NY.”

To adopt Yolanda, please email Brindle Posse Rescue, Inc. at – application required to adopt.

Yolanda’s second post:

Yolanda’s original post:


Ask about Dina HERE


CINCINNATI, OH: This past summer, Dina was found in poor shape. She was fully vetted, made a wonderful recovery, and she even went into a trial-adoption with a loving woman who lived in a nursing home – it seemed like a great match! However, Dina didn’t like being left alone when her person went off to dinner and Dina would bark for her. She is now back with the rescue and looking for love again. Dina would love a home with another dog(s) and just needs a little reassurance. PLEASE SHARE!

LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue wrote, “Dina is a female Schnauzer/Wire Haired Terrier who is 13 years old and weighs 15 pounds. She was in rough shape when she came to LFM. She was treated for flea allergies, had a couple of mammary tumors removed, and sadly, had to have all of her teeth extracted. In addition, she’s hard of hearing, if not completely deaf. Despite this, she is a delightful little dog.

Dina needs to be near her people but will keep to herself. She has separation anxiety and just doesn’t like to be alone. She enjoys the comfort of having other dogs around to know she’s not all alone. Dina would not do well in an apartment because she cries until she learns her owners will always come back. Ideally, her new home would have a doggy sibling to just be present with her so that she’s not alone. She hasn’t been around cats, but we imagine she would do okay since she is very calm.

Dina also really likes to nap. She gets bursts of energy and bounces around for a little while, then snuggles up for another nap. She occasionally attempts to play with other dogs as well. She is potty trained and currently goes outside in a fenced yard, but would probably be fine with being taken out for breaks on a leash as well.

She has had her health issues taken care of and is now up-to-date. She no longer has teeth, so she will need soft food for the rest of her life. Dina just wants a calm home and a person to follow. She’s a great little companion and doesn’t need to be crated. She may be old, but she has a lot of love to give and deserves to be loved as well. Because of her age, she needs a home without young children. And we must ask that Dina’s forever family be within a one-hour radius of 45231. Thank you for understanding!”

To adopt Dina, please email Kaylee at with any questions and to submit an application.


Charlie! – Adopted!

Charlie, Des Moines, IA

DES MOINES, IA: Charlie is a 10-year-old puppy who acts nothing like a “geriatric” fella! He thrives with affection and attention and was surrendered over by his former person because his needs weren’t getting fulfilled and Charlie was suffering. He is currently in foster care and LOVES to play with his foster puppy sibling. And will also bring a toy in his mouth when greeting you at the door to – you guessed it – play! So, if you’re looking for a mature dog with good habits and loads of energy, Charlie is the perfect match for you. Or, PLEASE SHARE to help spread the word!

Forever Home Dog Rescue foster wrote, “Charlie is 10-year-old very playful Min Pin. He was surrendered to us due to a messy divorce. His previous owner was desperate to find Charlie a better home as he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved.

Charlie can take a while to warm up to other dogs. He’s a strong ‘alpha’ dog and it took him close to a week to accept/acclimate to my canine trio. My 10-month-old Chihuahua plays with him nonstop. (He does best with smaller dogs.) He will play fetch and when we get home each day greets us at door with a toy because he wants to play immediately. He’s well mannered – sits and stays on command, and even tell you when he wants to go outside by either pawing you or the door! And he loves his daily walks.

Charlie just wants love and attention. He’s a pretty laid-back pup. The love and energy he has are just amazing. So, if you want a dog who just wants love, playing fetch, going for walks, and getting ear scratches and cuddles, please give Charlie a forever home. We typically adopt inside the state of Iowa but are definitely willing to look at neighboring states if potential adopters are okay with traveling for meets/adoption!”

To adopt Charlie, please email Forever Home Dog Rescue adoption coordinator, Kayla, at with any questions and to apply.

Learn About Our Senior Dog Partner


Susie’s Senior Dogs works to promote senior dogs.  SSD frequently posts senior dogs who are looking for their furever home, adoption updates, and inspirational stories.  All homeless senior dogs seen on SSD are up for adoption directly through their shelter or rescue.  SSD does not directly handle adoption.  Rather, SSD works to shine a spotlight on senior dogs looking for their home and the shelter or rescue caring for them.

For more information about Susie’s Senior Dogs, you can check out their Facebook Page and at