How to Make a Dog Bed Out of Old Clothes (and Other Recycled Stuff)

When we discovered that Tillie was sleeping in front of the cabinet on a regular basis we put a blanket down for her to lay on, and soon it was entirely covered in dog fur because she laid on it so much.

Now, it seems like it’s time to make a new dog bed for her. I like the all of the options here, but the recycled one is probably my favorite because it uses stuff that would otherwise get donated or tossed.

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How to Make a Homemade Dog Bed

There are several great methods for making a homemade dog bed. Here are 5 that I love.

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Recycled Dog Bed

This simple project makes a dog bed out of old pillows and fleece blankets and is completely no sew!

Materials needed:

  • Enough old pillows to make a dog bed as big as you want it.
  • Two pieces of fleece or two coordinating fleece throws that are big enough to cover the pillows with 6 inches extra on each side.
  • Fabric scissors.


  1. Lay your bottom fleece and top fleece out together so that they match (right sides out).
  2. Lay your pillows to fit inside the fleece – you can use one pillow or multiple pillows depending on how big you want your dog bed to be.
  3. Center the pillows inside the fleece.
  4. Cut your fleece so that it’s about 8 inches bigger than the pillows on each side.
  5. Remove pillows
  6. Cut two inch sections to about 6 inches on each side.
  7. Remove the top fleece, lay the pillows on the bottom fleece and replace the top fleece on top of the pillows outside up.
  8. Double knot each strip from the bottom to the top strip.

Stuff Your Own Dog Bed – Blue Jeans Style

This is another ridiculously easy dog bed with a serious sense of whimsy. It’s a great way to make a dog bed out of old clothes.

Jeans Dog Bed


  • Old Jeans
  • At least one old pillow
  • More pillows OR other miscellaneous old clothing for stuffing
  • Old Belt
DIY Jeans Dog Bed
Cutting the tassel


  1. Choose an old pair of jeans that you aren’t using anymore. If you can, wear them for an entire day before doing this project so that your scent stays on it.
  2. To achieve the “no-sew,” we still need to cap the ends of the jean legs.  To do this you need to tassel the ends of the legs, each tassel should be about 10cm (3.5″) long.  Cut the tassels around the hem of each leg making sure there is an even amount.
  3. Knot the tassels.  You will need to take two opposing tassels and knot them together using a simple overhand knot.  When you knot the tassels together you will notice the last ones will be tight – this is OK.  Keep knotting until the jeans leg is completely sealed off so no stuffing will fall through.
DIY Jeans Dog Bed
Knotting the tassels

DIY Dog Bed with Pillows and a Tee

Here’s another cute dog bed made with old pillows. If you prefer a dog bed with a “rim”, then this project is a good one to try. There is a bit of sewing in this project.

Materials needed:

  • Two decorative pillows.
  • Large long sleeve tee.


  1. Remove pillow cases if the pillows have cases.
  2. Flip tee inside out.
  3. Pin just below the neck in a fairly straight line.
  4. Sew tee neck shut.
  5. Cut off fabric below sew line.
  6. Pin sleeve to side of shirt.
  7. Leave 10 cm at the bottom
  8. Repeat on other side.
  9. Sew both of the sleeves to the sides.
  10. Remove pins.
  11. Place 1 pillow on tee to see where the pillow goes.
  12. Pin across the top of the tee.
  13. Sew above pin line.
  14. Remove pins.
  15. Cut open second pillow to use the stuffing to fill up the loop.
  16. Stuff the loop.
  17. Insert the 1st pillow into the pocket that was the stomach of the tee.
  18. To finish the bed. Stitch the bottom of the stomach pocket to secure the pillow inside.
  19. Put two sleeve ends together, pinning and sewing them.
  20. Attach the loop to the main pillow. You may want to this part by hand.

DIY Pillow Dog Bed – The Sophisticated Edition

This can also be done with new materials – as shown in this video. Or recycled materials.

Materials Needed:

  • Pillow
  • Fabric
  • Ric Rac
  • 15 inch or longer zipper
  • Cutting tools
  • Thread
  • Seam ripper
  • Pins
  • Measuring tools


There are a lot of detailed instructions in this video. Please watch the video for step by step how to.

Easy DIY Dog Bed

This is a perfect dog bed for bigger dogs!

It uses a pallet, an old sheet, and a recycled mattress pad.


The Bottom Line on DIY Dog Beds

There are lots of ways to make dog beds. I love these methods because they are easy and use old clothes, pillows, and other recycled materials.

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