DIY Pet Storage Station

DIY Pet Storage StationIf you’re looking for a simple solution to organizing your leashes by the door, This DIY Pet Storage Station is for you.

A board, a little paint, and some hooks… and you’re good to go!

Jazz it up with some figures or use your imagination to make it your own.



1. If you want the wood grain to show through your paint, paint light coats of white acrylic paint onto your wood block using your foam brush. Add more coats as desired. Allow paint to dry completely.

2. Carefully cut your figurines in half using a sharp knife. 3. Use a ruler to space your hooks and figurines. Then screw hooks into your wood blocks. 4. Use super glue to attach plastic figurine halves to the wood block. Allow glue to dry completely. 5. Attach sawtooth picture hangers to the back of the wood block, mount on the wall, and hang your pet essentials on your new pet storage station!Voila—you’ve created a thing of beauty.DIY Pet Storage Station

I’m thinking of using small photo frames for mine so that I can use pictures of Lorelei and Boo.

Or, I may put their paw prints on a page and insert those instead.

The options for making this project truly match you, your home, and your family are all up to you!

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