Paddio Sticks & 2 Other Fun Ways to Make a Dog Toy From a T Shirt

Paddio Sticks & 2 Other Fun Ways to Make a Dog Toy From a T Shirt

I think if you threw Leo a stick (the Border Collie across the street) then he would be in heaven.

Some breeds just LOVE chasing sticks and playing fetch. If you have one of those breeds you are going to LOVE This post.

How to Make Dog Toys Out of Shirts

I have three projects that let you use common household or outdoor items (a stick) and old tee shirts to make a dog toy from a t shirt.

Like these 6 no sew dog toys all 3 of these projects are easy to make and make for fun play time with your dog.

Paddio Sticks – the Ultimate DIY “Go Fetch” Dog Toy

Paddio Sticks - the Ultimate DIY "Go Fetch" Dog Toy
Paddio Sticks - the Ultimate DIY "Go Fetch" Dog Toy

You’ll need:

  • A large old T-shirt, sheet, socks or any clothing article you can make into strips
  • Colored tape or rag of a different color than the shirt
  • Sticks, 1 /2 to 1 inch (15 to 25 mm) in diameter, about a foot long*


  1. Cut/tear strips about 2 inches (5 cm) wide and as long as possible from the T-shirt ([If you tear horizontally you’ll get the longest pieces]
  2. Take a strip of rag and lay the stick on it.
  3. Wrap lengthwise a couple of times, covering the ends of the stick.
  4. Tightly wind the rest of your strip around the stick and previous wrapping.
  5. When that strip ends, start with another, overlapping the ends.
  6. Keep on with another strip or two, remembering to wrap tightly.
  7. Tuck the last end under previous wraps, using a knife to help.
  8. For a decorative touch, apply plastic tape or a different colored strip around the ends.

Thanks to make and build dog stuff for these instructions.

You can also connect more than one stick to create larger, more intricate toys.  This can be fun! Just make sure there are no sharp corners for your dog to get hurt on.

Braided T Shirt Dog Toy

This is a super easy way to make a dog toy out of old tee shirts. It can be used for fetch or for tug of war.

Materials needed:

  • Old Tee Shirts


  • Cut the tee shirt across the chest so that you have a tee shirt square
  • Cut up along the hem every few inches
  • At each cut tear up the fabric to make strips
  • Make three sections of strips – you can use multiple t shirt yarn strands
  • Tie the tops together with an extra piece of tee shirt
  • Braid everything tightly together
  • Tie the end together with an extra piece of tee shirt

DIY ChuckIt

A Chuckit is a fetch toy for dogs that has a holder that launches tennis balls. It’s fun to use. This version of the Chuckit is made with old tee shirts and tennis balls. You can really sling this well and it’s inexpensive and fun to make.

This is a great project to make for a dog shelter! And here are three other homemade dog toys for shelters.

Materials needed:

  • Old Tee Shirts
  • Tennis Balls


  • Cut the tee shirt across the chest area
  • Cut the tee shirt square in half again
  • Cut the tee shirt circle so that you have one long strip of fabric
  • Lay out two tee shirt strips in an X
  • Place tennis ball in center
  • Use another strip of tee shirt fabric to tie off the tennis ball and create a pouch
  • Cut each end into three strips
  • Braid each end
  • Tie off each end securely

Summary: It’s Easy to Make a Dog Toy From a T Shirt

It’s fun and easy to make dog toys from tee shirts. These are three of my favorite styles because they are super simple to put together and use old t shirts.

For other great toys I’ve found for us to try, you can read “Indestructible” Dog Toy or Make your dog a treat dispensing toy from a water bottle!

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