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Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Barking at Me

Dog on couch being hugged by owner

Have you ever wondered, “Why my dog won’t stop barking at me?”. Repetitive barking can be very annoying for the owner, especially when there’s no apparent reason for it. If you are unable to answer this question, read on to know the causes and possible solutions to stop this frustrating behavior.

Why Won’t My Dog Stop Barking at Me?

Although barking is normal for canines, too much of everything is bad. If your furry friend keeps barking all the time, the following reasons could be responsible for his/her abnormal behavior.


The Bark clarifies that dogs love to seek the attention of their owners. Barking is one of their most effective tools to achieve this goal because it’s natural for humans to respond. Therefore, your dog will bark continuously if he/she is getting the desired response.


Scared Corgi peeking out from under bed

This problem is particularly common in dogs that are adopted from shelters. The fear of a new environment and unfamiliar people can cause a dog to bark for long durations. The fear of being abandoned again can also make a rescue dog bark for as long as 30 minutes. This usually happens when you leave your pup alone in the house.


Anyone can get tired of a monotonous routine. Dogs are no exception to this rule as they can also get bored from an inactive life. Barking is a way for some dogs to relieve themselves of this dullness.

What Can I Do If My Dog Won’t Stop Barking at Me?

Overhead view or Border Collie puppy on a couch barking

Firstly, you should try to identify the root cause of this behavior. Wag Walking mentions that you can solve this problem only if you know the exact cause.

Excessive barking can be caused by something as simple as boredom and as serious as a dangerous medical condition. Irrespective of the reason, never let your dog bark continuously because it can eventually turn into a behavioral problem. Some of the techniques that can help you stop your’s dog barking are as follows.

Ensure Sufficient Exercise

If your dog is barking due to excess energy, taking him/her for a walk can solve the issue. Alternatively, you can play with him/her to burn-off the stored energy.

Certain dog breeds have higher exercise requirements and will need more activity to stay happy. For instance, you will need to walk your border collie at least twice a day. Contrastingly, English Bulldogs do absolutely fine with a short walk.

If you have a busy routine, you must go for a breed that doesn’t need frequent walks. Otherwise, you will have a chaotic dog who is quite likely to develop negative behavior.

Train Your Dog to Stay Calm

Tan dog with tongue hanging out laying on persons bed

Some canines tend to bark continuously in an attempt to get your attention. If that’s the case, you must reward your dog a few seconds after he/she has stopped barking. This will teach the dog that barking is not going to get the desired results. Instead, staying calm and silent is more beneficial for his/her cause.

NOTE: It’s important to keep repeating this practice for a while to strengthen the impact of this training.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone for Long Spells

If you work full-time, it’s not recommended to adopt a breed that is prone to separation anxiety. However, if you already have such a pup you must consider the option of hiring a professional dog trainer. This will allow your dog to have company while you are away.

A little bit of behavioral training is also very beneficial and can go a long way. ASPCA explains that most dogs only bark excessively for the first 30 minutes of their owner’s departure. Therefore, training your pooch accordingly can help you in managing the problem. However, separation anxiety is one of those behaviors that are very difficult to modify. Hence, it’s best to adopt a dog that matches your lifestyle.

Remove Disturbing Factors from Your Dog’s Surroundings

Jack Russell terrier looking out of glass door

Blocking your dog’s view is probably the best solution to this problem. If your pup is getting excited or scared upon seeing your neighbors or their pets, use fences in your yard. Likewise, you can keep the curtains drawn to stop your pooch from seeing troubling elements. Spray-based glass coatings can also be quite useful for this purpose.

Control the Excitement

Never reward your dog until he/she is calm and following your commands. For example, if your furry friend starts barking as soon as you go for the leash, drop the leash and sit down. Keep repeating this until your pooch stays quiet when you hold the leash. This training may take some time, but it’s worth the effort. If you are careful, your dog will quickly learn that staying peaceful results in a walk.

Likewise, if your dog tends to bark at people or dogs out of excitement, you can control this behavior. Simply, distract him/her with treats and use a verbal command to train this behavior. You can eliminate the use of treats when your pup starts responding to your command. Don’t forget to pet and praise your dog whenever he/she doesn’t bark at others.

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