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Do Chow Chows Shed a Lot?

Portrait of 2 Chow Chow dogs standing outdoors

Chow Chows shed profusely all year because of their thick double coats. In fact, they are one of the top five shedding dog breeds. This breed is likely to shed much more based on seasonal fluctuations, health, diet, and grooming care. Keep reading to know why Chow Chow shed a lot and learn how you can manage their shedding.

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Why Chow Chows Shed?

Some of the most common causes of shedding in Chow Chows are discussed below.

Seasonal Shedding

Portrait of a Chow Chow outdoors

It happens twice a year and most people notice the shedding the most in the spring. They’ll have to shed their thick, coarse winter coat to make place for the lighter spring coat that will keep them cool in the coming warmer months. This longer, thicker, and coarser hair strews all over the house, causing everyday dust bunnies!

Fall comes to another session of blowing their coat, causing them to discard their spring coat. It is replaced with a thicker, winter coat to preserve the body heat as the season changes.


Chow Chow puppy sitting on hardwood floors scratching with its hind leg

If your dog is prone to seasonal allergies, keep in mind that because there is so much dander in the air at certain times of the year, your Chow Chow may have an allergic reaction to the shed fur.

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Nutritional Deficiency

Kibble spilled across a wooden surface

Poor diet choices can also cause your dog to shed a lot. Most owners feel that simply because a product is offered in stores, it must be safe for their chow. However, that’s not true.

These dogs require certain vitamins and minerals to live a healthy life. They can suffer from various health problems without sufficient nourishment. They might suddenly lose energy, modify their personality, and begin shedding excessively.

How to Manage Shedding for Chow Chows?

The following methods can help you to manage hair loss of your Chow Chow.

Regular Grooming

Chow chow being brushed by a groomer

Chow Chows require proper care, particularly brushing, because they have so much fur. Brush their coats at least once a day to protect their coats from matting. However, it is advised that you brush them many times every day.

Because not every owner has the time, once a day is a basic minimum. You should also consider brushing them more often in the spring and fall when the Chow begins to lose coats. During this stage, they will have more loose fur.

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Person shampooing a Chow Chow

Bathing correctly helps maintain the skin clean and moisturized, therefore it’s something to emphasize once a month. You may do this with a Chow-specific shampoo and showerhead, or you can take them to a professional groomer.

You should do this twice a month during high shedding season and once a month or every two months regularly. He’ll certainly likely enjoy some extra pampering, so it’s something to think about for more than one reason.

Balanced Diet

Overhead view of a dog food dish of kibble with some spilled around it on the wooden background.

Poor-quality dog diets can cause dry, itchy skin and are generally unhealthy. Overall, this might have a detrimental influence. Always choose high-quality, well-reviewed dog meals.

When it comes to shedding, seek dog meals that include Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, since they can create a healthy, moisture-rich coat. Consider adding a tiny quantity of virgin coconut oil to his diet during shedding season if you’re seeking a natural home shedding cure.

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