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Do Labs Shed a Lot?

Yellow labrador retriever laying on a white rug in front of a tan couch

The world’s most popular dog, that is the label the Labrador retriever has held for almost 30 years. From a hunting and fishing dog, this breed has climbed its way up the ranks until it became the top dog breed to have as a pet.

But even if you are number one, all is not perfect. Labs do have flaws, but it is not in their personalities. It is in their double coats. Those coats like to leave the dog and stay on your floors or furniture.

How much a Lab sheds, remains to be seen. Keep reading to find out.

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They Are a Double-Coat Dog Breed

That is one of the reasons Labs are so good in the water. They have that special double coat that keeps them almost waterproof. Also, that double coat keeps them nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In addition to that special feature, it does not matter if they are American or English Labs or a different color. They all have the same genetic makeup and they all shed the same.

While you will see them shed some fur throughout the year, they fall into that double coat category of being shedders twice a year. That means that in the Spring and Fall months you will see a lot more dog fur on the carpets than at any other time of the year.

These biannual shedding seasons last for about 3 weeks at a time. Give or take a few days and depending on the dog’s breed.

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So, Some Labs Shed More?

Black lab laying on a couch covered in a red and gold tapestry

There is a myth out there that says that Yellow Labs are supposed to shed more than any other color. However, there is no data that suggests this idea is true.

The theory is that the yellow-colored fur will show up easier than the dark brown or black-colored fur. From that, people get the idea that Yellow Labs shed more than other colored Labs.

In general, all Lab colors shed about the same amount of fur each year. Of course, other factors may come into play like a lack of nutrition, disease or stress would make one Lab shed more than most.

What To Do If You See Excess Shedding

Close up of a yellow labrador retriever with a metal dog food bowl in its mouth

Shedding is normal but excessive shedding is not. When you see more hair than usual, there might be something wrong with your pet. Your Lab may shed more if they have allergies, stress, or a bad diet.

The best thing to do is change your dog’s diet so they do not have any allergic triggers and more nutrients. Your dog needs a balanced diet to have a healthy coat and shed normally.

So, check on those issues first before thinking there is anything major wrong.

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Some Final Words

Yellow lab puppy laying on hardwood floors in front of a grey couch

No matter the color of your lab, it will shed the same as any other LB color. Just blame the double coat and not your lab’s looks for when that hair gets to be too much to handle.

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