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How to Get Puppy to Stop Barking in the Crate?

Black and white puppy with head tilted back barking

Crate training a puppy is a very challenging aspect of having a pet, especially if you don’t know why he keeps barking. In their crates, pups will occasionally bark if they feel lonely or bored. There are ways to resolve the problem, though. Keep reading to know why your puppy is barking in the crate and learn how to deal with it.

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Why Is My Puppy Barking So Much in His Crate?

It’s easy to want to rush right into the answers when you have a puppy who continually barks whenever they’re in their crate. However, it may be beneficial to stop and think about the reasons they are barking in the first place. That could enable you to address the issue at its core and prevent it from recurring. Yes, puppies could just be yelling for attention, but there may also be the following factors at play.

Separation Anxiety

Fuzzy white puppy barking at the door

Your dog would undoubtedly choose to run free wherever you are if given the choice. Frequent barking is just a dog’s method of communicating with you that they want to go outside. It is an effort to urge you to come back, similar to the crying of a human infant.

Call of Nature

For humans, there is no more hopeless position than wanting to use the restroom but being unable to locate one. Thankfully, we can generally hold it until we can go to the bathroom, but our canine friends aren’t always so lucky. Imagine being confined to a box for eight hours when you have to relieve yourself immediately.

Puppies frequently bark as a signal when they need to go to the bathroom. By letting them go outdoors for a few minutes before crating them, you can prevent crate barking. This is because their bladder is empty and they can sleep peacefully.

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Yellow lab puppy eating from a small green bowl

Nothing is worse than going to bed hungry if you’re anything like us! Anybody can be kept awake by a growling stomach, and dogs are not much different. Giving your dog a big supper two hours before you kennel them is advised. Long-lasting dog chews are a good idea to put in their kennel with them to offer them something to do.


If you put your puppy in its cage when they are not exhausted, boredom may be a particular problem. A bored dog tends to be a boisterous puppy. While alert pups require something to keep them active until they become sleepy, puppies that are exhausted, tend to quiet down and asleep fast.

Unusual Happenings

Australian cattle dog puppy outdoors barking

Dogs can hear sounds that people cannot, and will bark to let you know if there is any possible danger. They can sense the danger from a distance and will warn even if the sound came from outside the house. When a puppy is confined, they are unable to explore like they normally would. Hence, barking is their way of letting you know that they have noticed something unusual.


Your puppy may feel lonely and even afraid in the garage, basement, or other dark areas of the house. They will continue to bark out of fear if the crate is not placed in a central part of the home. Make sure that they are in a comfortable and inviting place to avoid barking.

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Should I Ignore My Puppy Barking in Crate?

Overhead view of a small white and brown dog

Some puppies may begin to bark the first few nights to express displeasure at being in the crate. This is typical of canines and the situation will improve after a few days. Although, there’s a fair possibility the puppy won’t keep barking all night if you exercise him well. However, the best solution is to ensure proper and gradual crate training of your pup.

Before going inside, you should introduce your puppy to his box. It applies to practically any new activities you want to perform with your dog. This is the way to avoid continuous barking because that is not good for your puppy. If you continue to ignore him and fail to address the root of the problem, he may grow hostile. Puppies are sensitive, little creatures that want love and care. Hence, they’ll be disturbed if you leave them on their own.

Should You Let Your Dog Bark It Out?

Portrait of a Beagle puppy standing on a grey blanket

Barking it out only seldom works and does not address your dog’s fear. Instead, you may control your dog’s barking using particular training methods. If the barking is motivated by fear, it is advisable to train an alternate behavior in its stead. Alternative actions include having your dog sit and gaze at you while turning, or healing past another dog.

Your dog will learn what to do in this circumstance by using the alternate behavior, which is a better option than barking. It also helps your dog feel more at ease around other dogs by associating the sight of another dog with positive reinforcements.

You must take care to avoid placing your dog in unpleasant settings if the behavior is being driven by an underlying fear. It can entail limiting interactions to specific canine playmates or exclusively with human companions. By managing their surroundings, you may encourage your dog to unwind and stop barking. Finally, it’s crucial to maintain your composure as the pet parent since your anxiousness may rub off on your pet.

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