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2017 Gallery of Senior Spotlights Archive

There’s just not enough room to keep all of our Seniors on the Main Gallery Page, but we don’t want to lose them!  Here is where you can find our Archived Spotlights from 2017!

Here at Patch Puppy, Senior Dogs are near and dear to our hearts.

Regardless of why their Caregivers had to surrender them, Senior Dogs have a LOT going for them!

We’re featuring a new Senior every week as part of our mission to help them find their Furever homes.  But when we move on to the next week, our hearts stay with our Furry Stars!

We’ll try to keep our past Senior Spotlights updated for those who have found the joy of their Furever Homes!

Check Out Our Gallery of Senior Spotlights!

Dewey!– ADOPTED!!!!


PENNSVILLE, NJ: Poor Dewy is shaking from the cold because his kennel is half outdoors. He has been at the shelter since August and the staff is begging for help with finding him a home. Dewy has had zero interested adopters during his entire four-month stay and the shelter is heartbroken for this angel. PLEASE SHARE!
Dewy is great with all animals, he seems to be housetrained, and he is incredibly sweet and loving. Dewy doesn’t demand anything; he’s a low-key, innocent guy. He most certainly doesn’t deserve this kind of life for his elder years and we hope we can find him his special home ASAP.  

Here’s Dewey’s Story:

The shelter wrote, “Dewy has been at Pennsville shelter since August. He is about 9 years old and weighs about 45lbs. We believe his former owner no longer wanted him. Animal control received a call about a stray, but we just have a feeling it was really his dog. We’ve had no adopters interested in him at the shelter whatsoever and I’m afraid he may be finding himself on the list that we all dread.

Dewy is neutered, very gentle, good with all people, including kids, and also good with other dogs. Dewy is great with any animal! He is very low key but will go out and run in the yard with children and loves to go on walks. We believe he is also housebroken since most of the time he will wait to go in our yard here at the shelter. He never messes in his kennel.

He shakes in the shelter from cold weather because half of his run is outside. We are doing our best to keep him comfortable, but he’s so sad. He has a few cysts on his body, but the vet said they are just cysts. He is up to date on his shots.

Dewy is having a difficult time and we are begging for help. We love Dewy and he’s breaking our hearts.”

Want to adopt Dewey or one of his buddies?  

To adopt Dewy, please email staff member Jean at

Pennsville Dog Pound is located at 94 Industrial Park Road, Pennsville, NJ.


Spaghetti Eddie! – ADOPTED!!!!


Meet Spaghetti Eddie! 8-year-old Edison is known as ‘Mr. Personality’ at the shelter. And it’s no wonder he’s earned some status there, he’s been at the shelter for six years!! Although we can’t rewrite the first act of his life we can certainly give him the best act of his life.

Here’s Eddie’s Story:

Eddie’s shelter is “no-kill” and they adopt out as many animals as they can. But with the number of homeless dogs who come in on a regular basis, on top of the dogs who are already living there, it’s an uphill battle to get them all into homes. If the intake of dogs is consistently higher than adoptions, then long-term shelter dogs like Eddie (who make great pets!) are the sad, sad result.

Pets and People Humane Society wrote, “Edison is a great dog. Here at our facility, Eddie is known as Mr. Personality. 🙂 We assume he was hit by a car and then abandoned. We rescued this guy and had his shoulder pinned. He was about two years old then in 2010; he has been patiently waiting for his forever home for six years!

Eddie’s shoulder healed well, but with age, he is a little stiff in the mornings when he first gets up. He still loves to run and play in the dog park with the other dogs each day. He does fine with all of his doggy friends in the park but we think he would like to get all of the attention in a home. Or his doggy friend would have to be very laid back.

Eddie will take a little bit to get used to a new home because he has been with us so long. He is totally crate trained and housebroken. And he is very quiet and rarely barks. He is even good with the kitties! Because he will be nervous at first, we think a home with older children would be best.

He LOVES to go for walks and doesn’t pull on the leash, looking back often to see if you are still attached to the other end! His nickname is Spaghetti Eddie and he acts silly when you call him that. He is a super loving dog and would love a family
of his own.

His adoption donation is $120. He is neutered, heartworm negative, vaccinated and microchipped. We do not want to transport Edison out of area, but if a family is willing to come to meet him and take him home, they do not have to be in the local area.”

Want to adopt Eddie or one of his buddies?

To adopt Eddie, please email Edy at

Pets and People Humane Society is located at 701 Inla Ave, Yukon, OK.


Morena! – ADOPTED!!!!!!


LOS ANGELES, CA: 8-year-old Morena was surrendered to the shelter by her former people over the summer. They quite admittedly said that Morena was left outdoors and was not given much attention during her life with them. At the shelter, Morena is making up for lost love. She has so much affection stored up from over the years that she’s making sure to keep all the staff and volunteers feeling special! Let’s help pretty Morena find a home who will let her know what it truly feels like to be a loved family member.

Here’s Morena’s Story:

A volunteer wrote, “Sweet Morena is a long-legged gray brindle beauty. Her former owners noted when they surrendered her that she was often kept outdoors and not taken anywhere. She’s a truly lovely girl who it seems had a pretty lonely life. In fact, she absolutely lives for the scraps of attention we volunteers are able to give her. To our knowledge, nobody has ever even asked to meet our sweet Morena.

Morena is a GREAT dog who, at 8 years old, deserves to be loved and safe in a cozy bed cuddling and snuggling. Even though she has been at the shelter for months, she continues to be a cheerful, happy girl! We can only imagine, what a dream it would be for such an affectionate, easy going senior as Morena to spend her golden years kept indoors in a loving home where she would get daily cuddles and attention as part of a family.

She adores all people she comes across and she’s great with small children. She met some kids the other day and was so gentle and tolerant. We have not had the opportunity to see Morena in playgroup, but she is unreactive to other dogs in the kennel. In the yard, we’ve had her out, on a leash, with other calm dogs, and she has been pleasantly curious and easily redirected with a treat. While we don’t know for certain how she would do with another dog, we have no reason to believe that she would not get along with another calm dog of her own size, with slow proper introductions.

Since Morena came to the shelter she has learned a lot and is easy to teach! She is treat motivated, eager to please and interact with you, and learns commands and tricks quickly. She is great on a leash and loves taking walks and exploring with you. Even though she is 8, she still has great energy and spunk and will be a terrific hiking buddy. She is that perfect senior balance of medium energy, content to sit and cuddle all day or happy to explore with you when you’re out and about.

Morena is gentle and is a delightfully, loving, elegant girl who loves being the object of your affection and returning that affection 100 times over!”

Morena weighs 60 pounds. She must be adopted in person at the shelter, no transport.

Want to adopt Morena or one of her Friends?

To adopt Morena, please contact volunteer Dani by emailing with animal ID# A1445587.

East Valley Animal Shelter is located at 14409 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA.


Crystal! – ADOPTED!!!!


PORTLAND, OR: She’s ooey, gooey, marshmallowy sweet! She’s lovie, she’s kissy, and she’s a real treat! 8.5-year-old Crystal has been waiting for five long months at the shelter for an adopter to recognize her yumminess and all that she has to offer as a companion. And not one person has noticed her yet.

Here’s Crystal’s Story:

Crystal knows she’s not the youngest girl in the lineup (and that most people will wave her off), but she also knows she has much to offer an adopter and not to be deterred by the naysayers. If you are seeking to help a shelter dog who is truly an overlooked underdog, Crystal is the girl for you.

A volunteer wrote, “Crystal packs 8 years and 8 months of marshmallowy goodness into her 60lb frame. It’s no surprise that she’s a volunteer favorite – she’s such a wiggle-butt and tummy-rub loving pookie. We’re all bananas about her. She’s human-focused, easy to walk, and a flop-at-your-feet dreamboat once she gets out into the play yard and is allowed off-leash. She’s been described as a ‘goofball,’ a ‘lovie-dovie,’ and a ‘kissy-face blockhead.’

She’s been with us since May of this year and though we repeatedly tell visitors she’s one of our hands-down most-loved dogs, she remains in her kennel, with not one single application to adopt. She has done fine meeting dogs through the fence, but one on one, she’s the boss of ALL your love, which means she has to be an only dog. She flunked her cat test – which means she needs to go to a house with no cats. She requires a fully-fenced yard.

We require the WHOLE PACK to come to the Shelter (humans and dogs) for an introduction. We don’t transport and we don’t adopt our animals out sight-unseen. We make a lifetime commitment to our animals: we want to make sure the match is a good one.”

Want to adopt Crystal or one of her Friends?

To adopt Crystal, please email volunteer Kate at or call 503.861.0737.

Clatsop Animal Assistance is located at 1315 SE 19th St, Warrenton, OR — about 2 hours from Portland.

Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 12 noon to PM.


Max! – ADOPTED!!!!!!!


This sweet 10-year-old Pomeranian still needs a stable home and forever love. Despite being so uncomfortable at the moment, he is such a good sport! Max was surrendered to the shelter earlier this month when his former owner’s health deteriorated and couldn’t give Max the care he needed. Life as Max knew it was abruptly gone.

Here’s Max’s Story:

Max was surrendered to the ACC last month when his owner’s health deteriorated and could no longer properly care for Max. Max is friendly with dogs and cats and he is looking for a house type dwelling in the suburbs. We believe Max and his former human likely spent a lot of time with each other. So if you’re the kind of person who thrives on a close human-doggy relationship then Max is the perfect fit for you! He adores human affection and will scoot his cute self into your lap for love. He’s also big on flipping over for a belly rub, so you best have your massage hands ready! 😉

Max is very potty trained and immediately took to using wee-wee pads. (He prefers to poop outside.) He needs a house (non-apartment) type forever home because he will bark for love when left home alone. He is non-destructive and this is a behavior that can certainly be overcome with time, he is nervous and lonely is all. But to avoid added stress for everyone Max needs a home where the neighbors won’t hear him while he settles into a routine and learns you’ll always come back home to him.

Max loves to walk and to be outside. He needs to lose a few pounds for his overall wellbeing, but based off his active energy it should be easy peasy in a few months time! He’ll go just about anywhere with you and walking on the leash is a pleasant activity.

Want to adopt Max or one of his Friends?

Max can be adopted in the tri-state, New England, and Pennsylvania area. (No transport.) For further questions, please contact Max’s rescue.

To adopt Max, email PupStarz Rescue at


Brody! – ADOPTED!!!!!


8-year-old Brody was surrendered to the shelter with his doggy brother when their human suffered a home foreclosure. The brothers wanted to stay together, but sadly that didn’t happen. Brody’s brother was adopted and poor Brody was left behind at the shelter.

Here’s Brody’s Story:

Brody is a shy guy who is making the best of his situation despite being without the family members he has always known. He is listed as a Pharaoh Hound/Shar Pei mix. And although he acts shy upon first meeting, he is very friendly and just wants to find love again. Brody enjoys back scratches, he will happily ‘sit’ on command for a treat, and he walks well on the leash.

A meet and greet is always strongly suggested, but the shelter feels Brody can harmoniously live with other dogs. Wild young toddlers might be a bit overwhelming for Brody as he is a bit timid with handling. (Cats are unknown, but he can be cat-tested upon request.)

Understandably, Brody is confused by his current situation and needs a good home ASAP!

Want to adopt Brody or one of his Friends?

To adopt Brody, email Melissa at with animal ID# A2280986.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (West) shelter is located at 2500 S. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ.


Learn About Our Senior Dog Partner


Susie’s Senior Dogs works to promote senior dogs.  SSD frequently posts senior dogs who are looking for their furever home, adoption updates, and inspirational stories.  All homeless senior dogs seen on SSD are up for adoption directly through their shelter or rescue.  SSD does not directly handle adoption.  Rather, SSD works to shine a spotlight on senior dogs looking for their home and the shelter or rescue caring for them.

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