Reader Stories & Guest Post Guidelines

Reader Stories & Guest Post GuidelinesThanks so much for your interest in submitting guest posts for!  This page contains all of our guest post guidelines and instructions for submitting reader stories.

Here at Patch Puppy, our goal is to bring the best, most entertaining information to our readers.  We love to publish well-researched posts on caring for our dogs, entertaining stories from our readers, and all topics related to loving our dogs!

If you’d like to submit a guest post, please read this page and thoroughly.

Reader Stories

If you have a story to share, email me at with the subject line, “Reader Story Submission.”

There are no length requirements for reader stories, although we’d love for you to stay under 1500 words.  We’ll format your story to fit into our blog, and we’ll edit it to put your best foot forward.

Please include your name, your dog’s name, and at least one photo with your dog.  If your story is longer than 500 words, we’d love it if you would include at least three photos for us to use.

We ask that stories be family friendly as we have readers of all ages.

Article Submissions

TopicsReader Stories & Guest Post Guidelines

If you’d like to write a post for us, email me at with the subject line, “Guest Post Inquiry.”

If you have a topic in mind, feel free to pitch it in your email.  We reserve the right to decline any article that does not adhere to the rules laid out on this page or which does not align with our Mission and Values.

We prefer to assign topics whenever possible.  If there is a category you prefer, just let me know.  I’ll research your site and choose a topic that will tie in well between your site to the guest post.  Once I assign a topic, we need you to write the BEST piece of content on that topic on the web!

Accepted Topics:

  • Dog Health Topics
  • DIY Projects & Crafts Related to Dog Topics
  • Recipes for Dog Foods & Treats
  • Dog Training from Basic to Expert Commands
  • Toy Reviews
  • Breed Related Topics

Images & Photos

Feel free to include screenshots or photos that are relevant to your article.  If you have research to back up your piece, screenshots help to clarify information.

If you include images, please be sure that either you can legally convey the license for our use or that the image is license free.  Please include the attributions with the image.

If you choose not to include images, that’s fine, too.  We will choose images that are appropriate and which we can legally publish.

Reader Stories & Guest Post GuidelinesArticle Length

All articles should be at least 1,000 words.  We prefer articles be between 1,000 and 1,500 words, though we will accept longer pieces.  The key is that the article quality is excellent and that the topic is covered well.

Writing & Editing

We will edit all pieces to check for grammatical, punctuational, and sentence structure issues.  We reserve the right to edit as necessary to publish the best quality piece.

To ensure that all content is 100% original, we check all accepted posts using Copyscape and other tools.

Links (Outbound)

We’d love to link your post back to your site.  You can place one link back to your site to a relevant URL that is helpful.  I do review all URLs and may reject the article or request you choose a different URL to be sure that the best URL attaches to the post.

We do prefer the link is in the text of the document and not at part of a byline at the end of the post.

Please also include outbound links to other relevant and helpful resources.  These should not be to your site but should be for references or related information.

Links (Affiliate)Reader Stories & Guest Post Guidelines

We do not permit writers to use affiliate links in our posts.  If you include affiliate links in your post, we will replace them with our own.

Links (Internal)

Please check through our site and suggest any articles we have that would be useful internal links.  These should be related to or support your post.  If you have questions about links, don’t worry, we’ll check them and be sure they’re our best.

Link Notes

If any links arrive broken, we will contact you so that we can relink them.  Also, please set any links to open in new tabs.  We’ll confirm this as we set them up for publication.

FormatReader Stories & Guest Post Guidelines

Please send your finished piece as a Google Doc or Word Doc.  We do not accept submissions using any other word processing or text program.


If we accept your article and publish it, you agree to grant the sole copyright.

Author Information

Please include a short biography and a photo for our Author’s Byline Section.  We will include this in any post of yours we publish.  Your Author’s Bio should your relationship with dogs, as well as any other information that helps a reader understand what makes you an authority on your topic.  Please see the section above regarding links.