Help a Shelter with the Kuranda Bed Donation Program

Help a Shelter with the Kuranda Bed Donation Program

Have you ever heard of the Kuranda Bed Donation Program?

I hadn’t either.  But I visited my local Animal Rescue League recently and then checked out their website.  One of the items listed was this thing called a Kuranda bed.  I had NO idea what this was, so I looked into it.

A Kuranda bed is a type of framed cot.  And it’s an incredible product!

The bed frame is made of durable poly-resin that is chew proof.  The cot’s lining is also tough – a video on Kuranda’s website shows a dog trying to dig at the bed.

That digging has killed more pillows and blankets than we can imagine!

But it didn’t do any damage at all to the Kuranda bed.  The dog in the video eventually gives up and flops down onto the bed.  Adorable dog, by the way!

These beds are more comfortable for dogs, especially older dogs who have stiff joints.

Plus, the cot-style frame keeps the dog from lying on the floor, which allows air to circulate around the sleeping pup.  This is great news in the summer when the air circulation can help keep the dog cool.

And it helps in the winter so that the dogs aren’t lying directly on the cold floor.  Whether in the shelter or in a home, these beds can make any dog more comfortable.

Another great feature?  These beds are super easy to clean.

I can see how this would be a HUGE benefit in a shelter where the caretakers need to keep areas clean to avoid the spread of germs and keep the residents more comfortable.  Heck – I can see this being a huge benefit at home!

Kuranda knows how much shelters and their residents can benefit from these great beds.

So, they’ve created the Kuranda Bed Donation Program!!

Here’s a link.

Kuranda started their Donate-a-Bed Program to help provide comfort to shelter and rescue animals.  They first partnered with in 2003 to develop the program and then launched it in 2004.

The great thing about the program is that it makes it easy for anyone to send beds and fleece pads directly to their shelters and rescue organizations.

Plus, donors pay discounted prices on every bed they donate!

According to Kuranda, the program has sent thousands of donated beds to homeless cats and dogs.  These animals gain a warm and comfortable place to sleep during a traumatic time in their lives.

How do you donate?

All you have to do is follow this link.

A screen pops up that lets you locate the shelter you’d like to donate beds for.  Then you place an order like you would anywhere else.  Bingo – the bed ships to your chosen shelter and some happy pup gets a great place to rest.

The only hitch is that the shelter needs to have an online account with Kuranda so that they have the information they need to ship it.  You know, things like address, proof that they’re a non-profit, etc.

All the usual things you need to set up a shopping account.

Then they create a wish list.  They can review all the products on the site, decide which work best for their charges, and even share a link on their pages to spread the word.

Help a Shelter with the Kuranda Bed Donation Program

And don’t forget – donors pay a discounted price on all beds they donate!

So, if your shelter doesn’t have an account, reach out to them, and see if they’d benefit from creating one.  Then you can place an order to help them out.


And if you’d like to try their products at home for your dogs, you can order them for personal use as well.

The beds come in different finishes and sizes to accommodate every dog situation.  They even have a model to use inside your dog’s crate!

They’ve got some great accessories like pads, bolsters, and slipcovers.  These can make the bed even comfier and are easy to swap out to clean.

You can even choose different fabrics for the cot liner.  If you plan on using a cot for your dog to lounge outside, you can pick the outdoor mesh fabric so that the bed dries thoroughly after rain or snow – you don’t want your Doggo to have to rest in mildew!

I hope you’ll check the site out and look for how you can help your favorite shelter.  I know I’ll be helping mine!

But wait!! I have an idea…

As an extra incentive, every person who donates a bed to their local shelter will receive a discount code worth 10% off their next order at!

To get your code, just forward your order receipt to us at  Our lovely CS Genius, Connie, will send you a code to use on your next order.  *

You can help your favorite shelter AND save on something nice for yourself, too!

So, head on over to Kuranda’s donations area and don’t forget to send us your receipts!

*Ok, we have to go over a few details to avoid confusion.  We will only provide codes for verified donations.  We will match all orders using codes from this program to their donation receipts, so please do not share your codes.  Each verified submission will receive one single-use code.  In case of orders that do not meet these rules, we will adjust unqualified orders before fulfilling them.

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