Updates, Reader Feedback, and More!

I’m doing something a little different this time.

I’m always encouraging you to send comments and feedback about our posts.  And I’m so happy that I get a lot of response.

But what do I do with this response?

Well, usually I update the post. But because I’m always working to bring you new information, readers like you don’t always know that there is an update.

So, today I’m pulling together a post that is entirely made up of updated posts and comments from readers like you.

Sock Toy CautionSimple Ball & Sock Toys

Our first post was the Simple Ball & Sock Toys post. Shortly after publishing that piece, a reader wrote in about the dangers they faced. After using socks and things similar as stuffing.

You can get that update by clicking this Link.

Garlic Concerns

Our next update is to the Flea Terminator Dog Treats post.

We heard from several readers who were very concerned about my recommendation that they use garlic.

Flea Terminator Dog TreatsThe reason is simple, there’s a lot of information out there that is garlic is toxic to dogs. In fact, in a previous post, I mentioned that it is important to keep garlic away from your dog.

One thing to remember is that I am always researching, and I am always learning. I do my best to always bring you the best information I can find.

When I wrote the other post, all of the research I found that to keep garlic away from your dog.

In the meantime, I found a study done on garlic and dogs.

I’ve updated the Flea Terminator Dog Treats post to show you this information.

You can read it Here, and you can know that this recipe is perfectly safe for your dog.

Cookie Cutter Madness!

Next, I have some feedback from a reader about our Featured Products Catalog.

A reader wrote in using the name Furofus. We think this username is pawsitively adorable.you know how much we love furry puns!

Furofus wrote to us about their dogs, Tanner and Heidi Sue.

Apparently, these fur-babies are absolutely enjoying their new collection of cookie cutters.

Featured Products Catalog

Here’s what Furofus said!

Thank you for sharing the sites where you got the cookie cutters.  I kinda went crazy and Tanner & Heidi Sue have lots of shapes to choose from.

We also like the different recipes you shared. Heidi Sue has lots of allergies & now we have a few new recipes to try along with the new cookbook we just got in.

Tanner says, “Woof Woof” & Heidi Sue says, “Arf Arf.”

Well, Furofus… we’re so glad you, Tanner, and Heidi Sue are so happy!!

To see what all the ruffs are about, you can check out our Featured Products Catalog, too.  I update it frequently with products we’ve featured in posts.

Well, that’s it for today.  I’ve got a few more, but I haven’t updated their posts yet.

Once I make those updates, I’ll be sure to share!!


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