650 Mile Police Escort Ends in Happy Reunion

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Basset Hound

From New Jersey to South Carolina, Bella the Basset Hound may have had the longest police escort in the history of dogs.

It all started one normal day for Patrol Officer Kuhl, as he was helping a man who needed medical attention in Wall, NJ. The man had a beautiful Basset Hound with him named Bella, who was co-owned by a family member 650 miles away in South Carolina.
Patrol Officer Kuhl promised the man that he would ensure that Bella got back to his family, according to the NJ Wall Police website, and he kept good on that promise in the most epic way possible.
Not only did the Patrol Officer take Bella in for two weeks to make sure she didn’t get listed for adoption at the local shelter, he also drove her all the way home when he found out the owner couldn’t make the trip.

Way to go Officer Kuhl!  You’re a pretty great guy!

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