8 of the Quirkiest Reasons to Rescue a Dog!

Rescue MeThere are plenty of reasons to rescue a dog.

The reasons range from the heartfelt to the practical and back again. Today, I thought it would be fun to focus on the quirky reasons to adopt.

Here we go!

One – Puppyhood doesn’t last forever.

Cute and cuddly, puppies are adorable. But they’ve got lots to learn… they’re a handful.

There’s the housebreaking. You have to keep a constant vigil to keep the Pup out of danger.

And then you have to replace everything they chew up — sometimes some very expensive items.

A rescued dog is likely to be a couple of years old and beyond these issues. Plus, they may know some basic commands.

Two – Save your rugs.No Oops for Me!

As I mentioned, a rescued dog is likely to be housebroken.

Beyond being messy, it can be costly to clean or even replace damaged rugs and flooring.  A rescued dog is more likely to be house trained.

In most cases, you won’t experience many accidents with a rescue.

So, a rescue saves time, money, and redecorating.

My Quirky FriendThree – Get better Selfies!

Who wants to see the predictable careful stuffiness of another Westminster worthy pose?

Show dogs are great, but most of us cherish our Pups for love rather than prestige.

We enjoy the quirks that would cost them points in show. We love their animation and silliness.

Those are the moments that create the best memories.

And, they are the best selfie opportunities!

Hug your adopted Pooch and say, “Cheese!”

Four – You could live longer!Will You Take Me Home?

Your dog could be your Fountain of Youth! No joke!

Medical science proves that having a dog for a companion lengthens your life.

Research also shows that helping others makes you healthier. Being healthier also lengthens your life!!

By adopting a dog, you’re doubling your odds of living longer!

Plus, you’ll enjoy those extra years more with a Dog!

Five – It’s about value, not brand.Puppies Want a Home

If you’ve ever priced a pure-breed dog from a reputable breeder, you know it’s not an inexpensive proposition.

And if you’re going to shop for a dog, you need to support breeders who have a reputation for caring for their dogs properly.

They need to follow breeding best practices to ensure healthy Moms and Pups. But rescuing a dog is much less expensive!

You get just as much love and more bark for your buck.

Plus, it opens up space in the shelter to save another dog’s life.


Six – More money doesn’t mean more love.Nose Kisses!

If you spend more to get your dog, they aren’t going to love you more.

It’s one thing to focus on specific breeds for cultural, heritage, and health reasons.

I focus on Miniature Schnauzers because my family breeds them. Plus, and as someone with a mild dog allergy, my options in canine companions are limited.

But the amount you spend to bring your new Pup home won’t affect how much they love you.

In fact, a rescued dog may appreciate you more than you could have imagined.

They know how fortunate they are, and they adore you all the more!

Seven – It proves you’re BETTER than the Joneses.Don't Shop Adopt Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Who these Joneses are and why they set the bar for what everyone should have, I don’t know. It gets expensive. And sometimes, you find you never even wanted what they had but got it anyway.

And they spent plenty on it.

So, why bother playing their game? Forget the Joneses. By adopting a dog from a shelter, you prove that you’re a person who values substance.

Let others chance designer fads.

You’re not in it for image >>> you’re in it for love!

Eight – It’s the Rock Star thing to do.

I love stars who love to adopt.Who Rescued Who? Paw Print Nail Art Decals (now 50% More FREE)

These are people who can afford any dog they like. They can outdo the Joneses anytime they want.

But the ones who adopt have a special place in my heart. They know how fortunate they are and choose to help something less fortunate than themselves.

And many of the biggest stars choose to adopt.

So, if you want to be like Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory, adopt, don’t shop!

And there you have it!

These are the eight quirkiest reasons I could find for why you should adopt a dog. Rescuing a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

I hope you’ll consider it and save a Furry Friend.

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An avid dog lover and Puppy Momma to two adorable Miniature Schnauzers, Sandy is also a prolific writer. When she's not spending time with us here at PatchPyppy, she's with her husband, daughter, or step-sons. Writing under the name Sandy Dugan for most publications, she's also an author, artist, and entrepreneur.