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11 Border Collies Doing Yoga

border collie doing yoga pose downward dog

Leo runs with enthusiasm to “herd” my car every time I leave my neighborhood. He’s a beautiful black and white Border Collie and he makes my day spectacular.

Border Collies are at the top of almost every list of high energy dogs and are also among the high jumping dog breeds. And if you are patient enough you can even get them to do yoga.

Warrior 1

This brown and white Border Collie decided to join in. Exercising in the woods was never so much fun!

Salute to the Sun

Everybody feels better with a stretch in the morning!

Downward Facing Dog (1)

My dogs do this all the time too – must be why it’s called downward facing dog.

Eye of the Needle

I’m not sure if the Border Collie has this position quite right. She might need a yoga instructor.

Corpse Pose

Total relaxation (I just want to rub this Border Collies tummy!)

Upward Facing Dog

I think this Border Collie is getting the hang of yoga – or maybe it just comes naturally.

Downward Facing Dog (2)

Nothing like a natural setting for inspiration!

Downward Facing Dog (3)

I think this one is the best of the bunch for this particular pose.

After Yoga Cuddles

Working hard? I think he deserves some chin scratches.

The Unofficial Yoga Pose of Border Collies Everywhere

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