Flight Attendant Smitten By Stray Dog, Story Takes Heartwarming Twist

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Olivia Sievers was completely smitten by the stray dog she encountered in Buenos Aires.  But she didn’t live there, she was just in town on a layover from her job as a flight attendant, and her home base is Germany.

So she tried to not get too involved, but this dog was a charmer.  And she ended up playing with him and feeding him. Normally the story would end there, but in this case, according to Fox News, it took a heartwarming twist.

Inevitably, the transience of flight attendant life called, and Sievers was again up in the air. Anyone would fox59.comhave thought it was the end of a brief, if beautiful little friendship. However, the threads of fate were already intertwined.

The next time Sievers was in town, the dog was there, waiting for her.

Every time she made the long trip, the dog seemed to find her, and greeted her hopefully outside her hotel. She documented their friendship on her Facebook page, which is now private. She named the dog Rubio, and decided to adopt him.
Via fox59.com

We’re awfully glad that Olivia and Rubio ran into each other and hope they live happily ever after.

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