Patch Puppy’s Top 10 Resolutions for Dog Parents!

Welcome to 2017!!  We at Patch Puppy wish you a Puptastic and Happy New Year!

But the New Year got us to thinking.  Everyone is making resolutions.  Maybe there’s something you want to improve in your life, so you resolve to do that.   Or you have a habit you want to break, so you resolve to quit doing that.  You may even have the resolution to start a new habit!

But what about your pets?

No, we’re not expecting Fluffy to resolve to quit chewing your shoes.  And we’re not expecting Roscoe to decide to go on a diet.  Our pets’ only resolutions are to love us and do whatever it takes to get our attention.

And they rock at it!

But we as their human parents can make resolutions for them!  We can resolve to become better pet parents and to create better habits for our furry babies.

So, we put our heads together and came up with our best resolutions for Dog Parents.

1 – Exercise together to get double the results!

If you made a resolution to get out and get moving more, your dog would love to join you!  Spend time throwing the ball and playing chase – and burn a ton of calories for you both!  It’s great bonding time, and both you and your dog will benefit.  Just going for walks every day and changing the route up here and there can be intensely rewarding for you both.

2 – Try some new experiences together.

Getting out of the house isn’t just good for you, it’s good for your dog.  New experiences are great for mental health and keeping brains young in both humans and our furry companions.  Going to try kayaking or a new hiking trail?  Take Fido along – he’ll love all the new smells and sites.  Plus, you’ll both see the world a little differently.

3 – Watch how much food they eat every day.

Sure, this means actually measuring their food for each meal and not just eye-balling it.  Our dogs will eat whatever they find in front of them — it’s part of their evolution.  So don’t just fill their bowl and figure they’ll only eat when they’re hungry.  Check their weight against the package recommendation and your vet’s instructions, and then feed them that much.

4 – Cut out the junk food.

This resolution is about eating food that is appropriate for the dog.  It should be right for their breed, size, weight, and age.  And this resolution is also about skipping the people food!  Sure, it’s cute when Princess gets all excited because you have cheese, and it’s fine to give her a little bit – occasionally.  But people food isn’t a good idea for your beloved dog — it can cause pancreatitis and other serious health issues.  Plus, it’s the fastest way to pack on extra puppy pounds, so do them a favor and don’t give them any.  Many foods we eat can actually make your pup sick, or even kill them.  In particular, avoid grapes and any food at all that contain xylitol… both are HIGHLY toxic to dogs.

5 – Take your dog’s weight seriously.

We’ve all see that adorably pudgy dog and thought it was so cute how they look like a sausage.  But it’s really a terrible thing for their health.  Be realistic about how much your dog should weigh to be healthy.  If you run your hands down both sides of your dog, you should be able to feel their ribs with only a little pressure.  Their ribs shouldn’t stick out though either!  This is really about making sure they are at a healthy weight… not over, and not under.  They’ll live a lot longer and be around for more hugs and kisses.

6 – Take their identity seriously… make sure they have ID.

If your area requires licensing, make sure you’ve got it.  It’s your responsibility as a dog owner, and it’s security for your dog.  Keep identification on your dog at all time – an ID or chip ID tag are necessary accessories at all times.  You never know when Rufus will make an unscheduled escape from the house, and he could get lost and confused.  Dogs who are tagged make it back to the loving arms of their families more frequently than dogs who get loose without their tags.  And that means keeping their collars on unless they’re in the bath as well!

7 – Make sure you change their address if you change yours.

Moving in the new year?  Good luck on the new home!  But make sure that when you put in your change of address, you also update all of your dog’s records.  If they get lost and confused, you don’t want the person who finds them to look at your old house.  The same goes with transferring their medical records to your new vet, and new licenses.

8 – Learn First Aid!

Everyone can put a bandage on a simple cut.  But do you know what to do if your dog cuts herself?  What if Angel chews up a toy and begins choking on it?  Worst of all, do you know how not to make an injury worse?  There are certified first aid programs for pet owners.  Check with your vet on the resources they recommend and get educated!  You never know when it can help.

9 – Grooming is about more than looks.

Most people think of grooming as a glorified bath and haircut for your dog, and they aren’t too concerned with having regular grooming.  But grooming is so much more than just about how your dog looks.  Matts, burs, skin irritations and untrimmed toenails are uncomfortable and hazardous to your dog’s comfort and health.  Regular grooming can prevent all sorts of other issues before they even start, and your dog will love you for it!

10 – Take training seriously.

While we’re talking about things, your dog will love you for, make sure you train them to at least the basic commands.  Come, sit, and stay are the basic commands that every dog needs to know.  These are the commands that ensure that your dog listens to you in new situations.  They keep them safe when they get out of the house unexpectedly and your call to “come” brings them back from the road.  Sit and stay prevent them from getting more anxious when there are new people around.  Basic training is about their security, but trick training can be an incredible way to keep them stimulated and happy.

So, there’s our list of the Best Resolutions for Pet Parents!

We’ll be doing our best to keep these resolutions for our beloved Dogs, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

In the meantime, we have another resolution here at Patch Puppy.

We resolve to bring you great new content every week!  Look for our emails and blog posts on healthy pets, training tips, toy reviews, entertaining videos and so much more!

What resolutions are you making for your pets this year?  Let us know how you do!


An avid dog lover and Puppy Momma to two adorable Miniature Schnauzers, Sandy is also a prolific writer. When she's not spending time with us here at PatchPyppy, she's with her husband, daughter, or step-sons. Writing under the name Sandy Dugan for most publications, she's also an author, artist, and entrepreneur.