Reader Story – Chloe rescues Deborah (It’s not what you think)

This reader story has a special storyteller.

I got a real kick out of reading this one.  As a writer and a dog-lover, I love the angle!!

Let me introduce Chloe, our Pawsome Fur-legged guest.  She wants to tell you how she found her Furever Mom.

I’m sure she asked her Mom to type for her, but it’s all her words.

Now, without delay, introducing Chloe and how she found Deborah.

Chloe says:

Let me tell you my true story where I rescued my furever mom!

My fur mom is Shih Tzu and my dad is Jack Russell who lived next door (you know the story). About 3 months after I was born, our owners took all of us to a rescue center and left us!

Then one day this lady came in to look for a puppy because she had just lost her fur baby and she was really sad .

When she saw me she started crying, it seems that I looked like her furbaby whose name was Chloe.

Now you know how I got my name! My birthday is September 2 and she had lost her first Chloe on Aug 2!

She was still crying when she signed my adoption papers and we’re not sure who adopted who but that was 5 years ago and I am in my furever home with my forever mom!

This story was provided to us by Deborah Gleissner, Chloe’s Mom.  

It’s such a touching story.  It’s heartbreaking when one of our Fur Babies passes.  But it can be so healing and fulfilling to rescue another pup.

The new pup never replaces the first, but the love expands to hold onto both pups.  

Congratulations Chloe and Deborah!

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