Reader Story — Jax, plus Holly Jo Jo & Piper make three!

I have another Reader’s Story for you today!

I love these.  They make my day special.

Whenever they pop up in my feed, I get excited!

So, PLEASE!!  Keep them coming!

Today, let me introduce you to Kim.  She tells us the story of how her Furry Family began with the gorgeous Plott Hound you see to the left.

But they didn’t stop there!

Her family grew to embrace two more dogs quickly!

Here’s her story about how her three Pups became family.

Kim wrote:

We adopted Jax November 2014. 

He’s a Plott Hound.  We haven’t had a large dog like him in a while and he just fit in. He seemed perfect for us.

My maiden name backward is “Plots.”

We adopted our two from a shelter in Hampshire County. Hubby is from NH.

Jax seemed lonely.  So, a month later — this adorable Puggle popped up on their site.

We were there early with Jax to see if they meshed.

Holly Jo Jo came to live with us right before Christmas.

Then we fell in love with the Boston’s my brother-in-law has and we got Piper at 10 weeks.

Here’s Holly Jo Jo and Piper.


I think my favorite part of the story is how they wanted a companion for Jax.

That’s how we got Lorelei!  Did I ever tell you the story?  I’ll have to make that a separate post soon.

In the meantime, please send us more stories!  I plan to publish them all!!

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