Reader Story – Ryder’s Cinderella Story!

Ryder Today!Today’s Reader Story has all the hallmarks of a Cinderella story!

Supposed Ugly Duckling overlooked by the masses turns Prom King.

Only, instead of a princess, this Prince found the Family that would love him furever.

Terry Janssens wrote in to tell us about how she rescued Ryder from potential death.

Listen to her pride as she tells the story.

Terry wrote:

So, Ryder lived with someone my son boarded with.

He was with another dog who the people had since a pup.

They never had enough food so they would always be fighting.

The people would go away and leave them with no food, so my son would call and I would send food to feed them.

The people decided to move out West and send Ryder to the pound.

The pound said that because he was an ugly black dog that is underweight, full of scars, and no fur from his ribs back that if not adopted he would only have 2 weeks then PTS (put to sleep).

He smelled that gross yeasty smell full of fleas and needed neuter. They said he wasRyder and his sibling stupid.

Well, I couldn’t let him go to be PTS.

I already had 5 dogs, but I could not let him go.

Enough good food/many medicated baths/flea control and finally healthy enough to be neutered.

Oct 9, 2017, was is Gotcha Day and now he is MY BOY!

I love this story.

So many people would have thought that Ryder was better off being euthanized.  But not Terry!!

Thank goodness for people like you, Terry! 

All it takes is proper care and love for any dog to shine as gloriously as your Ryder.

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