Story — Boo & Lorelei!

Have you been enjoying our Reader Stories?

I know I have.  I smile as each one comes across my desk and I hope they’re brightening your day, too.

And I hope you’re ready to share your story.

But today, it’s my turn.

I realized recently that I’ve never told you how Boo & Lorelei came into our lives.  It doesn’t seem fair that I ask for your stories without sharing mine.

So, today I thought I’d tell you the story of my Little Valentine’s.

In 2012, my parents’ dog, Heidi had a gorgeous litter of Miniature Schnauzer pups.

I’d wanted one of our pups for years, but I’d always lived in apartments that didn’t allow pets.  So, I’d never told my parents I wanted on.

But with this litter, my mother noticed my hesitation to hold the pups and I admitted that I wanted one badly. 

I thought that was the end of it.  The next day, my father called.

He knew that my (now) hubby and I were moving in together soon, so he gave us a gift.

He gave me my pick of the last two puppies available!

I’ll tell you… it was a tough choice!!!  Both of the puppies were adorable.  But my heart was won when I picked up Boo and he promptly fell asleep in my arms.

Hubby and I moved in together.  Boo settled in as the adored Ours in our Yours, Mine, and Ours Family.

But after a bit, we realized that Boo seemed lonely >>> so we decided to bring home a companion.

The timing of our search was perfect because a friend had just had a litter of Miniature Schnauzers.  And the Momma was a legacy of the first Miniature Schnauzer my parents ever brought home.

Our friend’s Pup had just two in this litter and she’d promised first pick to her mother, leaving one female puppy.

And we fell in LOVE with the Little Lady.

Now… how did Boo feel about his new sister?

Well >>> he wasn’t nearly as thrilled with her as we’d hoped.  But isn’t that just the way it turns out when an only child suddenly has a younger sibling??  LOL

They’ve become fast friends though.  And we’ve never looked back.

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An avid dog lover and Puppy Momma to two adorable Miniature Schnauzers, Sandy is also a prolific writer. When she's not spending time with us here at PatchPyppy, she's with her husband, daughter, or step-sons. Writing under the name Sandy Dugan for most publications, she's also an author, artist, and entrepreneur.