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9 Tips for Halloween Pet Safety

Dog wearing Dracula cape sitting on stone staircase

Halloween is all about the spooky and crazy!  Costumes, trick or treat, candy, and decorations are everywhere.  But as much fun as we have with Halloween, it can be a scary and dangerous time for your dog.

Here are our tips for keeping your dog safe and happy through this Halloween season! (and here are 5 inexpensive and easy homemade dog costume ideas)

1 – Keep Halloween treats out of reach.

Variety of Halloween treats - Cookies in shapes of ghost, pumpkin, skeleton, and witch hats scattered on wooden table with sprinkles.

Those chocolates and candies smell great to your dog too.  But chocolate, Xylitol, and nuts are terrible, even deadly for your precious pup.  If you want to include them in your Halloween festivities, buy them special doggy treats. Want a full list of what your dog can’t eat this halloween? Click here.

2 – Trick or Treaters might be scary.

3 kids trick or treaters with a pumpkin on a sunset background

Even Princesses and Captain America are scary to your dog.  If your dog gets nervous when people visit, costumed children might really upset them.  Be kind to your pups by making them comfortable in an enclosed room away from the front door.  Take turns with family members to sit with your Dog so she won’t be lonely while everyone else enjoys the holiday.

3 – Consider electric candles.

Burning candles dripping with wax on a table

If you use real candles when you decorate, be sure to keep your pet away.  Jack-O-Lanterns are usually low to the ground and smell very tempting to your dog.  Keep them up tall, and use battery operated flicker power. Dog friendly candles are electric candles.

4 – Decorations can look delicious.

close up of painted pumpkins in a flower bed

Dogs will chew on nearly anything new.  Be sure that your Halloween decorations are out of reach of Spot’s curious mouth.  Styrofoam and glitter can be choking hazards, but look too tempting for your pet to pass up!

5 – Glow sticks are dangerous!

A pile of colorful glow sticks on back background.

If you use glow in the dark jewelry or decoration, be sure that it stays out of reach.  The chemicals can be toxic to pets and small children.  Even those marked non-toxic are a hazard to sensitive skin.

6 – Keep pets indoors, and secure.

Poodle looking out of window

Don’t leave your pets out in the yard during Halloween festivities.  They could be upset about protecting their home from the ghosts and goblins walking by.  Pets left outdoors may even be targeted by mischief makers.  It’s much better to set them up safely in the home.

7 – Leash them if necessary.

Human legs and dog sitting with harness on

If you’re not able to secure your pet in a room away from the parade of trick or treaters, leash them and use baby gates to make them more secure.  That way you can still keep them separate from visitors and ensure no misunderstandings lead to biting, and your dog doesn’t get frightened into running away.

8 – Make sure your Dog carries ID.

Metallic blue dog ID tag

Sometimes, our pets outsmart our safety measures.  They can escape the safe area you set up and be confused by the hustle and bustle of costumed visitors ringing the doorbell.  Make sure that your dog is properly tagged or chipped and that your registrations are up to date.  That way if Fifi makes a break for it to escape the chaos, she has a better chance of making it home again.

9 – Double check costumes for choking hazards.

2 dogs dressed in Halloween costumes looking up at camera

You want your pet to be comfortable, so make sure all costumes fit properly.  Make sure that all buttons and zippers are out of chewing reach to prevent choking.  Try it on well in advance of the Big Day to make sure that it doesn’t restrict or bother your dog.

I hope you found these tips on how to keep your dog safe this Halloween.

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