Should We Add a New Puppy?

Should we add a new puppyToday, we have a reader question!  We’re becoming a bit of a “Dear Sandy” for doggie lovers!

And I love it!

Here is what Kathy wrote:

Hi there!

First I’d like to thank you for all your articles and tips. They are awesome!

I do have a question that might be more of an opinion.

We are a German Shorthaired family. We don’t hunt but love the breed. We understand the importance of exercise and stimulation so we make sure our dogs get lots of that despite not hunting.

We had a 14 yr old and a 9 yr old that has hip issues.

A few months ago our 14 yr old developed a cancerous tumor and we lost her a few weeks ago.

A few weeks before we said goodbye we introduced a 7-week old puppy into the family. We’ve had her a little over a month and she is a princess. We just love her. Our older girl Bailey passed peacefully and we hoped Cheyenne our 9 yr old would train Brandy the puppy.

Unfortunately, Chey is having a hard time with the puppy. They snuggle together when they sleep but during the day the puppy is too active for her and sometimes knocks her legs and I think scares her.

Bailey was our alpha and I believe puppy is moving into that spot which I don’t think is an issue. I believe it’s her activity level that is hard for Chey.

Because we are a tad bit crazy we were thinking of another puppy. We have a line on a one-week-old litter and were considering another female. Theoretically to play with the 3-month-old but also to prepare for the inevitable with our9-year-old. Two years ago her platelets dropped to 7000 and we were lucky to save her but the meds did compromise her system.

So are we crazy to even consider a second pup now? Brandy would be 5 months when the other one comes home. We are also considering another female.

I believe they pack but with the older being submissive and Brandy the new leader we were hoping it wouldn’t be bad to have another closer to her age.

Although it will be lots of work for us!

I’m also hoping another small puppy won’t be harmful to Brandy and all she’s learned so far. We don’t want to make her more aggressive with puppy play, etc….

Any thoughts you have are appreciated!Thanks for your help and the great articles!Kathy S.

Here’s what I told Kathy

Hi Kathy!

Thank you so much for writing. I’m glad you’re enjoying our posts!

I’m so sorry that you lost your beloved dog. I know how that cuts through those of us who love dogs so very much.

I wanted to give your question a bit of thought and research before replying. I’m sorry that Chey is struggling to cope with the Puppy’s energy levels, but I’m not surprised. My family has introduced a pup to a much older dog in the past and we saw the same concerns.

Over a couple months, the older dog adjusted to the younger pup’s energy levels and started playing more.

And the younger pup learned how to “chill out” a little to spend time with her buddy. I love that your dogs cuddle when they sleep! That took time to happen with ours.

I can’t decide if I agree that bringing in the second puppy is a good idea or not. On one hand, I think that will be a handful for your older dog to handle. Chey is already adjusting to one new addition on top of mourning her companion. On the other hand, I think it’s brilliant!! The two puppies will occupy each other more and give Chey more of a break. Plus, Chey might become even more active with the two youngers.

I wish I could be more helpful on this one. If I calculated correctly, your possible new addition will be old enough to come home in about three weeks.

While I’m still debating my answer, I didn’t want to wait any longer and miss your deadline.

My final thought is that I’d probably call the vet and see if they have any insight for you. They know Chey’s health and your younger pup. They’re probably your best resource for a more definite opinion.

Best of luck!!And we’d love to meet your furry family! Feel free to send in pictures.



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