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DIY Craft: Chalkboard Dog Bowl

I thought this DIY was adorable and EASY!! Anyone from beginner to pro can work a spray can of chalkboard paint.

If you’re not thrilled with the idea of spray paint, you can also buy a brush on version and nearly any hardware store!

These make cute accents in your house, plus you can give them as gifts to that friend who just added a new furry family member to their home!

You can find the original post on Modern Dog Magazine, but the instructions are right here!

DIY Craft: Chalkboard Dog Bowl



  1. Now let’s get started! Using the tape, cover all areas of the bowl you do not want to cover with the chalkboard paint. The only area left exposed should be that which you wish to spray paint. We tried three different designs—a banner, an oval, and the whole bottom of the bowl—all to great success.
  2. Now take the taped off bowl outside or into a well-ventilated workspace and spray the unmasked area with the spray paint. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape, and voilà—you’re ready to take your chalk and write your dog’s name or a statement on his cute new dish!
  3. Pro tip: make sure to firmly adhere the edges of the tape so that the spray paint cannot seep beneath! If you peel off the tape (once the paint has dried!) and find the edges of your painted area aren’t as crisp as you’d like, refine the line by using a dry paper towel wrapped over your fingernail to scrape away the part that’s not smooth.
  4. Cleaning the bowl: be sure not to use anything abrasive when cleaning the outside of the finished bowl. The chalkboard paint can be scraped away if you use a scouring pad.

What did I tell you? Easy, huh? And the possibilities are endless.

You can write your beloved Pup’s name one day. The next you can use her royal title of Princess Puppers! Well, at least that’s how we’d label Lorelei’s.

Boo’s my little Scaredy Boo… but he’s adorable!!

Tell us how your project turns out in the comments below.

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