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Every week, we bring new recipes to the site.

Food and treats are always better when they’re homemade!

So, if you like to pamper your pup with homemade food and treats you should start your search here.

The great thing about making treats at home is that you can control the quality of the ingredients.

You can be sure that the treat contains only the best.  And you can be certain that the treat does not contain any allergens your dog might need to avoid.  This is especially great for dogs with controlled diets due to sensitivities.

Of course, we choose recipes that we think our dogs would love.  In fact, we test a lot of these recipes ourselves.  Boo & Lorelei love playing Pup-tasters!

Others come from friends, family, and other teammates.   You’ll even find recipes submitted by our readers on site.

No matter where we find it, we know your Dog will LOVE it!

If you have a food or treat you’d like to see on our site, please share it with us!