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How Much Should A Beagle Eat A Day?

Beagle eating from a white food bowl while standing on hardwood floors

It is a difficult habit to break, not your dog’s chewing or barking. Those habits are easy to break in comparison to feeding your dog too much food. Every dog owner seems to have the same problem.

They want to make sure their pet is healthy and well-fed. The problem is many Beagle owners just do not know when to stop. The amount of food they should be eating depends on their age.

Puppies will eat more than adult dogs, 2 cups per day compared to 1 but that is not the problem. It is the in-between meal snacks your dog gets that causes the obesity problem. Control that and your dog should retain its youthful figure.

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What Should I Feed My Beagle?    

Overhead view of a bowl of dogfood sitting on hardwood floors

The very first answer will be nutritious dry and wet dog food. However, you cannot feed the latter too much as that is not good for your dog’s teeth. You want to use moist dog food as a treat, not as a consistent main course.

This is for all stages of your Beagle’s life. There is a lot of good dry dog food you should buy that is very nutritious and great for your pet. The trick is not to feed your dog too much at one time.

The problem you will face is that Beagles love to eat. They will eat just about anything even if it is not good for them or their stomachs. That means you need to be careful about which human food items you feed your pet.

You want to make sure you control their calorie intake so that you can keep your Beagle from getting too fat. While you want to get rid of table scraps, etc., it is best to control that urge for the same reason.

An obese dog will suffer from health issues just like humans will. So keep your feeding habits under control to keep your Beagle healthy and happier.

How Many Meals A Day Should a Beagle Have?  

Beagle puppy eating from a dog food bowl that a woman is holding on her lap

Both Beagle puppies and adults should only have 2 meals a day. The amount of food you serve each day should be divided between those two meals so you are not feeding them too much each time.

For puppies, since they are so active and have lots of energy, they will need two cups of food every day. 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Adult Beagles do not need as much food as their puppy counterparts.

Their daily meal should equal only 1 cup per day divided between the two meal times. The type of food they get should meet the following guidelines

1. Protein should only make up 30 to 40% of the food ingredients

2. Healthy fats should only make up 15 to 20% of the food ingredients

3. Carbs should only make up between 30 to 50% of the total ingredients

That way you know your pet is getting a nutritious meal every time you serve them breakfast and dinner. Watch those in-between meal snacks as well. While it is okay to give them treats and some of your favorite snack food, do so in moderation.

Home-cooked or store-bought food?

Wood and metal bowl filled with chunks of raw beef with a variety of veggies, eggs and bones scattered around on a wooden surface

This is the most important feeding decision you may have. The store-bought kind will have far too many options to choose from. Most are very healthy for your pet but they can also be very expensive to buy.

You also have to watch out for those dog food brands that are labeled ‘premium’. They are premium in name only and too many fillers have been added to feed a company’s bottom line.

If you are going this route, try to get the dog food brand that advertises no fillers. Those are just not healthy for your pet. If you choose to go the home-cooked meal route, then there are some things you need to know. The following table will help guide your food preparation:

 Food Portions per meal  Source
 Meat or fish 40% of the totalWhite Chicken Meat, liver, mackerel, tuna, kidney beans, etc.
 Vegetables 25% of the totalBaby carrots, beets, spinach, sweet peas, spinach, green beans, etc.
 Carbs 25%Oatmeal, plain rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, plain pasta, etc.
 Fruits 10%Raspberries, strawberries, bananas, mango, pear, etc.
 Extras Cottage cheese, plain yogurt, eggs.

 Table information is taken from this website-

Just make sure you pick those human food items that are healthy for your pet and not toxic to them. Mix all the food together but if your dog shows any allergies, have them checked out by a vet.

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Some final words

Beagle puppy wearing a red collar on a white background

Feeding your Beagle is easy, as long as you can control yourself after looking into those big brown eyes. Yes, it is fun to share your food with your dog but it is not always the right thing to do.

Make sure you know which types of food your Beagle can eat as all dogs are different.

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