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Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

Beagle on a couch in an apartment

This is a common question. Many potential dog owners live in apartments. They have permission to have a dog in their home and they need to make a decision on the breed they should buy. Beagles are often on that list of potential apartment pets.

The smaller Beagle size does make them a good apartment pet. Plus, they get along with just about everyone so having your Beagle around your neighbors should not be a big deal. Their friendliness is a big plus as well.

However, there is one drawback to having a Beagle when you live in an apartment. They are barkers and their bark is not a quiet one. You may have to add some soundproofing to your rooms to make sure your new Beagle does not disturb the neighbors.

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Are Beagles a good apartment dog? Some things to think about

Boy and beagle sitting in a window seat in an apartment

No matter which breed of dog you bring home, there are always going to be some things to consider. Here is a list of those things to help you make the right decision.

  • 1. Their Size Is Just Right– Because Beagles are smallish to medium size dogs, their size allows them to be comfortable in a variety of apartment sizes. Just make sure to give them plenty of exercise.
  • 2. Their Temperament- The Beagle has a mild-mannered temperament that makes them ideal for apartment living. They are not too aggressive and they are not easily annoyed or stressed.
  • 3. They Can Adapt Well- This is a plus for any dog breed. Some dog breeds need lots of space and living in an apartment is not healthy for them. But the Beagle can adjust no matter where they live.
  • 4. They Need Exercise- They are a high-energy pet and an apartment may not give them enough space to move about. You will need to take them outside for many walks to help them get rid of their built-up energy.
  • 5. They Can Get Lonely- Not only do they get separation anxiety but the Beagle is a pack dog. They like to have other people or pets around them to keep them company.
  • 6. They Will Make Noise- If they hear a siren or someone outside the door, they will let you know about it. Noise may be the deal breaker when it comes to having a Beagle in your apartment.
  • 7. The Breed Is Not Hypoallergenic- If you are a family member who is allergic to dog hairs, etc., this is not the dog to have in an apartment. The Beagle will shed and they will shed a lot. This means you have to do a lot of cleaning to keep your allergies from being triggered.
  • 8. Your Apartment Rules- Not all apartment managers are dog friendly and that means the apartment complex is not dog friendly. Or they may have age-related and potty training rules you need to follow. Check with your apartment manager to find out about their rules.
  • 9. It Is Not Good To Leave Your Dog Alone- Beagles can handle about 4 to 6 hours of separation and if you are going to be gone longer than that, this may not be a good mix for you.
  • 10. You Can Bond Better With Your Dog- Since it is little for your Beagle to do in the apartment, he or she will spend more time with you. The two of you can do more things together as there is no backyard for them to play in.
  • 11. Keeps You From Being Lonely- Being by yourself is never a good thing. Even small apartments can seem large when you are alone. Having a nice Beagle inside with you gives you a companion and makes sure you are never alone.
  • 12. Helps Your Mental Health- Beagles love to cuddle and they know how to love you right so you have the emotional support you need and want. Beagles are a very positive influence on you and your life.

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Some final words

Woman and Beagle sitting in the window seat of an apartment

The pros of having a Beagle in your apartment certainly outweigh the cons. Plus, it is always nice to have someone to talk to when your date cancels or fails to show up.

Beagles have the right temperament to live in an apartment. The big question will be, will your apartment manager allow dogs? That is something you have to talk over with your manager or read your lease.

All the dog rules should be spelled out in your lease. Check it carefully so that you do not violate the lease and end up without a home.

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