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Do Beagles Get Along with Cats?

Beagle and an orange and white cat laying on a brick step outdoors

Is your Beagle ready for a cat?

That is the first question you have to ask and answer. Not all Beagles like cats and they may hunt them due to their hunting instinct. The good news is that not all Beagles have a strong hunting sense.

They prefer to live and let live. What this means is that it is up to the individual Beagle if they will accept a cat or not. Since the Beagle is a pack animal, they may accept the cat as part of their pack.

But if you have more than one Beagle in your home, then the hunting instinct may really kick in and your Beagles may give your cat fits. Keep in mind that the cat has to be able to like the Beagle and live peacefully with him or her.

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How Do You Introduce a Cat to A Beagle?

Relaxed domestic cat at home, indoor

This is to be done very slowly. One thing you do not do is throw the cat into the same room as your Beagle and then leave. You need to make the introductions slowly and you should never leave the two alone together until they become friends.

The first step is to prepare a safe place for your cat. They may need a spot to escape to if the introductions do not go well. Plus, this preparation will keep your Beagle away from the litter box as well as your cat’s food and water.

The second step would be to gently introduce the Beagle and the cat to each other’s scent. This is done by trading bedding or by petting both without washing your hands.

The third step will be the initial contact. This should be done with your cat in his or her safe place and a gate between the two of them. Don’t force anything, let them scope each other out for a while so they can get used to each other.

If all goes well, with this initial contact, then you can let them be closer together. Just be watchful during this and the previous step as you may have to separate them quickly to get them to calm down.

This is all done over a period of a few days. It is not done in an hour or two so be patient and let the dog and the cat work it out between them.

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How Do Beagles React to Cats?

Black cat and a beagle laying on a bed

This will depend on the individual Beagle. There is no universal reaction that will take place. Some Beagles will see that the cat is smaller and will decide to hunt it. Others may see it as a friend and decide they can live with this strange animal.

This co-existence is not on the Beagle alone. You still have to pick the right cat before you bring it home. If the cat is going to act like scared prey, then most likely the Beagle will let his or her hunting instincts take over.

Then if you are bringing a new kitten home, you may want to bring some of your dog’s things with you. When you see the cat, let them sniff it out and watch how it reacts. If it hisses, growls, or reacts in a scared fashion, then this is not the cat you want to bring home.

If the cat acts nonchalant towards the scent or ignores it completely, then that would be the better animal to bring home. If you want a good Beagle reaction, it may be best to introduce the two when they are puppy and kitten.

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Would A Beagle Hurt a Cat?

Woman holding a white cat on a yellow couch with a beagle on the couch sniffing the cat

Yes, it could hurt a cat. This situation all depends on how the Beagle responds to having a cat around the house. If the hunting instincts take over, then most definitely the Beagle would hurt the cat.

On the other hand, the Beagle might just get a little too playful and accidentally hurt the cat. These accidents may and will happen when the two play together or try to do something at the same time and there is no room for both.

This situation will all depend on how your Beagle responds to having a cat in the house. You would have to know your Beagle well enough before introducing the cat.

Some final words

Beagle puppy laying next to a grey cat

There have been many great partnerships between cat and dog, dog and kitten, puppy and kitten, and so on. If you like cats then it is worth the effort to have both pets around the house.

Just make sure you know your cat or Beagle well before bringing in a kitten or a puppy. Then take the introductions slowly so the two can see that the other is not a threat to them. After a while, you will wonder why you were afraid to introduce them to each other because they get along so well.

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