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Are Beagles Good Dogs?

Beagle sitting with a senior woman

Their reputation for being great pets does not do this dog breed justice. They are good dogs for the most part. They are easy to groom, friendly, good size as well as can handle living with other pets.

What is not to like about them? Well, Beagles do have a negative side but fortunately, those negative qualities do not overshadow their positive points. You certainly can do a lot worse than owning a Beagle as a pet.

It is hard to do better as this dog breed is a good match with its human family. That is what you want after all. A dog that fits your family like a glove.

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What Advantages Do Beagles Have

Beagle sitting in tall wildflowers

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This dog breed does have some advantages over other dog breeds. These advantages certainly outweigh any of the negative things you have heard about Beagles. Here are some of those advantages:

  • 1. They Are The Right Size- It is called the Goldilocks syndrome. Beagles are not too small nor are they too large. Their size is just right for any living situation.
  • 2. They Are A Friendly Dog Breed- That is what counts as you don’t normally want a dog that will growl or bite at the slightest provocation. The Beagle is very friendly to kids and other people you have in your home.
  • 3. A Very Affectionate Dog- That is another advantage the Beagle has. They love being affectionate and showing their love to their family. They are safe to leave with your kids as this dog breed is an easygoing type of dog breed.
  • 4. They Are Intelligent Dogs- They can pick up many commands very quickly. Training, under the right conditions, should be easier because of their intelligence.
  • 5. This Dog Breed Does Not Eat A Lot- You may only have to give them 1 cup of food per day and they should be good. This does not include any hidden snacks or treats that you feed your Beagle throughout the day. But be careful, this dog breed loves to eat.
  • 6. They Love To Run- This dog breed was bred to be a hunter and part of hunting is running and getting plenty of exercise. The Beagle loves to be outdoors and enjoys its exercise period. They also have high energy levels.

Honorable mention

The Beagle is a low-maintenance pet. You do not need to groom them that often or even give them frequent baths. Plus, they can be a very healthy dog breed under the right conditions.

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What Problems Do Beagles Have

Close up of a beagle laying on a white rug

No dog breed is without problems. The Beagle is no exception and they do have some personality or other quirks that may make you think twice about buying one. Here are some of the problems the Beagle brings with it:

  • 1. They Need A Fenced Yard- Beagles are explorers and they are curious. They will find a way to get out of your yard to hunt down those scents they smell. However, sometimes a fenced yard is not enough to hold them when they set their minds to explore.
  • 2. They Are Diggers- Since they were bred to hunt foxes, they have an innate ability to dig. They love to dig and soon your yard may be full of gopher holes created by your beloved Beagle.
  • 3. They Are Independent- This includes having a stubborn streak as well as a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude. This characteristic makes it hard on some pet owners to train their Beagles.
  • 4. They Love To Bark- This is great if you live on a farm or out in the woods. But it is not so great when you live in an apartment or have close neighbors. Their bark can be quite loud as well.
  • 5. They Need A Lot Of Exercise- If you like exercising outdoors, then this should not be a problem. But Beagles love to be outside and that may be more than you want to do. They can get fat if they do not get that exercise.
  • 6. Health Problems- While generally an overall healthy dog breed, individual Beagles can contract all sorts of ailments including- itchy skin conditions, ear infections, many different eye diseases, joint problems, hypothyroidism, diabetes, epilepsy, and heart disease.

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Honorable mention

Shedding- beagles can shed a lot for a short-haired dog. Just make sure you can handle all the loose hair you see lying around the house before making your buying decision.

Some final words

Portrait of a beagle on a grey background.

Beagles are great dogs and they make wonderful, loyal pets. The key is to be able to handle and endure the negative aspects of this dog breed. While the Beagle does have its flaws, they are not as bad as other dog breeds.

Plus, their good points outweigh those bad ones. This dog breed is a great companion and nothing bad tops that.

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