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How Big Do Beagles Get?

Portrait of a Beagle standing outdoors in autumn leaves

Don’t let anyone kid you about size. The size of your home or apartment will dictate the size of your dog. Some dog breeds are not meant to live in small places and others are too small for large yards, etc.

That is one of the good things about the Beagle, their size is just right for both small and large homes. That is because there are two variations of Beagles. There is the 13 inches and under group and the 13 to 15-inch size.

You can pick the Beagle size to match your living arrangement. Having that flexibility makes it more attractive to own a Beagle than a dog breed that comes in just one size.

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How Much Should a Beagle Weigh?

Beagle puppy on an antique scale

As you can expect, with two variations there will be two weight classifications. What is the normal weight for the shorter beagle that would be underweight for the taller variation.

Beagles that measure 13 inches or less should weigh a maximum of 20 pounds when they are adults. The 13 to 15-inch Beagle should weigh between 20 and 30 pounds as adults.

The problem with owning a Beagle is that they love to eat. They will eat almost anything in sight. With that known fact, it is easy to understand that Beagles are prone to become obese.

With this obesity trend, they can contract health issues they could easily avoid if they maintained their regular weight. Of course, the female of both variations will be lighter than the males.

The 13-inch female will weigh between 19 and 22 pounds. The 13-inch and less female will weigh under 20 pounds. How you feed your Beagle will determine how large they get. It is essential to watch those in between meal snacks.

It is easy to give them a treat or two plus a taste of what you are eating throughout the day. But that extra food will help your dog get fat especially if they are not getting enough exercise.

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Is a Beagle a Small or Medium Dog?

Beagle puppy standing in front of a bedroom mirror

It would be safe to say that the Beagle is near the small side of the medium dog category. They only grow to about 15 inches at best and weigh under 30 pounds so they would be the smaller of the medium-sized dogs.

The smaller version of this dog breed is often called a pocket Beagle while the larger version is called the Standard Beagle. The pocket-sized version may almost qualify for being a small dog breed. They were initially bred to be carried in pockets.

The Standard Beagle was bred larger so that it could keep up with the fox-hunting horses. Whatever size you get, be forewarned that both versions are high-energy dogs. You will need to be prepared to exercise them on a daily basis and not just for a 15-minute walk each day.

Both Beagle versions are affectionate, loyal dogs that are very friendly.

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How to Help Your Beagle Diet

Overweight Beagle walking outdoors

One of the biggest problems Beagles have is their weight. They love to eat and this dog breed is prone to obesity. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help your Beagle get back into shape. Here are a few tips to guide you:

1. Increase Their Exercise Time- One of the best ways to help your Beagle lose its weight is to exercise them more. This may be more effective than just removing calories from their diet. Besides, the Beagle loves to run so this is not a hard thing for them.

2. Change Your Beagle’s Diet- Since Beagles love to eat, they can gain weight easily. Especially when they are not eating the right foods. Cut down or cut out those in-between meal snacks, change to a more nutritious dog food, and possibly cut down on the amount of food he or she eats each day.

3. Make Sure They Get Enough Water- Make sure the water is kept nice and fresh as well as cool. Put some ice cubes in it to keep your dog away from the toilet water. Sometimes moist dog food helps them get all the water they need.

4. Raw Food- You can try a raw food diet as well. Some owners have reported success with this change in their meal menu. Play it by ear and see what raw foods your dog likes to eat first.

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Some Final Words

Beagle outdoors in grass with a person standing behind them.

Beagles are a medium size dog that borders on being a small pet. This size makes them ideal for almost all living situations. Don’t be alarmed if your Beagle stops growing at 12 inches. That is normal for the Pocket Beagle.

Just make sure you do not overfeed your dog. If you do, then you will see that the beagle can get a lot larger.

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