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What Do Beagles Look Like?

Portrait of an adult Beagle outdoors standing in grass

Every dog looks pretty when they are a puppy. No matter the dog breed, all dogs look cute as little babies. But something happens as they grow older and some dog breeds just look weird. But not the beagle.

This dog breed has a very regal look to it that stays with it throughout its lifetime. One of the reasons they look so good is that their coats can comprise a few color combinations.

Not every dog breed has the ability to pull that look off but the Beagle can. Their uniqueness contributes to their popularity. With 10 color combinations available, your Beagle can be very unique.

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The Beagle color combinations

Adult Beagle laying on a couch

1. Black, Tan & White- This is the traditional color combination everyone is familiar with. The tan comes in later after birth so you may only see a black and white dog for the first few months.

Then the black color is usually on the body of your Beagle but it can appear elsewhere as well.

2. Black & Tan- This color combination provides your Beagle with a very subdued but unique look. They won’t stand out in a crowd but they are pure Beagle.

The black color is the dominant one and the AKC recognizes this and all 10 color combinations mentioned in this list.

3. Chocolate Tri-Color Beagle- A variation of the black, tan, and white dog with the chocolate brown taking over for the black color. Besides the dark brown coloring, what makes this Beagle version unique are its light-colored eyes and nose.

Sometimes you have to wait a few months or a year to find out if you have a chocolate brown tri-colored Beagle or not.

4. Blue Tri-Color Beagle- Again the black color is missing from this version of the Beagle. The normal colors for this Beagle’s coat are blue, tan, and white. Typically, the black coloring just fades and is replaced by a silver or bluish tint.

This beagle version will have a bluish-colored nose and lighter eyes as well. It may suffer from color dilution alopecia but it is a rare disease for this dog.

5. Tan and White Beagle- Again, the black color goes missing as the dominant colors for this dog are tan and white. Nothing is wrong with this color of the dog and on occasions, you may see some black on the tips of their fur.

Other than that, they are a regular Beagle with all the same characteristics and qualities other Beagles have.

6. Lemon and White Beagles- This option is a bi-colored dog and the lemon is not really going to be a yellow color. Instead, it is going to be a very faint tan that often looks yellow.

The white portions can be several different shades of white but not all at the same time on the same dog.

7. Black Tan & Bluetick Beagle- This is a very unique Beagle color scheme but one that is not as popular as some of the other color combinations. In this case, it is the white that is missing replaced by this bluish coloring called ticks or freckles.

The bluish tick color should not appear prior to 3 weeks and in some cases, it may take a lot longer for that bluish tint to reveal itself. Be careful of those breeders who try to sell you a Bluetick Beagle when the Bluetick is not there.

8. Black, Red, And White- Another unique color that is also recognized by the AKC. This time you will be missing the brown portion of the standard Beagle. This color combination is said to be a standard color.

That means you should see this color fairly often. It should not be rare but may not appear as often as the standard Black, tan, and white Beagle.

9. Red & White Beagle- The Red replaces both the black and the tan colors on the popular Beagle’s body. If you get this color of Beagle do not worry. It is another standard color for this dog breed.

The beagle is blessed with multiple coats so you can have a unique dog. Nothing changes because the color of their fur changes.

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Some final words

Portrait of the head and shoulders of a Beagle outdoors

Beagles have coats of many colors. That is what helps them stand out and be spotted by humans. There are many dog breeds that have similar qualities to the Beagle but they won’t have the color variation.

There are quite a few more color combinations for this dog breed but they may or may not be recognized by the AKC. Also, be careful as some breeders will try to trick potential customers.

They will claim their Beagle puppies are the infamous and rare Merle Beagle. However, there is no such thing as a Merle Beagle. The Bluetick comes closest to the Merle look.

But if the Beagle is crossbred with another dog breed, then you will get that Merle-colored coat.

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