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Help! My Dog Ate a Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake on a wooden table with a sprig of mint

Don’t panic nor should you over-react. When you read the many websites that talk about this topic, their message comes across as the opposite of those two important steps. This is a serious matter but you will not help your dog when you panic or over-react.

Even with a cupcake, you still have to determine what kind of chocolate was used in making it. Plus, you still have to wait 6 hours to see if your pet is going to have any ill effects.

If your dog does start to bloat, vomit, or exhibit another early sign of toxic poisoning then either call your vet or contact this helpline- Since most cupcakes are made from cocoa or baker’s chocolate, this behavior is very serious.

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Will One Chocolate Cupcake Hurt a Dog?

This depends on the type of chocolate the cupcake was made from or included in the decorative recipe. If it was white chocolate for both elements, then no, you do not have to worry.

The reason you do not have to worry is that your dog would have to eat over 100 pounds of white chocolate (depending on its weight) to be poisoned. Cocoa, dark, and baker’s chocolate are the worst and your dog will feel something bad when they do eat just one.

The key is not to get over-excited, or panic as those attitudes can cause an over-reaction and you won’t be thinking clearly. You have about 6 hours before the symptoms show up and that is enough time to figure out what type of and how much chocolate your dog ate.

If your dog does not vomit, that is either a good sign or you may need to induce vomiting. In those 6 hours, you can call your vet or that helpline linked above and get good advice from them.

The Steps To Follow When Your Dog Ate A Chocolate Cupcake

Overhead view of a dozen chocolate cupcakes

Observe Your Dog

It can take between 6 to 12 hours before your dog shows any symptoms. If they are breathing heavily, vomiting, or have an upset stomach, then you should take your dog to the vet.

These are the early warning symptoms and if you delay, you may experience those advanced symptoms which are not good for your dog to experience.

Cleanup The Chocolate Cupcakes

The last thing you will want your pet to do is to eat more chocolate. Clean up any crumbs and put the rest of the cupcake batch out of reach of your pet. You do not need to throw those cupcakes out, especially if your dog did not touch any of them, as your family would like some as well.

When you are throwing chocolate cupcakes or any item made with chocolate away, make sure you seal up those food items. The odor could have your dog do some dumpster diving to get at that delicious snack.

Make sure to throw those snack items into a secure trash bin, one your dog can’t open.

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Take Notes

person taking notes on a notepad using a ballpoint pen

While you are observing and cleaning take some notes that will help the vet know how much chocolate your dog ate. Besides preserving the recipe and the number of chocolate cupcakes you made, here are some good questions to answer:

  1. How much chocolate does that cupcake have?
  2. How many chocolate cupcakes did your dog eat?
  3. What kind of chocolate does the cupcake have?
  4. Does the cupcake contain other toxic ingredients aside from chocolate?

Your vet will appreciate all of this information as it will help them make a good diagnosis.

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How To Keep Your Dog From Eating Chocolate Cupcakes

poodle mix overlooking a cupcake pan full of cake batter

The first plan of action is not the best. You could stop making them altogether but you may have to fight resistance from your family. Just because these cupcakes are not good for your pet does not mean you are your family cannot enjoy them.

There are two main ways to keep your dog from eating these potentially harmful snacks. One, teach your family not to feed your dog any chocolate. Not just cupcakes but any chocolate item.

Two, simply be careful and make sure the cupcakes are out of your dog’s reach. Some dogs are very tricky & sneaky and have learned how to climb. Don’t keep them on the counter.

Put them in a container that doesn’t let their fragrance escape and either put them in the fridge or in a cabinet with a door on it.

Some Final Words

Overhead view of a chocolate cupcake with blue sprinkles isolated on a white background

Getting your dog the right care once you realize he or she has eaten a chocolate cupcake is essential. The symptoms your dog will suffer from are severe and serious.

When you are sure, they are suffering from chocolate poisoning, take your dog to the vet or call the Getting the right help quickly will spare your pet from more serious issues related to chocolate poisoning.

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