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Can a Frenchie Eat Watermelon? 

Brown French Bulldog eating a slice of watermelon

You want your Frenchie to be healthy. One way to help keep your pet nice and healthy is to feed them specific human food. However, not all human food is good for dogs, including French Bulldogs. That is because this dog breed can have very sensitive stomachs.

If you do not overdo it, you can feed your Frenchie watermelon. It has been said that they love this fruit so feel free to share some of this fruit with your pet.

The key to doing this is to make sure you do not feed any seeds to him or her. Those seeds can be hard and not good for the Frenchie’s teeth when bitten on.

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How much watermelon can a Frenchie eat?

One of the good things about watermelon is that it is 92% water. This means that when you feed your Frenchie this delicious fruit, you are helping keep them nice and hydrated.

To judge how much you can feed your pet, you need to watch the calorie count. This small dog only needs about 25 to 30 calories per pound per day so you do not want to give him or her so much that they go over that limit.

With 30 calories in 100 grams of watermelon, it is best to not give them more than 150 calories of watermelon per day. A safe amount would be about 200 to 250 grams or 75 calories per day.

However, this fruit should be given as a treat and not as a main food item. You will want to do it every few days at most. Fruits and vegetables are only supposed to make up about 20% of your dog’s daily food intake.

Keep this fruit as a treat so your dog does not get tired of it or that he or she will not get too much.

Can watermelon be toxic to dogs?

Close up of slices of watermelon

No, but it may be fattening to him or her. You should watch how much watermelon you feed your Frenchie. Not because they may get toxic poisoning but because they may gain too much weight.

The seeds and the rind are not toxic to Frenchies either. But you do not want them eating those two watermelon parts either. The seeds may hurt their teeth and the rind can be tough on those teeth as well as give your French Bulldog stomach problems.

It is best to take the seeds out and cut the watermelon from the rind before serving it to your little pet. Also, watch out for those white seeds. They contain a lot of lycopene which is not good for your pet in large doses.

What you have to watch out for is that French Bulldogs tend to swallow their food without chewing. This is because it is hard for them to chew with that flat face. Make sure the pieces are small enough so your dog can eat watermelon safely.

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How to serve the watermelon to your pet

man holding black French Bulldog while it eats watermelon

When it comes time to share your watermelon with your best friend, there is a procedure to follow that will make it easier and simpler for you. Those steps are:

Wash The Fruit First

You want to make sure all the pesticides, etc., are off the outer skin. This way there will be no accidental contamination of the fruit.

Cut the fruit into bite-size pieces

Frenchies have a hard enough time biting and chewing, and keeping those pieces small makes it easier for them to enjoy and eat.

Make sure to remove the rind & seeds

Don’t leave either on the fruit. While not toxic, these items can be hard on your dog’s teeth as well as their stomach.

Remove the white seeds as well

Just to be on the safe side of things. Just provide your dog with pure watermelon so you know they are getting nothing hazardous in their mouths.

Everything in moderation

Do not feed your dog too much as watermelon is still full of sugar and that ingredient can help your pet become too fat.

If your dog is diabetic, then watermelon should be off its menu. The sugar inside of this fruit is not good for a diabetic dog. It would be best to find an alternative snack for your pet

Some final words

Close up of a French Bulldog eating a slice of watermelon

Feeding your dog some good fruit pieces like watermelon helps keep them interested in their daily menu. Watermelon is good on a hot day as it will hydrate your Frenchie and help them cope with the heat better.

The key is to feed your dog nothing but the fruit and do not overfeed this fruit to your pet. Keep everything in moderation and you should be fine. Also, keep the rind and the seeds away to protect your little dog.

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