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How Much Does a Frenchie Cost?

White and black French Bulldog standing on asphalt

No matter how much you do not like it, one of the most influential factors in anything, including buying a puppy, is the price. This is probably the one factor just about everyone looks at before they commit to buy

Dog breeds come in all sizes and prices and the Frenchie is no exception. If you want to own one of these dogs, expect to pay between $1500 and $8500. Yes, you read that right.

The Frenchie is one of the most expensive dogs you can buy. They are not for everyone at these prices.

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What is a Frenchie?

For those not up on most modern terms or even slang labels for dog breeds, the term Frenchie can be confusing. After all, the Poodle was once called a French Poodle and there may be some people who think of that dog breed over this one.

In this case, the term Frenchie has evolved to refer to the French Bulldog. How they got the name French Bulldog is a mystery for another day. This dog breed originated in England and was bred from the English Bulldog.

This dog breed is smaller than the English Bulldog and has a unique personality that makes them attractive to many pet owners. Because of their breeding, they are part of the family of brachycephalic breeds.

Their health care costs run in the neighborhood of $500 per year or less, depending on the type of health care needed.

How much are Frenchie dogs?

Close up of a stack of 100 dollar bills

There seem to be several different types of French Bulldogs. They are not separate breeds but separate due to physical characteristics. Unfortunately, each type comes with its own price tag with only some overlap between each type.

When you view the following table, keep in mind that a championship Frenchie will cost almost double the types in the table.

Frenchie Type Price Tag Characteristic
Blue Sable $2000 to $3100 Said to be very friendly
Pied Frenchie  4000 to  7500 Clings to its owners
Cream Frenchie  1800 to  4500Playful pet and very alert
Fawn Frenchie  3000 to  6000 Calm & cuddly
Blue-Gray  1450 to  5500 Loves attention
Multicolored Frenchie  2000 to  3000Also calm & cuddly
Lilac Frenchie  1900 to  2500 Affectionate
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If you can’t afford a new Frenchie, there is an economical way to bring one home with you. You can find them at different pet shelters and their cost will be between $50 and $200 or a little bit more.

Of course, if you do a rescue, then the Frenchie will be free. Sometimes the cost of adoption will hit $500 but those costs will include spaying or neutering and other shots.

How much are Frenchie puppies?

Woman holding a French Bulldog puppy

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Some of those prices above will be the same for puppies. But as you already know, the overall price depends on where you buy your new Frenchie. If you are getting the dog from someone whose female had puppies, then the price may be in the $1000 range.

Those prices are just an estimate as owners are desperate in many cases to find a home quickly for these new additions. If you go to a reputable dealer, you can expect to pay between $1500 to $3500.

But if the puppy comes from a long line of champions then expect to pay double or more. These puppies range in price between $5000 and $10,000. But you have to be careful when you deal with breeders.

There are many unethical ones out there who do not care about the health of the dogs they sell. Vet your choice of breeder well to make sure they are reputable, honest, and ethical.

The puppy price breakdown. This table shows different Frenchie Breeds:

Frenchie breed CostCharacteristic
Frenchton $2000 to $2500 Loves to cuddle and has lots of energy
Merle French Bulldog  2800 to  3100 A friendly dog breed
Blue Eyes Frenchie  2800 to  3000Loves to play
Ayana French Bulldog  10,000 to 12,500Can be aggressive
Charlie French Bulldog  1250 to  1350Good with kids
AKC MAC “     “  2900 to  4000 Quiet and loves to cuddle
Duke French Bulldog  1950 to   2600 Makes for a good pet
** information for tables came from-

The cost of rescuing a Frenchie

Close up portrait of a brown French Bulldog

There will be times when you may find an abandoned dog or one living in squalor. In those cases, you may not pay anything except the vet’s bill for an examination.

Generally, you will not be rescuing a puppy but a much older dog. These are great pets as they may have had some obedience and house training already. The same may hold true if you go to a local shelter.

At the shelter, you can expect to pay upwards of $200 to adopt. In comparison, this is a very good deal.

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Some final words

White French Bulldog with black spots in a cardboard box

While this dog breed is expensive, they do make great pets. Their size makes them ideal when you have smaller living quarters than most people. The only drawback will be their health needs.

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