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Does Soaking Dog Nails Make Them Easier to Cut?

Small tan dog in a bubble bath

Not everyone likes to do this.

One of the toughest tasks in dog ownership is trimming those beloved pet’s nails. It is not fun and your dog can make it difficult for you as they are skittish about this procedure.

But it is a job that needs to be done if you want your pet to be healthy all the time. Letting those nails grow is not healthy and can cause your dog some walking and foot problems.

One way to make this task a little easier is to soak those nails in water for about 10 minutes prior to cutting them. This will make them softer and ease the stress on your pet.

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Is it Better to Clip a Dog’s Nails Wet or Dry?

This is a very good question as many people only know about trimming nails when they are dry. Very few people talk about cutting your dog’s nails when they are wet even though this is a very good option.

The trick is to give your dog a bath first. Make sure those nails have soaked in the bath water for at least 10 minutes. This soaking will soften the nail and your dog should not feel as much pain or sensation when you cut those nails.

This technique may make the experience better for the both of you. The key, as always, is to identify where the quick is located and then avoid cutting too close to it. This is difficult when your pet has dark-colored nails.

Cutting the nails when they are dry is okay, and it seems to be the standard way to cut those nails. But it is not always enjoyable for your pet. Try soaking them for a bit and see if you get a better response from your dog.

How to Make Nail Trimming Easier

Close up of a person trimming dog nails

This is a step everyone talks about. One of the ways to make this experience more enjoyable for the both of you is to take some time. That time is to be spent getting your dog used to the nail-trimming tool you have selected to use.

You do not want to go in the cold as the first-time exposure to those tools can frighten your pet and make them fight or run away. The process to do this is:

1. Let Your Dog See And Smell Them Without Them Running- This may take several days before they get used to seeing those items. This applies to motorized clippers.

2. Turn The Clippers On- This is to let your pet get used to the sound and for them to decide that the sound is not harmful to them.

3. Once your dog is used to the clippers, nail file, or cutters, then go ahead and cut those nails.

It All Starts with the Right Tools

Dog nail clippers isolated on a white background.

There are a lot of tools on the market a pet owner can use to trim those nails. Actually, they are a variation of about 3 or 4 tools but what is important here is that you buy the right clippers or cutters, etc.

When it comes to these types of tools, going cheap is not a good idea. The tools are inferior and may not be sharp enough to handle the tough nails. This is an area where you do have to buy top-quality clippers, etc., at top-quality prices.

Making sure your pet’s nail trimmers are very sharp, helps the process go smoothly and without harm to your pet. Before you buy, take some time to look at all the options.

Not all clippers, cutters, nail files, etc., are made from very strong materials. You do not want them falling apart after the first couple of trimming sessions. This is not a case where any clipper or cutter will do.

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Provide Some Rewards

2 dog bone shaped dog treats isolated on a white background.

To help your pet enjoy and look forward to nail trimming time, make sure to provide some rewards. This starts back at the beginning when you introduce those clippers, cutters, etc., to your dog.

By giving your pet the right amount of rewards during this process your pet will be happy to let you trim their nails. Just be careful that you do not overfeed your pet. You do not want them to gain too much weight.

Some Final Words

Long haired Jack Russell Terrier wrapped in a grey towel.

It is okay to soak your dog’s nails before trimming them. It does not hurt the dog and it may be a great way to get them used to have them done. The nails are softer and easier to cut and your dog should feel less pain because of this technique.

Try it out sometime to see if your dog prefers this method over the traditional one.

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