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Can a Frenchie Eat Mango?

Sliced mango till attached to its skin

It is up to the individual dog. While there can be a generic answer to this question, ultimately, it is up to your specific Frenchie if they will eat mango or not. Each dog is different and their personal tastes will not be exactly the same as other French Bulldogs

Generally, French Bulldogs do eat mango. This fruit provides them with a lot of nutrition their small bodies need. Plus, it tastes good to those individual dogs that eat this fruit.

With the ability to lower cholesterol, it may be a good idea to let your dog have some mango from time to time.

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Can Frenchies eat frozen mango?

This should not be a problem as long as the fruit is cut into small pieces for them. This fruit is safe for your little Frenchie but do not feed them mangoes all the time.

Not only will you want to give your pet a variety of food items as a treat, but you also do not want to overfeed them either. Keep everything in moderation. Feeding your pet too much mango may cause them some digestive problems.

There is a lot of fiber inside this fruit so you want to make sure you balance this treat out with other dog treats so your dog gets the best of mango and not the worst.

Can my Frenchie eat dried mango?

Overhead view of a bowl of dried mango

As long as you remove the pit and the skin before drying this fruit, then dried mango should be okay. Plus, you should keep those pieces you feed him or her small. That way they can chew the fruit easier and not have digestive issues.

The nutritional benefit your dog gets from eating mangoes includes the following items– vitamins A, B6, C, as well as E. They are also high in fiber, beta-carotene, antioxidants, as well as potassium. Mangoes can lower cholesterol, boost immunity, enhance eyesight, reduce inflammation, as well as enhance gut health.

In other words, this fruit is a very good source of nutrients that help your dog battle diseases and stay healthy every day.

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The dangers of feeding your French Bulldog mangoes

4 whole mangos isolated on a white background

Frenchies already have a hard time chewing their food. Their flat faces make that task a little more difficult for them than regular-faced dogs. You want to make sure that your dog can chew the fruit well before swallowing it.

While Frenchies can eat the skin, it is not a good idea to feed them any. The skin is harder for them to chew and harder for the little dog to digest. It can lead to some digestive issues. It is just best to remove the skin and save yourself and your dog some problems.

Then, the seeds or pit in mangoes can be a choking hazard. They are hard to chew and your dog may try to swallow them without chewing. It is best to keep seeds from your dog.

Don’t forget that there is a lot of sugar in mangoes. If your dog is diabetic then you do not want to feed him or her anything that can bring them severe harm. This is not to mention the kidney problems your dog may have will be made worse by the phosphorus and starches inside the mango.

How many mangoes can you feed your Frenchie?

Close up of a pile of whole mang

Mangoes are said to be higher in sugars and calories than other fruits. This means you do not want to give your dog more than a few slices each time you serve them. In fact, keep this treat to only a few slices to be on the safe side of things.

This is not an everyday serving. This is more of a once in a while serving as a nice treat for your Frenchie. This dog breed has a tendency to gain a lot of weight and you do not want to add to that problem.

If by chance your dog does eat a seed, it may go through his or her system without causing any trouble. But if you see your dog acting a bit strange or not eating that well, contact your vet.

The seed may have caused a clog somewhere. You just have to be careful when serving any fruit, not just mangoes.

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Some final words

Brown and white French Bulldog sitting in grass

It is a nice thought to feed your dog some delicious mango. But like it is with all other fruit your dog likes to eat, you just have to be careful. This is not an everyday snack for them but a delicious reward once in a while.

The reason behind that thought is because of the risks that are involved when feeding your pet too much of a good thing. Just be careful and keep the fruit to just a few small slices and you should be fine.

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