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Easy Sew Dog Tie Pattern

Head shot of pug on black background

I’ve got to tell you, I’m a true crafter at heart and I really love making super cute things for my dog. And I especially love when I find easy items I can create myself for him.

So when I found this particular easy sew necktie for dogs, it got my attention. I figured if I can do it I could share it with my readers too.

Your Pup will steal the show with these cute dog ties. What’s more, they won’t cost a lot to make. Just a little bit of your time and skills.

DIY Dog Bling

This is so easy to make that after you’ve done it once you will want to create more in different fabrics and change them out for any occasion or season. After all a dog necktie can add that extra touch and is essentially bling for your pup.

This is such an easy way to make cool projects for your dogs.

The other thing that I really like about this project is that because it attaches to your dog’s collar – it really isn’t clothes.

Some dogs HATE clothes, and some owners aren’t too fond of clothing for pups either. But this isn’t technically clothing, however, if you or your dog really LIKES clothes check out these tie dye shirts for dogs!

This necktie can give them a dressed up look without actually being clothes or restricting their movements or making them too warm if it’s a hot day out.

It’s so simple to use. You just thread your dog’s collar through this necktie and you have something really special for your dog to wear!

How to Make a Dog Tie for Your Pooch

OK. Let’s get started! Making a tie for your dog is relatively simple and easy to do. It requires very little fabric and goes together super quickly.

Just follow the step by step directions below.

By the way, this is a printable dog tie pattern so if you need it beside you when you’re sewing and don’t have the option for a computer or phone next to you that would be a great way to use it.

If you prefer not to sew, you can always use stitch witchery (paid link) which is an iron-on replacement for sewing. I’ve used it for many projects in the past and it holds up super well.


  • One 14’” x 3” piece of fabric with pointed ends for the long tie piece. Iron on interfacing for extra support on the long tie piece.
  • One 4” x 3” piece for your dog’s collar to slide through.
  • One 3” x 2.5” piece for the little portion that is wrapped around the long tie.
Illustration of measurements for dog tie


  1. Take your 3” x 2.5” piece and place the ends right side together.  Sew with a 1/4” seam allowance.
  2. Turn right side out.  I use a pen to assist me with this step.  Press so the seam is in the middle.
  3. Fold this piece right sides together, sew together, and turn right sides out
  4. Place the 4” x 3” piece on top of the tie piece (centered).  You will want the wrong right sides (the pretty sides) together.
  5. Sew 1/4 inch seam along the two edges of the 4” x 3” inch piece.
  6. Turn this right side out.  You may want to press it flat if it’s too bulgy.
  7. Fold the pointed ends of the tie right side together and sew with a 1/4”ish seam allowance around the edges.  Try to get a few stitches up into the covered piece to help hold the tie together better.
  8. Trim the edges up so you get a pointy tie.  (I need to learn to switch out lenses.  The wide-angle does wonders for close-ups.  But you get the picture, right?)
  9. Turn the dog tie right side out.  You will now have the tie piece and the little wrap piece.
  10. Scrunch (technical term) the tie at the top and slide the wrap piece over the tie.
  11. Place your dog’s collar through the loop at the top.
Illustration of finished dog tie

What’s The Best Fabric for Dog Clothes?

You can use nearly any fabric for dog clothes, but you want to avoid fabrics that make your dog itchy.

I would also suggest avoiding any fabrics or materials that aren’t washable. There are many silk and leather-look fabrics now on the market if you want a more elegant look but want it to be able to be tossed in the wash.

Since it’s using so little fabric, you can use any quilter’s fat quarter or even suitable scrap fabric from another project to make any version you want!

Want a dressy photo for Christmas?

Go for it!

Easter coming up?

Go for pastels!

Seriously… the options for this particular project are endless. And you can even make them for girl dogs…Bedazzle them and more!

A Fun Homemade Gift for Dog Friends

I really love gifts from the heart, and this project makes for super cute and inexpensive gifts to give to all of your friends who have dogs.

They are sure to get as much of a kick out of this as you do!

For more DIY Puppy Love, check out DIY Patriotic Tie Dye Dog Shirt and DIY Pet Barrier.

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Please note: This post is not meant to prevent, treat or, cure any ailment or disease. We are not veterinarians and you use our advice at your own discretion. We always recommend that you consult your veterinarian whenever you have health-related conditions your furbaby is facing. With that in mind, as pet parents ourselves, we wish nothing but the best for your pet and their healthy and happy lives.

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