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Easy DIY Puppy Feeding Station

Dog eating from food bowl at dog feeding station.

If you are looking for a DIY puppy feeding station I LOVE this project! It turns out super cute and it easy to do. I’ve included a single and multiple puppy feeder station in this post.

How to Make a Wooden Dog Feeder

This project is super cute and has a place under the raised bowls for dog food storage, which is quite nice.


  • 1×12 Sides – 2 @ 13½ inches
  • 1×12 Top – 1 @ 23 inches
  • 1×12 Bottom – 1 @ 23 inches
  • 1×12 Back – 1 @ 24 ½ inches
  • 1×12 Door – 1 @ 24 ½ inches
  • 1×3 Top Supports – 2 @ 23 inches
  • 1×2 Base Supports – 2 @ 23 inches
  • 1×12 Tray Bottom – 1 @ 23 inches
  • 1×3 Tray Sides – 2 @ 24½ inches
  • 1×4 Tray Sides – 2 @ 12 inches
  • 1×2 Cleats – 2 @ 10 ½-inches


  1. Cut the Parts. Using a jigsaw guided by a straightedge, cut the parts of the box and the removable tray according to the measurements on the cut list. Using a combination square, check that all the cuts are perfectly squared.
  2. Mark the Holes for the Bowls( like these from Amazon). Measure the diameter of one bowl inside its lip. Using a compass, draw two equally spaced circles at the size of the bowl’s diameter onto the tray bottom.
  3. Cut the Bowl Holes. Using a drill driver fitted with a 3/8-inch drill bit, create an entry hole for a jigsaw blade inside each marked circle. Using a jigsaw and starting at the entry hole, cut out each circle.
  4. Ease the Hole Edges. Using a rasp tilted at a 45-degree angle, remove the sharp edges around each hole on the top and bottom side of the tray bottom.
  5. Cover the Tray Bottom. Cut a piece of adhesive contact paper (you can find it on Amazon) to the size of the tray deck. Cut a circle, centered over each dish hole, that’s smaller than the hole. Peel one end of the adhesive backing and apply it to the tray deck. Use a scrap block to smooth out any air bubbles. Pull the adhesive backing away from the applied area as you adhere the rest of the paper. Cut pie-shaped slices from the center circle to the perimeter of the dish holes and fold the paper around the inner edge of the dish holes to secure it on the underside of the tray.
  6. Mark the Tray Handles. Make a line at the center of each 12-inch 1×4 tray side. Using the lip of the dog bowl as a template, make two intersecting arcs centered on the line. Position one arc 1 inch away from the edge and the other arc 2½ inches away from the edge.
  7. Cut the Handles and Assemble the Tray. Using a 3/8-inch bit, create an entry hole for the jigsaw blade inside each handle mark. Cut out each handle and ease the edges of the holes with a rasp. Using a 1 5/8-inch trim head screws and wood glue, glue and screw the 1×4 sides with the handles to the outside edges of the tray bottom. Glue and screw the 23-inch 1x3s onto the outside edges of the tray bottom and 1×4 sides. Install two 10½-inch cleats to the bottom of the tray 1 inch from each end. These will keep the tray from sliding off the box.
  8. Assemble the Box. Using 1 5/8-inch trim head screws, glue and screw a 1×2 base support between the two 13½-inch-tall sides, flush with the back and bottom edges. Screw another 1×2 base support flush with the bottom edge and ¾-inch back from the front edges. Screw a 1×3 top support flush with the top and front edges and another flush with the back and top edges. Set the bottom of the box onto the base 1x2s. Draw a line across each side 2 inches from the bottom to act as a fastening guide. Screw through the line and into the edge of the bottom piece to secure it through the sides. Attach the back of the box flush with the top edge of the sides and over their back edges, leaving the bottom 1×2 base support exposed. Attach the top of the box below the 1x3s by marking a second line on each side as a fastening guide.
  9. Paint the Box. Fill all the faster holes and seams with wood filler. Sand everything smooth using medium-grit sandpaper. Apply painter’s tape (you can find it on Amazon) to the inside edge of the box. Coat the front edges, door, tray, and outside of the box and the door piece with primer. Once the primer is dry, sand the finish smooth using fine-grit sandpaper and paint with a semi-gloss paint.
  10. Install the Door. Turn the box over. Align the door so that its top edge sits flush with the top edge of the box, and the bottom sits flush with the underside of the bottom piece. Attach the door to the box using a 22-inch piano hinge positioned knuckle side out.
  11. Mount the Door Hardware. Install the door slide to the inside wall of the box and inside of the door. Attach a magnetic door catch to the underside of the top of the box and the inside of the door to hold the door closed. Install a door handle on the front of the door near the top. Place the tray on the box and set the bowls in place.
How to Build a Dog Feeding Station

Thank you to This Old House for these instructions.

How to Make a Dog Bowl Stand Out of Pallets

This isn’t as pretty as the last raised dog feeder station, but it is about as inexpensive as you can get. Using pallets is a great way to recycle and they can be finished if you want it to be prettier.


  • Wood pallet
  • Wood screws
  • Wood staples
  • Wood glue


  1. Pull apart your pallet and salvage the good wood. It’s normal to have unusable wood in a pallet – cracks and imperfections are fine
  2. Select two of the best looking pieces and cut in half to 20 inches each. You’ll need three 20″ pieces for the top of the dog bowl
  3. Trim off the edge of the boards using a table saw
  4. Rip the extra 20″ piece in half lengthwise
  5. Cut another piece of pallet down to 10 and 3/4 to make the border for the two sides
  6. Cut two more pieces 9″ long for support pieces for the bottom.
  7. Put the 9″ supports on the backside of the top piece – make sure you have room for your bowls. Glue them on and then screw them down.
  8. Attach side pieces and clamp and glue them in place. Staple them together.
  9. Cut a 5 and 3/4 inch circle on each side of the top of the dog bowl holder. Drill a hole and cut it out with a jigsaw.
  10. Cut four more pieces of pallet that are 6 inches long.
  11. Rip each 6 inch long piece in half at an angle to make the feet.
  12. Make a 90 leg in each corner and glue in the legs then staple into place.
  13. Add your bowls and your done!

How to Make an Automatic Pet Feeder

This project is very basic and very inexpensive. If you have dogs that you don’t need to regulate their food, then this automatic pet feeder is easy to put together and works great.


  • Two five gallon buckets with lids
  • Knife
  • Scissors


This project is easy to put together by following along with the video.

Farmhouse Dog Bowl Stand – DIY

This is an incredibly attractive farmhouse style project that is easy to make and fun for your dogs to use.

Materials Needed:

  • Laminated pine project panel
  • 2 – 1x2s
  • 1 – 1×4
  • Hardware
  • Dog Bowls
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Nailer
  • Cool Whip lid


  1. Mark the laminated pine project board by finding center on both sides and then drawing a circle around the Cool Whip lid.
  2. Drill a hole large enough to fit the saw blade into – pick a side inside of the circle
  3. Cut out circles
  4. Test to make sure dog bowls fit correctly.
  5. Assemble the apron by attaching the two short pieces on the ends and the long pieces between it. Use wood glue and nails to attach.
  6. Assemble the runner that goes across the bottom of the table. Attach to pieces together by nailing them.
  7. Attach legs to the apron.
  8. Add the runners to the legs.
  9. Attach the top to the table base by running a line of wood glue and nails.
  10. Stain your farmhouse dog bowl stand.

Multiple Puppy Feeding Station

If you have a litter of puppies and don’t want them to make a COMPLETE mess, then this multiple puppy feeding station is exactly what you need.

Summary: DIY Dog Feeding Stations

There are a ton of dog feeding stations that you can buy commercially, but making your own means you have more control over how it looks and what you need it to do. Each of these DIY dog feeding stations has unique features, so pick the one that works best for you!

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