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Older Dog is Pooping in the House (WHAT TO DO)

Poodle sitting on a tile floor next to poop

It can be very frustrating when your house-trained dog starts pooping inside the house. Several reasons (like health, stress, and old age) can be responsible for this inappropriate behavior. Some of them can be treated permanently while others can only be managed. For example, some older pups can develop canine cognitive dysfunction, which cannot be treated. In this article, we will discuss what you can do to stop your older dog from pooping in the house.

How to Stop Your Older Dog from Pooping in the House?

The following are some ways to counter the inappropriate elimination of your dog inside the house.

Visit Your Vet

Shih tzu sitting on a table with a vet listening to its chest with a stethoscope

This should always be your first step if your senior pup is having issues with house-training. Many different health conditions can result in inappropriate elimination and it’s necessary to figure out the underlying cause.

For instance, older dogs can suffer from cognitive dysfunction and will forget much of their training. Similarly, neurological disorders and blockages are also among the most likely reasons. The vet will perform a detailed examination to rule out these possibilities. In case your dog is suffering from a disease, he/she will prescribe a suitable plan of action.

Look for Behavioral Issues

Golden retriever with a white face being petted by human hands while laying in green grass

Dogs are a creature of routine and any change in their lifestyle can have a damaging effect on them. If your older dog is healthy and still pooping in the house, try to find out what’s bothering him/her. Even the smallest of things (like a change in diet or a different feeding time) can have a huge impact on a pup. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to set your dog’s routine carefully, and then try to stick to it at all times.

Create an Indoor Toilet for Your Dog

Blue puppy pee pad on hardwood next to a window

If your older dog is suffering from arthritis or any other disease that is hampering his/her movement, this is an ideal solution. Simply designate an isolated area in your house for your dog’s bathroom and cover it with some puppy pads.

Alternatively, many owners recommend an indoor dog potty with grass because it is much easier to clean. Fresh Patch and Doggie Lawn are two of the most popular products that you can get for your pooch.

Schedule More Potty Breaks

Golden retriever peeing next to a wooden fence in green grass

Older dogs find it difficult to hold themselves for very long and will require some extra toilet breaks. Although most senior dogs will need to relieve themselves every 10 hours, some canines need a potty break after 6 hours. Vets claim that this time can reduce even more if your pooch is taking some medications. Therefore, you will need someone to check in on your dog while you are at work.

You can either request your friend (or neighbor) or look for a professional pet sitter if you can afford one. Irrespective of the option you choose, make sure that your canine friend is comfortable around that individual.

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