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Why is My Dog Depressed After Getting a New Puppy?

Jack Russell Terrier puppy laying on its back on a persons legs while the person cuddles them

A dog may have depressive episodes as a result of life changes. These include getting a new place to live, welcoming a spouse or child into the family, or getting a new pet. But losing the owner’s attention is the most frequent cause of canine sadness and it will disturb any dog. Keep reading to know more about the causes that can make your dog depressed after getting a new puppy.

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Can a New Puppy Cause Stress in An Older Dog?

Older dogs that have always been single pets can become unhappy, envious, or even furious with a new puppy. Hence, it is essential to ensure the elder dog receives extra attention to avoid potential resentment,. As soon as you get the puppy home, start giving your senior dog extra special treatment rather than waiting for a reaction.

Why is My Dog Sad After Getting a Puppy?

Sad pug laying on the floor

When a dog and owner have built devotion and attachment, it is normal for dogs to get jealous. Your dog will feel envious if you connect with another dog physically. The following are the reasons why your older dog is sad after getting a puppy.


It is the biggest among the problems that come with bringing a new puppy into your house. Therefore, you should let the puppy explore the surroundings before introducing him/her to your older dog. It’s necessary to know how to make this transition as easy as possible for you and your dog because many canines even become envious of you playing with a toy puppy. Keep your routine consistent and your bond with your dog by allowing them their own space. Also, continue to give them attention when you first introduce the puppy to your house.

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Change in Environment

Person holding a Corgi puppy in their arms

The atmosphere in a home will alter when a new puppy is introduced. Puppies require care and attention and are lovely and sweet. People in a family normally give this new dog their attention. Consequently, if you already have another dog in the house, they could feel wounded.

Lack Of Attention

Your dog is used to being by your side. Therefore if another dog comes to take you away, your dog may likely become disturbed, jealous, or even aggressive. They are as deserving of your time and consideration as the new puppy. The elderly dog develops depression when you do not offer him enough attention.


Black and white dog wearing a pink shirt watching a brown and white dog in the foreground play with a yellow ball

They may feel as though their life is in danger since this new puppy is also in their domain. This conduct is acceptable. It’s crucial to handle your dog’s emotions appropriately when jealousy arises. After witnessing the new puppy share all that was previously his alone, the elder dog may become apprehensive.


If they are the only dog in the house, older canines will need extra time. Everyone in the household becomes more bonded to the new dog when you bring a puppy home since puppies are more vivacious than adult dogs and are therefore more lovable. things can make the dog depressed and alone.

Lack of Exercise

Brown and white dog sitting in a field of autumn vegetation

If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise or attention, it could also experience sadness. You’ve shifted more of your focus to the new dog. For instance, if you don’t frequently walk your dog, the lack of exercise may cause your pet to get agitated and behave out. Their negative behavior will worsen the more you choose to overlook it.


Your dog may be bored following the arrival of the new puppy in the house since they have nothing to do right now. This is because they used to play with you previously, but now you’re preoccupied with the puppy. Perhaps they need your attention and hugs, or perhaps they miss the gifts you used to give them to make them happy.

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How Long Does It Take for Your Dog to Get Used to A New Puppy?

tan puppy chewing a rope toy with a ball in the background.

Many people decide that having two dogs would not work before giving them enough time to acclimatize to one another. A dog and a new puppy may need up to a month to adjust and come to terms with each other’s place in the pack. If you want a second dog, you must be prepared to go through the process and not lose your cool.

What To Do If My Dog is Depressed After Getting a New Puppy?

You should take your dog on brief visits to the homes in issue and socialize with other people to help him feel less envious of the newcomers. All individuals involved will become more used to one another as a result, which will lessen their jealousy displays. Remain calm and consistent when dealing with your dog since, in general, dogs always get more at ease the more time they spend with a new person. The development will happen.

Dogs are incredibly sociable creatures and want companionship, so keep that in mind. If your dog starts acting differently, there are a lot of reasons for it, ranging from boredom to jealousy. Give them adequate mental and social interaction, as well as physical activity, to prevent them from believing their pack leader has abandoned them.

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