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8 Dog Breeds that Jump Straight Up

Greyhound jumping strait up to get ball

Are you looking to adopt a dog that can be trained for high jump and herding competitions? If that’s the case, you MUST go for the dog breeds that have the ability to jump straight up. Below are some of the agile dog breeds that have done incredibly well in dog sports and jumping competitions.

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier running in snow

Originating from the British Isles in the 19th century, the Pit Bulls have a really interesting history. Initially, these dogs were bred for bear-and-bull-baiting. Once this blood sport was banned, these terriers were used in dog-fighting.

Later on, these dogs became exceptional farm canines who helped their owners in all the possible ways. In contrast to general perception, Pit Bulls have a gentle and loving nature and are extremely comfortable with children. However, proper training and socialization are necessary to enjoy this amazing dog breed.

Their competing background and intelligence allowed American Pit Bulls to achieve glory in a number of dog sports. These dogs enjoy games like agility because jumping comes naturally to them.

Border Collie

Border Collie jumping through air into water

This herding dog is quite popular for an intense stare that allowed him/her to control the livestock. These dogs are extremely proficient at their job and follow the commands of their owners, instinctively. The history of working in a difficult terrain gives these canines supernatural stamina as they can work all day.

The only drawback of this workaholic attitude is that Border Collies can’t adjust to an inactive family. They do need sufficient physical and mental stimulation to stay in control. If you can provide these dogs with regular exercise, they are a wonderful companion to have on your side.

Due to their utmost intelligence and strong physicality, Border Collies excel in dog sports. These canines can do great in a variety of games like flyball, tracking, and agility competitions. Despite their smaller size, these powerful dogs can jump straight up.  


Borzoi in snow

This hunting dog was originally developed in Russia for hunting and coursing purposes. Also known as Russian Wolfhounds, these dogs were used to hunt fox, rabbit, and even wolves. These beautiful dogs later became a popular choice for royal companions. Since then, these sighthounds have been excellent domestic dogs across the world.

The hunting background of this breed gives them the athleticism required for dog sports. From running to jumping, these canines have all the ingredients to compete in agility, lure coursing field, and rally.  

Although they have a relaxed temperament, Borzois can be a little tricky for first-time owners. Similarly, they are not suitable for families that work full-time as they crave human companionship.  


Greyhound running in grassy field

Although they were originally bred as hunting dogs, Greyhounds are popular for racing and coursing. In fact, these canines are regarded as the Ferraris of the dog world. This is because their aerodynamic bodies allow them to run at over 40 miles per hour. Likewise, Greyhounds do incredibly well in other dog sports like high jumping and agility.

Other than that, the sweet and sociable nature of these dogs has enabled them to do well as domestic dogs. They don’t need long-distance running on a daily basis and can do fine in apartments.

However, the strong prey drive may urge them to breach fences as Greyhounds can jump quite high. According to Guinness World Records, a Greyhound called Feather holds the record for the highest jumping dog.

Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound jumping in dirt covered area

This agile member of the Hound family hails from the Balearic Island of Ibiza, in Spain. They were originally developed for hunting rabbits and other small game. However, Ibizans have also done exceptionally well in dog sports (especially agility) due to their world-class sprinting and leaping abilities. Similarly, the never-ending stamina and energy of these lean canines made them excellent competitors.

Also known as Beezers, these dogs have a playful demeanor that makes them perfect for family companionship. Although Ibizan Hounds can be pretty reserved with strangers, they are very protective of their family and home. The fact that they have moderate exercise needs makes them suitable for inactive owners.

The only drawback of an Ibizan Hound could be his/her ability to jump straight up from a standstill. Whether you are in your kitchen or outdoors, you MUST keep an eye on your canine for an unexpected leap.   

Irish Wolfhound

2 Irish Wolfhounds standing in snow

The tallest of all AKC breeds, Irish Wolfhound is a historic sighthound from Ireland. The original purpose of developing this dog breed was to drag men off horses and chariots in war. In addition to that, these gigantic dogs were used to hunt large game like boar, deer, and wolves.

These canines were also quite reliable as guard dogs. Nowadays, this muscular hound has adapted brilliantly as a domestic dog. Although they are quite patient with kids, a canine of their stature MUST be supervised around small children.

Owing to their extraordinary size, they are NOT suitable for apartment life. These fast-paced wolfhounds also compete in different dog sports, like tracking and lure coursing.   


Weimaraner running on beach

The German “Silver Ghost” has always been a popular dog breed due to its elegant appearance and hunting abilities. Weimaraners were originally bred in the early 19th century by royalty for hunting large game. Later on, these canines were also used to hunt rabbits, birds, and foxes.

Nowadays, Weimaraners are doing quite well as domestic dogs but they do require daily exercise. For this reason, they are NOT suitable for everyone and novice owners should avoid adopting this dog breed.

Owing to their hunting background, Weimaraners have a strong prey drive and will chase almost everything. Similarly, they have the ability to jump straight up and can breach boundaries. Consequently, you should NEVER leave your Weimaraner off-leash when you talk him/her outside for a run.


Whippet running in tall grass

Hailing from England, Whippets are the descendants of Greyhounds. It is pretty evident from their appearance as they strongly resemble a smaller greyhound. Despite their gentle and playful soul, they have historically served as hunting canines.

Given their extreme speed and leaping abilities, Whippets are often regarded as a hunter’s best friend. The “Poor Man’s Racehorse” is lightening quick and used to go after a small game like rabbits. Nowadays, they are extremely popular competitors in dog sports, such as rally, agility, and flyball. Likewise, they have done reasonably well in the show ring.

Due to their affectionate and calm nature, Whippets can also become your companions. Having said that, proper training and socialization are important (at an early age) because they have a strong prey drive. Similarly, you will need to take care of your dog’s daily walks to enjoy the most of this breed.

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