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9 Dog Breeds with Hazel Eyes

English Springer Spaniel Puppy on Green Grass

Who can resist when a dog looks up at you with those sweet puppy eyes? A lot of dogs have your standard brown eyes, but what other eye colors can a dog have? Check out these 9 dog breeds with hazel eyes.

Australian Shepherd

2 Australian Shepherds standing in grass with trees in background

Despite their name, these dogs did not originate from Australia. Instead, they hail from the western parts of the United States. Originally developed for herding purposes, this dog breed is closely associated with the cowboy life.

The strong work drive of Australian Shepherds mean that they need an energetic lifestyle. For this reason, they perform exceptionally well in dog sports and other outdoor activities.

The coat and eyes of this breed can offer a range of colors. For instance, an Australian Shepherd can have merle patterning that gives this dog an attractive outlook. Similarly, the color of the eyes can range from brown to amber and from blue to hazel.  

American Staffordshire

American Staffordshire sitting in tall grass

Although they are muscular and strong, AmStaffs make an affectionate bond with their human companions. Due to their high intelligence, they do require sufficient mental stimulation to avoid negative behavior. Likewise, the lack of socialization could be a problem with this breed. Therefore, it is essential to introduce them to other animals at an early age.

The coat of American Staffordshire Terriers has a sheen to it and can have a lot of different colors. Generally, they have dark eyes but some of these dogs can have lighter eye colors, like hazel and amber.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever sitting on stump in woods

As the name suggests, this dog breed was developed to hunt and retrieve ducks in the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland. Alongside his strength and stamina, the waterproof coat of this duck dog made him ideal for that job. Nowadays, these retrievers are serving quite well as hunting as well as sporting dogs.

In addition to that, Chessies can be an excellent companion for active families. Having said that, it is one of the difficult dog breeds for inexperienced owners.

These solid-colored dogs (brown, deadgrass, or siege) have beautiful contrasting eyes that enhance the charisma of this breed. Usually, the eye colors for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers range from yellowish amber to hazel green.

English Springer Spaniel

Brown and white English Springer Spaniel standing in grass with trees in background

This gun dog was bred for flushing and retrieving game due to its amazing stamina, energy, and intelligence. Owing to their loving nature, Spaniels are also among the most popular companions. The combination of these characteristics makes this dog breed an ideal alternative for sport hunters.

The versatility of English Springer Spaniels doesn’t end here as they can do quite well in dog sports. Agility, tracking, and obedience trials are among the strongest domains of this breed.

The physical beauty of Spaniels is another thing that can attract your attention. Their double coat can have different colors and patterns. Similarly, their expressive eyes can offer several shades including hazel, dark brown, and even blue.


2 Greyhounds sitting on a stump in the woods

Due to an extreme sprinting pace, this dog breed can be regarded as the ‘Bugatti of the canine world’. Greyhounds can run at a speed of about 72 kilometers per hour. This is the reason why they were used for hunting fast prey, like hare and deer. Other than that, Greyhounds have always been successful in racing and other dog sports.

In contrast to their fast speed, these dogs are incredibly gentle and sweet-tempered. The graceful personality of this breed has always been a fascination for poets and artists.

In addition to their athletic bodies, the color of their coat and eyes have also attracted people. Generally, the eye color of a Greyhound is brown but the occasional dilution of color is also a possibility.    


Small orange Havanese sitting in grass

Bred in the 1800s, this is the only dog breed that is native to Cuba. Havanese are becoming increasingly popular in the United States because of their cheerful nature and distinctive features. This cute, little dog has a gorgeous silky coat, which can have different colors (white, mahogany, fawn, etc.). Likewise, they have expressive eyes that can make anyone their admirer.

This dog breed is extremely fond of accompanying their companions. For this reason, they are sometimes categorized as lapdogs (but that’s NOT true). Although Havanese are considered a “Velcro dog”, they can be surprisingly energetic for their size. Consequently, they do quite well in a variety of canine careers including dog sports.    

Labrador Retriever

Yellow Labrador Retriever standing in grass covered yard

These high-spirited dogs were developed to serve as a working dog and a friendly companion. Initially, Labs accompanied the fishermen in the North Atlantic and helped them with the fishing process. Nowadays, these good-natured canines have become the most popular dog breed in the United States.

The easygoing personality of a Labrador Retriever allows him/her to socialize well with other animals. Having said that, you should NEVER mistake it for low energy. It is a very energetic breed that requires a lot of physical and mental exercise to stay in control.

The most common coat colors for this breed are chocolate brown and black. Similarly, Labs with brown or hazel eyes are the easiest to find.   


Poodle standing in sand on a riverbank

The Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. The flexible nature of Poodles makes them suitable for all kinds of tasks ranging from family companionship to dog sports. They are incredibly easy to train and will do almost anything to please their owners.

The only drawback of this breed is that it is NOT suitable for inactive families. These dogs require regular physical and mental stimulation to stay in control. If you fail to provide them with the necessary exercise, boredom will lead to unwanted behavior.

Siberian Husky

Adult and puppy Siberian Husky sitting on a wooden deck

This sled dog was originally bred to pull light loads (working in packs) over the frozen snow. In order to survive the extreme Siberian climate, Huskies have a thick coat. If that’s not enough, the sparkling eyes complete the dignified personality of this dog breed. The eye color of a Siberian Husky can range all the way from brown to blue. Multi-colored eyes are also quite common among these dogs.

Owing to their background of being a pack animal, Huskies do enjoy family life and multi-dog households. These energetic dogs have a history of working and they will need sufficient exercise on a daily basis. Likewise, they have an independent nature that can pose some serious challenges for amateur owners.

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