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9 Large Dog Breeds With Long Hair

Close up of a Komondor outdoors in front of flower pot

Long-haired dogs have an elegant and majestic appearance. Some people prefer long-haired dogs in their house because of their smooth tresses and they love brushing and tying their soft hairs.

As long as you are not allergic to dog fur and, you will definitely enjoy owning large breed dogs with long hair because they are very unique and makes a great pet.

We have compiled a list of large dog breeds with long hair for you.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog standing in between open barn doors

Pyrenean Mountain Dog, commonly known as the “Great Pyrenees”, are big mountain dogs with immense strength. This breed is highly ancient and was bred to guard goat and sheep in the farmlands. They have a thick coat of fur which gives them the leverage to survive in extremely cold weather conditions.

The Great Pyrenees do not require a lot of grooming because their thick coat is dirt and tangle resistant. They also eat a relatively small amount of food for a dog of large size. The Great Pyrenees have a calm nature which makes them a great pet.

They are intelligent and independent thinkers and do not require very intense training. But basic socialization and puppy training sessions are recommended to help them adjust and become a well-mannered companion.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound standing in sunshine on a sandy beach

 The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed originating from the cold mountain regions of Afghanistan. Their famous elegant, silky and thick hair is not just for show, it served as protection from the extremely cold climate in mountain regions of Afghan.

Afghan Hounds have as much power as they are beautiful. Their body is built for a whole day of hunting. They need regular exercise and training, so be prepared to spend a significant amount of time teaching them.

Also, be prepared to spend a couple of hours per week brushing their hair to keep them free of tangles and to remove any debris. Regular bathing with shampoo and conditioner is also required.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound laying on grassy ground outdoors

Irish Wolfhound was originally bred in Ireland during the times of war to drag injured people off to vehicles. They are characteristically courageous and calm which makes them a great family pet. Although their look is not fierce, their gigantic size and commanding appearance are enough to scare off intruders.

Irish Wolfhound has a rough and long hair structure that sheds throughout the year but not excessively. Brushing their hair thoroughly once a week will help to remove dirt and keep them looking best.

Irish Wolfhound can become very destructive without proper training and can even injure themselves. Wolfhounds are intelligent and fast learners therefore early training is recommended.

South Russian Ovcharka

South Russian Ovcharka in snow

They are also known as Ukrainian Shepherd Dog or South Russian Shepherd Dog. They have a robust and sturdy body with strong and well-developed muscles.

South Russian Ovcharka is a stubborn and strong-minded breed which needs a very experienced trainer to make them understand their role in the family. Without proper training, they can become aggressive and can get violent if provoked.

They have thick and long hairs which require regular brushing. Also, grooming must be introduced to them from a young age otherwise they may get irritated with it.


Borzoi standing on a beach at the waters edge

This breed was once considered royalty in ancient Europe and was respected by royals for hundreds of years for their majestic outlook and slender body. They were originally bred to locate wolves in the forests.

Borzois eat relatively less food for their size. Borzoi puppies consume more food than an adult because of their rapid growth.

Borzoi does not require a lot of grooming. Quick brush in a day or two will help to remove any dirt from their coat. Unlike other long-haired dogs, Borzoi shedding is seasonal, they do not shed an excessive amount of hair throughout the year, but for several weeks during the season, the shed heavily.


Komondor standing in grass covered yard

They have been the king of Hungarian flock dogs for many centuries. They are very popular because of their corded coat and long hair. Their cool and funky hair should not be mistaken as they are only for show, they protect them from extreme weather conditions and sharp-toothed predators. Their cords also let Komondor blend in with the sheep.

The Komondors beautiful corded coat requires special care and regular grooming sessions by professionals to keep them clean and to avoid forming a clump.

Komondors are athletic and require regular exercise to keep them healthy. They are independent thinkers, so they also need proper training to make them understand who is in charge.

Bernese Mountain Dog

portrait of a Bernese Mountain Dog outdoors in nature

 The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred in Switzerland. They are a large and sturdy worker and have a thick, long, and silky coat. Their thick coat helps them to work on the farms of Switzerland.

Bernese shed throughout the year and even more during the shedding season which comes twice a year. Brushing them weekly is required to remove loose hairs and keep them looking clean.

They also get along with the entire family, especially with children. They also get attached to family members and form a special place for one particular family member.

Rough Collie

Rough Collie laying on leaf covered ground

Rough collies are an intelligent and well-mannered breed of dogs. Rough collies have both smooth and rough long coats. They have a double coat in which the topcoat is thick and straight whereas the bottom coat is dense and soft.

Weekly brushing is required, and frequency needs to be increased during their shedding season.

This dog breed is very and gentle and most loyal which makes them a perfect pet for the family.

English Setter

Close up portrait of an English Setter

English Setter originally bred in England and goes back to 400-500 years. They are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds and a great family companion.

They have a long and silky coat that needs to be brushed once or twice a week. If left unattended for a long time, hairs will start to tangle and become uncomfortable for the dog.

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