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Are Beagles Good with Kids?

Baby crawling in grass while a beagle puppy licks the baby's face

They are a popular dog breed, and that is one thing about the Beagle. Their reputation for being mild-mannered pets makes them ideal for many home situations. But their popularity doesn’t just rest with being mild-mannered.

This dog breed is very good with kids and that convinces many parents to get a Beagle over other dog breeds. Once you bring your new beagle into your home, your new dog may adopt your kids as their own.

Plus, Beagles are great at bonding with all family members. This dog breed is very kid-friendly and it will take a lot of bad treatment of your child to get your Beagle mad at them.

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Are Beagles Playful?

Beagle puppy running in grass with a red ball in its mouth

Yes, they are but that is not the only character trait they have that makes them very good family pets. The Beagle is also good-natured as well as loyal. Three great traits to have in a dog that will be around your kids for years to come.

The one drawback to owning a Beagle when you have young kids is that they can be very excitable. Their energy may be too much for younger children and someone may get hurt in the process of playing together.

Also, they have a very friendly nature which makes them ideal when you have children. The only problem with that friendly nature is that they may not be as good as a watchdog.

Beagles do love to play and playing outside would be the best place for your kids and your dog to be during those times. Beagles love being outside but make sure they cannot escape your yard or they may chase a scent or two for a long time.

That is what you have to watch out for. Their hunter instinct will kick in and if they get the right chance, they could be down the street before you know it.

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Are Beagles Energetic?

Beagle jumping and playing with a small girl outdoors

This is a high-energy dog breed. They have the energy to burn and they will want to do activities that will help them get rid of that excess energy. But you should not leave them out in the yard on their own.

Beagles have a tendency to dig a lot of holes. They like digging and in their minds, they may be thinking they are chasing a fox. Also, if your Beagle is out in the yard on its own, make sure you have about a 5-foot fence and it is a sturdy one.

Beagles will find ways to escape and they will find weaknesses in the fence. When they do, they love to chase scents and it may be a while before you catch up with them.

If you are going to exercise with your dog, make sure to have a strong leash attached to its collar. Your Beagle may not be big but it can get strong. You do need to give your Beagle plenty of exercise throughout the day to help them remain calm in the house.

If your Beagle does not get enough exercise, it may become destructive and noisy when they are inside your home.

Do Beagles get along with other dogs?

Yorkie and a beagle running outdoors in grass

This is a hunting dog and it was bred to hunt in packs. This means that your Beagle may make a lot of friends when he or she goes to the dog park. The Beagle is an other animal friendly and can live peacefully with other dogs in the house or when they visit the park.

You just have to be careful when you have other animals in your home. Guinea pigs, rabbits, and similar smaller pets may not fare so well once the hunting instinct kicks in.

You can’t keep those smaller pets up and out of the way as your Beagle will certainly smell them. Once they do, they may bay and howl driving everyone crazy including your neighbors.

It is best to pair your Beagle with another dog than any other type of small pet you have around the house.

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Some final words

Small girl and a beagle sitting side by side on a couch

Beagles are very popular dogs for some very good reasons. They are playful, friendly, even-tempered, and very good with kids. Those are all good reasons to bring a Beagle home the next time your kids want a dog.

This dog breed is low maintenance but high energy so you may need the kids to help you exercise your dog. Just do not count on it being a great watchdog. It is too friendly for that duty.

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