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Black Lab Vs Yellow Lab Vs Chocolate Lab

Chocolate lab, Yellow lab, and a black lab sitting side by side on leaf covered ground.

This dog breed comes with a 2-layer coat. That design makes them practically waterproof. This is great for when you take your dog to go swimming, it is not so great for your home. Labs will shed a lot leaving you to clean up their mess.

What Is a Black/ Yellow Labrador?

These colors are only 2 of the 3 most common colors you will see on a Labrador Retriever. These dogs are all the same and have great characteristics that make them the most popular dog breed in America.

They have been the most popular dog breed for almost 30 years now as their reputation has grown over the past 3 decades. The color of their coats is the result of 2 genes only. Those genes only influence the coat color and do nothing else.

What Is a Chocolate Brown Lab?

Head portrait of a chocolate lab in the forest

This is the third common color you will find on a Labrador puppy. There are rarer colors like silver, but you do not see that color very often. If you do, you will pay more to own one.

The color of the Labrador does not influence their personality or inherited characteristics. If you buy a yellow, black, or brown Lab, you are getting the same dog that loves the water, etc. They will also be very loyal to the family that buys them.

How Are They Different?

3 yellow labradors and 2 black labs sitting on a leaf covered trail in the woods

Other than the color, they are not different. One color of Labrador Retriever is the same as any other color. They all like to swim, need lots of exercise, play with the family and go hunting or fishing with their masters.

The good thing about coming in different colors is that their potential owners have a choice. They get to pick the color they prefer. No matter which color they pick, they are getting a gentle dog that loves to be with their families.

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How Are They Similar?

A yellow, black , and chocolate lab standing chest deep in a body of water

They are similar in every way except the color of their fur. This dog breed is bred to be a good hunting dog, loyal to their masters, and very gentle and patient with small children.

They all love to do the same things, like swimming and playing and they like to chase small animals like squirrels, rabbits, and so on. You will need to keep them on the leash when you go outside your fenced yard. If not, then they have a tendency to get away from you.

What’s Better About Black/Yellow Labs?

A yellow lab and a black lab puppy outdoors standing on a fallen log with autumn leaves in the background.

Their color. Many people like yellow and black colored dogs. There are a variety of legitimate reasons why that is so. That is about the only reason this pair of Labs is better than a chocolate one.

No matter the color, you are going to get the same traits and similar personalities. This dog breed does not have a lot of variation to them and no matter the color, you are going to get Labrador characteristics.

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What’s Better About Chocolate Brown Labs?

Chocolate lab on a leash looking up at the camera

The color will be what is better about this dog. Some people like a good brown color on dog fur and it is a relaxing color tone to have around the house. The reason there is virtually no difference between these colors is that they are all born to the same parents.

You will get all three colors in a litter, so their personalities depend more on their parents than their coloring. While people claim differently and say different colors influence each dog differently, that is not a proven theory or claim.

Who Should Get a Black/Yellow Lab?

Yellow lab and 2 chocolate labs sitting outdoors in a field.

Those families that like a specific color as well as like having a gentle larger dog around the house. Labs are not for everyone as their energy may be too much for them. But if the family is prepared to play and give the dog lots of exercise then this is a good dog for them.

Also, a family that likes a loyal dog would be best for this breed.

Who Should Get a Chocolate Brown Lab?

Chocolate labrador retriever puppy laying on hardwood floors

Those families that are very outgoing and like the outdoors. Plus, those families with small children. These dogs are great protectors who know how to guard their families when danger arises.

Plus, their high energy levels make them a perfect fit for those outdoor-type families. They love to swim, hunt and just be outside.

Are Chocolate Labs More Hyper Than Yellow or Black

Chocolate labrador sitting on a sidewalk lined with fallen leaves

Chocolate Labs are more hyper than yellow labs and black labs. In addition to the obvious chocolate color, they tend to be more energetic and boisterous. While there may be a few exceptions, you should expect your chocolate lab to have an active and playful personality. They are often more energetic and boisterous than yellow or black labs, but not all chocolate labs will exhibit this behavior as it depends on their genetic makeup.

Which Color Labrador Is the Calmest?

2 chocolate labs, a black lab, and a yellow lab laying on bales of hay

For the most part, people don’t know which color of Labrador is the calmest. Many people believe that the color of a Labrador’s coat has something to do with the dog’s temperament, so they frequently look for information on this topic. In reality, this isn’t the case at all. This has nothing to do with a dog’s personality.

Labradors, regardless of their coat color, are well-known for their calm demeanor. However, if a lab is acting up, it could be because they are under-exercised or have been trained incorrectly. It is essential that you follow the best training and exercise practices for their breed and age in order to help with this temperament.

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