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Bulldog Vs. French Bulldog

Picture of an English Bulldog on a skateboard and a picture of 2 French Bulldogs on a sidewalk, the pictures meeting in the middle with the letters VS in the middle

The mastiff-like Bulldog is a British dog breed. The British Bulldog or the English Bulldog are other names for it. French bulldogs, on the other hand, first arose in Paris in the middle of the nineteenth century, reportedly as a consequence of a mix between Toy Bulldogs brought over from England and native Parisian ratters. The parallels and distinctions between the two are many. Keep reading to get a detailed comparison between Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.

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English Bulldog laying in grass

Bulldogs are known for their distinctively broad heads, shoulders, and mandibular prognathism. A typical wolf’s features include prominent forehead furrows, round, black, wide-set eyes, a short muzzle with the distinctive rope or nose roll folds over the nose, hanging skin beneath the neck, drooping lips, sharp teeth, and an underbite with an upturned jaw. With hues of red, fawn, white, brindle, and piebald, the coat is short, flat, and silky. They feature short tails that can be left hanging straight or curled into a “corkscrew” and tucked into a tail pocket.

The bulldog still exhibits some aggressive traits, especially food. They dislike the concept of eating with others and will passionately protect their bowl. The Bulldog’s look can frequently repel undesirable guests, but this dog’s attitude also makes it an ideal security dog. They form strong bonds with their family and are wary of strangers, so they will bark or growl at any prospective intruders until you let them inside your house.

French Bulldog

Black French Bulldog standing in a field of dead grass with bright blue skies

French Bulldogs are usually kept as pets. The breed gets along well with different breeds and is kind and gentle with its owners. Although they may tend to be obstinate, French Bulldogs are amiable and human-oriented, which makes them simpler to teach. According to Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, they come in at number 58.

 A French Bulldog may weigh up to 28 pounds according to AKC standards. A French bulldog should have huge, square-shaped ears that resemble bat ears. A breed with a flat face is the French bulldog. French Bulldogs’ AKC-approved standard eyes are dark, nearly to the point of being black. A French bulldog should have a short, beautiful, and silky coat. The different tints of brindle, fawn, cream, or white with brindle patches are permitted under breed standards (known as “pied”).

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Differences Between a Bulldog and a French Bulldog

The following table shows the differences between Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.

CharacteristicsBulldogFrench Bulldog
Weight50-54 pounds19-22 pounds
Height15-19 inches 11-13 inches
TemperamentSocial, Friendly, LovingPlayful, Athletic, Easy going
Lifespan8-10 years10-12 years

Similarities Between a Bulldog and a French Bulldog

French Bulldog laying on the couch

Some of the major similarities between the Bulldog and the French bulldog are as follows.

Exercise – The daily walking requirements for these breeds are simply 20 or 30 minutes.

Health Issues – The main health concern for both breeds is their breathing, which has rather low health ratings. When it comes to the French Bulldog and the English Bulldog, Brachycephalic Syndrome is the most critical health concern to be aware of.

Nutritional Needs – Both breeds could need a particular diet to address certain health issues. The English Bulldog in particular should have their treatment intake well monitored because they are prone to obesity.

Puppy Price – When purchased from a good breeder, both breeds are fairly pricey. The starting price will be roughly $1,800 on average.

What is Better about a Bulldog?

English Bulldog with its puppy laying in the grass under blue skies

The English bulldog is calm and sweet-natured. The bulldog is a great family pet since it is dependable and predictable and is kind to most kids. As a people-focused breed, they aggressively seek out human attention. They flourish in moderate climes best; in hot weather, they immediately overheat and have respiratory problems, while in cold weather, they quickly become chilled.

What is Better about a French Bulldog?

Black and white French Bulldog outdoors

The affable nature of the French bulldog makes them suitable as household pets. They were developed to be lapdogs suitable for urban living and friendly and often nice to kids. They are characterized as amusing and lighthearted. While they don’t bark much, they are fiercely devoted to their family and homes.

Who Should Get a Bulldog?

3 English Bulldog puppies sitting in green grass

 Your bulldog will almost certainly want cuddles, and they will happily accept any show of affection. Bulldogs tend to be sluggish and are content to cuddle up next to you on the couch. They don’t require a lot of physical activity, and too much exercise can be harmful to them.

They are ideal for households with tiny backyards or apartments. If you decide to bring a Bulldog home, be ready to live indoors with your dog and avoid leaving them alone for extended periods. They don’t like to be left alone for too long, and if they feel lonely or bored, they may become rather destructive.

Who Should Get a French Bulldog?

3 French Bulldog puppies in a  brown basket in the center of a room with hardwood floors

French bulldogs are a pleasant, laid-back, and easy-going breed. They are well-behaved. They are one of the best companion breeds because of these characteristics, especially if it is what you want. French bulldogs are most content when they are with their owners, unlike many other breeds that are bred for sports or belong to the working class.

Frenchies are kind, affectionate, and devoted to their owners. Because of this, a French bulldog is the only breed you need to consider if you ever need an enticing companion dog. It is nevertheless crucial that French bulldogs exercise every day. That may be accomplished through playtimes and quick walks.

Not all dogs will respond in the same manner as others, as is the case with many situations involving dogs. That is particularly true because each French bulldog will have a varied amount of energy, affecting the number of training sessions they will require.

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