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Can Pugs Eat Banana? 

Pug with a banana peel on its head

There are always a lot of controversies when feeding pets. One owner feeds them the foods they think are healthy while other owners exclude those foods but feed them something else.

In some cases, both sets of owners are correct as each individual dog is a bit different. Plus their tastes are different from each other. Some will like vegetables while others won’t.

When it comes to bananas, if your dog likes the taste, then feel free to feed him or her some bananas. Just make sure you do not overdo it. Keep the amount in moderation so your Pug does not get sick.

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Can I Feed Banana To My Pug?

If you feed your Pug bananas in moderation, then your dog will benefit from the many nutrients found inside that fruit. There are no toxic elements in bananas like there are in other fruits and vegetables so feel free to give him or her small amounts.

You can use bananas as a treat or a reward for obeying your commands. The good news is that bananas can help with some health issues your Pug suffers from. Constipation is one of those health issues.

But if you feed your Pug too much banana, then they can suffer from stomach issues, diarrhea, and long-term health issues. If you are unsure of the amount of banana you should feed your Pug, ask your vet.

But be careful, vets allow their own personal opinions to influence their judgment. They may say don’t feed your Pug bananas as their personal opinion is that bananas are not good for dogs.

The Health Benefits Of Bananas

Bananas on a yellow background

The small amounts that you do feed your Pug will bring many different health benefits to your pet. The nutrients in one banana include- Copper, potassium, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, biotin, fiber, and manganese.

The banana is also low in calories and fat which is good for your pet. The drawback to feeding your Pug bananas is that they are high in sodium and sugar. Both of these ingredients are not healthy for any dog let alone a Pug.

There is nothing toxic in a banana that will harm your dog. The key is to make sure you only feed them a small amount and not at every meal. The idea is to add variety to your dog’s diet and keep them interested in their food while making sure they get all the nutrition they need.

Also, watch out when you feed this fruit to your Pug. Some Pugs may be allergic to bananas and other Pugs will not be. Watch your dog for any allergic reactions after feeding some bananas to him or her.

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Do Not Feed Your Pug Banana Peels

Banana peel on a white background

Like the banana itself, banana peels are not toxic to your dog. They can be eaten but it is recommended that you never give your small pet any banana peel.

The reasons for this are, one, the high molecular structure of the peel is very hard for your pug to digest. Two, the undigested peel can cause obstruction in their stomachs or other intestinal tracts.

When you have bananas around the house, make sure they are kept well out of the reach of your Pug. If they eat the peel, they can cause themselves some digestion issues that may be expensive to cure.

Pugs are allowed to eat 5 to 7 small pieces per day. This number of pieces will take up about 1/10th of their calorie intake each day. It is recommended that your Pug only receive this treat twice a week at most.

Ways To Feed Bananas To Your Pug

Sliced bananas with a knife and whole bananas in the background

1. Put the slices in Kong- This toy will keep your Pug active for hours trying to get the reward buried inside this toy. It is one way to reward them as well as keeping entertained for long periods of time.

2. Make a fruit salad- At least a doggy fruit salad. You can mix bananas up with other fruits and vegetables and give them a nice treat once a week. Make a nice combination so your pug gets different flavors.

3. Use them as treats or rewards- Instead of giving your dog those expensive commercial dog treats, give them a slice of banana every time they obey your commands correctly.

Some Final Words

Portrait of a pug laying down

Bananas are okay to feed your Pug as long as it is done in moderation. They are non-toxic to dogs and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals your pet needs to be healthy. Find some creative ways to serve this delicious fruit to your Pug.

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