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Chinese Pug Vs American Pug

Portrait of a pug in front of an American flag

There is a lot of history behind the Pug. No matter what they are called, the American Pug, the German Mos, The French Carlin, and the English Pug all descended from the Chinese Pug. But there is no real Chinese Pug according to the different reputable dog breeding organizations. They are all registered as a Pug.

The story of the Pug begins in China, hence the name, as far back as 400 BC or 17oo BC, depending on whom you listen to. Some people even state that the Pug dog breed originated in ancient Egypt and was a royal favorite.

This origination cannot be proven as the first Chinese emperor had all the Pug breeding records destroyed. Why he did this, no one has found out. But what it did was throw the history of the Pug into confusion.

From what can be ascertained, the Pug is an original dog breed that was not the result of cross-breeding with other dog breeds at that ancient time.

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The American Lo-Sze Pug

You cannot register this variation of the Pug at any of the reputable dog breeding associations or clubs. Those organizations only recognize the Pug name as the rightful name for this dog breed.

This dog variation got its start through Rebecca Manns, who wanted the American version to resemble the Chinese Lo-Sze Pug, and who was the parent of her new variation.

The American Pug has the same body features, size, weight, etc., as all other pug variations from different countries. There is no real difference physically or internally between these two dog options.

The Pros And Cons Of The American & Chinese Pug

Pug outdoors standing in grass

1. The Chinese Pug


  • Family-friendly
  • Low food consumption
  • Low-energy
  • Fits small living spaces
  • Does not need a lot of exercise


  • Suffers from brachycephaly
  • Suffers from other health issues
  • Heavy shedder
  • Prone to suffer from separation anxiety

2. The American Pug


  • Good for smaller places
  • Family-friendly
  • Low food consumption
  • Low energy
  • Does not need a lot of exercise


  • Suffers from the same health issues as the Chinese Pug
  • Wary of new people
  • Prone to gain weight

Basically, the American Pug is the same as the Chinese Pug. The American name is just another marketing ploy to boost puppy prices and make more money.

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The American Pug history

Pug outdoors sitting in green grass

It is said that the Pug came to America back in the 19th century, however, it is not sure which country they came from. What is known is that this dog breed fast became a very popular dog breed.

It was so popular that the AKC recognized it in 1885, but the Pug Dog Club of America was not formed until almost 50 years later, in 1931. The main colors of the alleged American Pug are fawn, apricot, and black pugs, but from time to time, other colors have shown up in different litters.

No matter which country they originally came to America from, the Pug known as the American Pug has the same features as every other Pug variation, and they suffer from the same health issues, including brachycephalic.

There is really little to distinguish the American Pug from other Pug variations as if bred correctly, they are all purebreds with the same Pug characteristics this dog breed is known for.

What To Consider When Buying A Pug

Pug puppy laying on white wood surface with a white wall in the background

If you live in a home that cannot accommodate an indoor dog, then the Pug may not be for you. They are very heat sensitive and cannot live outside. With their breathing difficulties, they overheat too fast and can get very sick.

This is an indoor dog that only needs to go outside for short periods of time. Then if you do not want to do a lot of dog walking, then the Pug may be perfect for you. They are low-exercise pets and do not need to go out that often or for long periods of time.

However, they do need to get some exercise so that they do not gain too much weight. This dog breed needs lots of socialization, and that trait helps them be great family dogs.

If you or your family members will be gone for long periods of time, then the Pug is better off with someone else.

Some Final Words

Portrait of a pug sitting

As much as people like to claim there is an American Pug, it isn’t a different Pug dog breed or variation. All Pugs are purebred unless crossbred with other dog species like the retro Pug.

That Pug was bred with the Jack Russel Terrier to help bring back its ancient snout. In the eyes of all reputable dog breeding organizations, a Pug is a Pug no matter where it was raised.

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