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Chocolate Labs Vs Yellow Labs

Picture of a chocolate labrador meeting up with a picture of a yellow labrador on the diagonal with the letters VS in the middle of the image

You’ve probably heard about the famous yellow Labrador Retriever and the lesser-known chocolate Labrador Retriever. They are both Labradors, but they have different personalities and different roles in their family. If you’re not already aware of it, we’ll explain here what these two types of Labs really are and which one you should get if you want a dog that will be an excellent family pet.

The yellow Labs are the more common of the two colors. Both these dogs have a friendly personality and make great family pets when raised with children and other pets. These Labs can be trained to do just about anything, from hunting small game to competing in dog shows, agility circuits or field trialling. But as friendly as they may be, they can still be timid around new faces and may show aggression toward other dogs if they feel threatened.

What Is a Chocolate Lab?

This variation of the Labrador retriever is a very cute, medium to large size dog that loves to be with his or her family. Their gentle nature makes them a very wonderful pet to have when you have small children running out of the house.

Plus, they are good outdoor dogs, having a bundle of energy that needs lots of exercises to get rid of. If you like being outside, then this is the dog for you. These dogs love to swim, hike, run, and play. Although the hiking, running, and hunting activities may be a little hard on their joints and hips.

Also, they are very loyal dogs but that loyalty does not stop them from chasing after small animals like rabbits, squirrels, etc. when they are off the leash. They are easy to train as well.

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What Is a Yellow Lab?

Portrait of a yellow labrador

Everything that was said for the Chocolate Lab applies to this color version of the dog as well. On top of those good things, these dogs were bred to hunt. They like retrieving game and have what is called soft mouths.

Soft-mouth means that while powerful, they are gentle and do not harm the game they are retrieving for their master. Also, the Yellow Lab likes to swim and will chase down fowl when it lands in the water.

On top of all that, these dogs are very adaptable. They can live in small apartments and houses or in large ones. They are also good in a tent or an RV. Then they are not big barkers. They can bark but they are the quiet type of dog that does not disturb the neighbors.

How Are They Different?

Yellow lab and a chocolate lab laying in grass

There is little difference between these two dogs. A lab litter will have all three colors, black, brown, and yellow, and sometimes you can get lucky and have a silver-coloured puppy.

Their color is the main difference. However, it has been said that the Chocolate Lab does not live as long as the Yellow or black versions of this breed. That has yet to be proven as so many factors come into play when it comes to longevity.

One puppy may favor one characteristic over another but that difference is individualistic and not over a broad range of labs or their different colors. That favoring is not a trait that separates one color from another as a Yellow lab from another litter can favor the same characteristic that the Chocolate Lab favors in the original litter.

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How Are They Similar?

Chocolate lab and a yellow lab sitting in sand at the beach

If they come from the same litter, then they will have similar personalities. Similar traits and characteristics and similar desires. They get all of these from their parents and you would have to get one lab from one litter and another from a different litter to see any personality differences.

But both types of labs love to hunt, play games, swim, and so on. They love to work out and be with their masters. In addition to that, they are all very loyal dogs who own a lot of patience.

These two versions of the Lab come in the same size range, weight category, and lifespan limits. Basically, they are the same dog. They just differ in color and that is about it.

You will get the same loyalty, love, and companionship from either version and that is always a good thing.

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What’s Better About a Chocolate Lab?

Chocolate lab sitting on a sidewalk lined by autumn leaves

That is hard to say as this color and the yellow Lab are the same in almost every aspect. It is hard to say which is better because if they come from the same parents, then there is very little that is better about one or the other.

If there was anything that was better, it would be the color of their coat. Chocolate Labs are ideal for those people who like brown. That brown color may hide the dirt better or help the dog stay hidden in the dark rooms better but that is about it.

If you get one lab you basically have gotten them all. These dogs share some great traits that make them better than other dog breeds but not each other.

What’s Better About a Yellow Lab?

Portrait of a yellow lab

The one quality that may be better than the Chocolate Lab is its coat color. In low light conditions, it will be easier to see the Yellow Lab than the other two colors. This is not a bad thing especially when you are trying to find your dog at night after they have jumped or broken through the fence.

Other than that, you are going to get the same playfulness, loyalty, and excitement from the Yellow Lab as you will with a chocolate one. Plus, you will get the same desire to retrieve something for yourself.

The Yellow and other colored labs want to do retrieving work and it is often two labs returning to their master carrying the same stick. Also, you will get the same appetite. Both dogs will eat enough food each day. You will need to keep a large supply in stock.

Who Should Get A Chocolate Lab?

Chocolate lab playing in a body of water

The most obvious possible owner would be a person who likes Labradors. While color may matter somewhat, any color is good for those people who like this breed.

Also, the family or individual that likes to hunt, hike, swim or play games is an ideal owner for this dog. You do not get the full benefit of this dog if you are a stay-at-home type of person who watches t.v. most of the time.

These are dogs that need and want exercise. The potential owner needs to be ready for that aspect of Lab ownership. Without that exercise, the Lab can start developing bad habits and your slippers may suddenly disappear.

The more exercise these dogs get the better.

Who Should Get A Yellow Lab?

Portrait of a yellow lab

The same reasons and people in the last section would make good potential Yellow Lab owners as well. If the family is outgoing, chances are the dog will fit right in and make him or herself part of the family.

Also, if the husband or wife are outdoorsmen, they would make great Lab owners. The dog would get lots of exercise by retrieving game or fish and other small animals.

In addition, those families with small children would be good owners. These dogs are perfect for those families with children that are very young. They have a very good and patient nature that has them enduring a lot of childish mistreatment.

That family could do a lot worse than buying a Yellow or other colored Lab.

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Are Chocolate Labs And Yellow Labs The Same

Chocolate lab and a yellow lab playing in a lake

Chocolate Labs and Yellow Labs are both types of Labrador dogs. However, they are not the same. Chocolate Labs are a type of Labrador Retriever. They were named for their brown coat color and their penchant for eating chocolate treats as puppies. Yellow Labs are a type of Golden Retriever. They have bright yellow coats and love to retrieve balls and sticks from the water.

They can be genetically similar, but there are many other factors that make them different from one another. The primary difference is their coat color. Chocolate Labs can be any shade of brown (fawn, coffee, etc.) while yellow Labradors are always yellow or sometimes golden-colored. Also, chocolate Labradors tend to be smaller than yellow Labradors, weighing between 45 to 70 pounds on average compared to 70 to 95 pounds for yellow Labradors. Lastly, chocolate Labradors tend to be more outgoing than yellow Labradors, tending to be less timid around new people and situations.

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